Thursday, July 02, 2009


So, before I start this post, let me just say hello to my mom and dad who are always reading, and also to those neighbors of mine who read this blog but never comment or let me know they are reading. YOU know who you are! In fact, if you look out your window right now I may be driving by and honking, unless you’re in a cul-de-sac. I bet that freaked you all out now for sure huh?

Anyway, this is a big update blog post because I was thinking that I tell you guys a bunch of stuff and never follow up on it. So, that’s what I’m gonna try to do here.

The lipwax has been OK. I got a bit injured by it actually and it looked like I had herpes for the first few days, which bothered me. And also when I would lick my upper lip it felt kinda weird, like naked weird. I am waiting for all the hairs to grow back darker and heavier, but so far, it’s OK (but of course, what do I know, I walked around for 40 years with a mustache!).

And speaking of 40, that’s weird too. Sometimes I lie in my bed and think to myself, “My God, I am a 40-year-old woman.” I don’t THINK I look like a 40-year-old woman. I don’t think I feel like a 40-year-old woman, but I am. And it kinda makes me sad to think that this is my body for the rest of my life. I mean, I know I could go to some great lengths to be more fit, foxier and whatever, but I’m just not that into it. I think the best I ever looked is gone, and that was when I was 20. But sometimes I still feel like I’m that young. I don’t ever think that I’m like an old lady, you know? Not that 40 is old, but shit. Michael Jackson just died and he was only 10 years older than me. That’s fucked up.

On the homefront: Well, Mr. Manic has been traveling for about a month now. I have just made up my mind that he is gone from Monday to Friday. We’re figuring things out. For one, when he’s home now, he is in my way, and there is not enough office space here for the two of us. I know, I know, it’s his JOB but it’s MY office, and I get a bit territorial. Like I don’t want him on my computer (for one, because it’s acting all freaky, and for two, BECAUSE!). But I think we’ll both be getting laptops in the future. Anyway, when he’s gone, I admit I am very lazy. He’s not here to need dinner, and the kids don’t give a shit what they eat. And I haven’t been doing much laundry. Cuz yeah, I’m lazy that way and can wear the same shorts three days or more in a row. I don’t give a shit. And even today, I was getting dressed and I picked up my bra and SNIFFED it to see if it was clean enough for me to wear. It was, and I am. And when I sniffed it, I thought, “Well, that is a strange habit, I wonder if anyone else out there does that?” Do you?

And it’s been hard being here alone with the kids, I’ll admit it. (Shit, I’ll admit anything on this blog pretty much, huh?) I am not the kind of mom who puts the kids in camp over the summer, and there’s not much else to do but go to the pool and with 60-degree freaking weather in Chicago, who wants to go to the pool.

And yeah, that experiment we were working on with the kids where I pay them each week and they buy their own crap? Well, the theory is GREAT! But I am not sure it’s going to work with my children. No one wants to spend their money, or go anywhere, but then they bitch to me that they’re bored and there’s nothing to do. So, we didn’t do anything on Monday or Tuesday (mostly in part because Ajers was sick and then my computer died for about a half-day) and by yesterday I was climbing the freaking walls. Diva went to the zoo with a friend, so I told the boys we’d go out for lunch and putt-putt. And yeah, I paid. I think I need to tweak that little plan a bit. Maybe I will give them less money and the money I give them will be for like ice cream and snacks at the pool. Or maybe I will try it another week when we can focus. Suggestions from anyone are welcome!

So, back to the part about it being hard to be home alone with the kids, because I kind of got off on a tangent with that. I desperately needed to get out of the house and AWAY from the kids. I don’t ever just get a babysitter when Mr. Manic is not here for myself. I just have never really done that. But I know I need some very desperate ME time. Oh yeah, which reminds me that here is a clip of me confessing about wanting ME time:

ABCNews post where I confess about needing Mommy Time.

I totally had strep throat when I recorded that by the way. And here’s the beginning of that whole interview, if you are so inclined …

Beginning of ABC Post on Mommy Time.

Romi Lassally, founder of TruuConfessions has become a friend and she hooked me up on that video. Check out her site and make your own confession! We’ve all got ‘em!

Tired of reading yet? Well, the more I type, the better I am feeling. And that’s another thing. I have started work on my second manuscript again, and I have about 40-50,000 words that are in some semblance of a book. I need to keep plugging away on that one.

And that’s the thing I’m discovering. Only ME can make me happy. So I need to focus on the things that I enjoy doing and appreciating the great stuff I have in my life. Yeah, it’s sucking a bit that Mr. Manic is traveling and that I worry every time he gets on a plane. Yeah, it’s sucking to have to entertain the kids 24-7, although we make the best out of it and I don’t yell too much. OK, that’s a lie. I yell all the time. I wish someone would record me throughout the day and just play back to me how much I yell. That might make me stop.

Oh, and Yellowstone, which we are leaving for in a week from Saturday. The good news is that while I thought our cabins were not equipped with toilets and showers (basically, a BATHROOM!), I was misled. We do have indoor plumbing and let me tell you, that is going to make a world of difference! We are scheduled to go on horseback campfire tours and a white water rafting tour and a bunch of other stuff that is completely out of my comfort zone and league. But I guess what doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you right?

And when I return, I am going to be attending my first ever BlogHer event right here in Chicago. I will be there to represent, obviously, duh, my blog, and also, the awesome website that I am associate editor for. If you haven’t checked it out, please do! There’s celebrity gossip, health, love and sex, parenting, and much, much more over there. And if you’re a writer and can write well (or at least well enough), feel free to contact me with any article ideas. We’re always looking!

SHIT, there’s more to tell you! I will choose the winner of the GREAT BOOK GIVEAWAY on Monday so you all still have until midnight on Sunday (or is that midnight on Monday?) to enter. So go there now!

And I’m not even going to go back and edit this post, but thanks for reading, thanks for being a part of Manic’s life, and thanks for stopping to take a breath, because I don’t think I did during this whole freaking post.

Happy Independence Day Weekend! Be safe - wear a condom!


Mame said...

I actually laughed while reading this. Sniffing a bra? Yep. Prison visitation? What a vacation. Camping with a John? HELL yeah!

You have your twisted head on straight, or something like that.

Unknown said...

Minimum security prison, huh? I hadn't thought about that one. With my luck, not only wouldn't anyone miss me, they'd be glad I was gone! LOL

And by the way, THANKS A LOT for turning me on to True Confessions. (said sarcastically) I can't get off of it now!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Yeah for updates and getting everything out. It's nice to have a place in the world to get a release.

Let me know when you are up for a girls day and I'm in!


morninglight mama said...

That is one heckuva post there, Manic. Glad that you're finding your way with all these changes and transitions!!

And, just had to admit... I have sniffed, too... especially after these hot summer days! :)

Unknown said...

I sniff my bra too! Sometimes I sniff my underwear too-it is a fine line between the dirty clothes pile and the clean clothes pile, so I just like to make sure at least my underwear are clean!

Michelle said...

Oh the campfire horseback ride sounds so cool. Definitely need an update on that one -- and yay to indoor plumbing.

I'll make sure to have my M&M cookies just for you at BlogHer time. You'll know Mister Man helped if all the Ms are facing down on your cookie. He's ummm good like that and thinks it's funny.

Sniffing a bra though? Nope, never done it. My husband though... and Little Miss did that the other day.

For the money, keep at it. Eventually they'll realize it's there to spend and not hoard. It took me about three weeks maybe when my parents started it before it sunk in. I also made up envelopes for myself that stated what the money was for which helped me then spend it (e.g., fun with friends, clothes). Good luck!

Maureen Lipinski said...

You totally don't look 40 at all. And I FEEL YOUR PAIN re: sharing the computer. I think people have actually gotten divorced over it. Not to mention when I have to beg my husband to send an email for work while he's tooling around on Facebook.

Shelley said...

Ok, I've totally done the bra sniffing thing before, so you're not alone. And it's funny that you mention the 40 thing, because I think it was yesterday that I realized that in just 8 years, I'll qualify for AARP. Which stands for American Association of Retired Persons. Who retires at 50? No one, that's who.

Life with la familia said...

Your adorable sis-in-law went crazy today and needed time away from the kids and her hubby is a teacher who is home for the summer! Pay a sitter and get out girl...and take me with ya! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to sniff out a bra to wear running tomorrow morning!

Becky W. said...

So feeling your pain on the 24/7 kid duty, and then feeling like your hubz is in the way when he is home! Mine is gone a lot, it's worse when it is over weekends, too! Good luck on getting used to that.

And yes, I do sniff my bras.

Mary~Momathon said...

Yup, sniff my bra. In my defense (or my excuse) I am always spilling milk into it, so I go through a couple of them a day and then I forget which ones just came out of the laundry and which ones I tossed across the room in milk leakage frustration.

Laurie/MobileMommy said...

Looks like more than a few of us have done the bra-sniffing thing! I hate doing laundry, lol, and I don't own that many bras, so they need to be worn a couple (or several) times, lol

Hope to meet you at BlogHer!

Kate said...

Bra sniffer here. Also, I had the same irritation with the mustache wax. Ugh. I'm back to the Jolen cream bleach. Reminds me of adolescence.

Babe in Babeland said...

Can I tell you that you are a total breath of fresh air?? YOU ARE!

I don't how long I've been wearing the same bra for...

Nikki said...

Yep, bra sniffing, been there done, especially after the 107 degree days here in west TX.

Just Mommy Day? Haven't had one of those since, well, NEVER! I think I work in an office just so I can have a REAL conversation with people over 5' tall.

Maybe someday, some great cosmic allignment will allow one of my work holiday's and my husband's day off to coincide and I'll have a chance to have a Just Mommy Day all to myself. Just maybe.