Sunday, August 02, 2009


I haven't had af un buzzed post ina while but I think i'm there so i felt like writer. Oops, wriging. Oops, again ... writing. There that's it. So anyway, it's Sunday and I TOTALLY DECLUTTERED like I said I would on Friday. First I went for a long bike ride (I DON"T RIDE BIKEWS!) then came home, calend . that spells cleaned ... my closet and my bedroom, then yesterday we moeved yeah, that says MOVED the boys' bunkbeds back togerther and yeap I am seeing all thse typoes but don't care. Then we cleaned out all the crap i nth e boys bedroom and it's amazing how good things can feel when there's LESS CLUTTER AND LESS CRAP IN YOUR HOUSE!! So, that was Friday and Saturday, then today, we all went to church. We're really needing family time with Mr. Nanic... ha, Manic traveling so much, so we went to church and then came home and scarfed PGB * Js' ... yep that's PB and Js... and fritos. The boys actually put fritios INTO their PB&J sandwiches. The.. then we weent to the pool and lounged in the lavzy .... that's lzya ... oops, that's LAY... HOLY CRAP CAN I SPELL LAZY PLEASE!?!?!? tHE LAZY RIVER ... we were in the lazy river for like 45 minutes and it was sooo lazy and relaxing. Then we went to the grocery store and I decided i HAD TO HAVE MOJITOS. Not the cucumber kinds cuz I'm not that talented yet, but incttead instead I made pineapple mojitos and eseriously, I've had two and look where it got me! Get 'er done! it got me done.

So basically, the point of this post is that when Mr. Manic is here, I am so glad and I miss him when he's gone but I'm sure by Tuesday I'll be ready for him to get the heck out for a cluple couple of days, But anyway, now that he's traveling so much, I need to embrace the time we are totgerther together as a family and ENJOY each other!!

So, I guess that means, that yeah, I have to go upstairs anf idfix and fix a shelt la... holy shit ... let's try this again. I guess I'll have to go upstairs and fix a shelf a little later, know what I mean!

And yeah, the mojitos are really easy to make -- just mush a bunch of lime, pineapple, simple syrpurp syrup, barcadri ... bacardi LIMON and some sods water or seltzer water, and throw in mint too, and you got yoruself a kick ass fdrrink drink, if you couldn't already tell!

This wee I promise to do the giveaway of all the gra .. great stuff I got at BlogHer! OK, time for us to eat shrip, ... that's shrimp, moz/tomato salad, asparagus, sald ... salad and bread ... YUM! Peace UP!


morninglight mama said...

HA! Love you so much, Manic. This made me smile and if it wasn't a particular time of the month, I think I'd be fixing a shelf tonight, too. :) (Although without the assistance of a mojito-- that sounds DELISH!)

Denise said...

HAHAHA! Your post made me smile! The perfect ending to a LONG day!

Jenn said...

My parents used to tell us they were reading the Bible.

Word Verification is: "dirtio"

Love ya!

Hally said...

Love it! You rock Manic.

Kristin said...

Too funny. A good shelf fix or grad school homework break is always good.

Word verification: panwo. Pan Wow!

Reagan said...

I can't believe you wrote this post! But I'm so glad you did!! :)

DeeMarie said...

Sounds like you had a relaxing day!!! I myself prefer PB &Js with potato chips inside, rather than Fritos... but to each his/her own! :)

ORION said...

Oh yeah! Mojitos ROCK!

Kirsten said...

Wow, its true what they say. As long as the first and last letter of a word are correct, you can still read it without any problems, not matter how the middle is spelled :-)

Unknown said...

My God you are so freaking funny! I didn't have to click on the "fix a shelf" cause I been reading you so long I KNOW what that means!

And girl, I do NOT do well to BUI, blog under the influence. It's so embarrasing, but you did very well!

And seriously, is there any better feeling (in your house) than de-cluttering? I LOVE it!