Thursday, August 20, 2009


Want to win a cute book for you oops, I mean the kids? Pocket Doodles For Kids is a “playful guide for doodling, imagining, and coloring outside of the lines.” This fun book is 227 pages of inspiration and imagination and is the ULTIMATE cure for boredom!

Diva had a crack at it and let me tell you, she got pretty creative! The book includes pages of partially drawn pictures that you your child can finish. Add to pictures such as:

An empty computer screen
Half-drawn faces
Empty sidewalks
A random cap
The bottom of the ocean
And tons, tons more!

You your child can also write stories to accompany already-drawn pictures, and there are lists to create such as:

Five Foods That Make Me Gag (Diva wrote in: rice, meat, mustard, pasta, potatoes – have I mentioned here that she is EXTREMELY PICKY?)
Five Things I Like to Eat (Diva wrote: chocolate, bread, pizza, fries, chips)
Five of My Favorite Things (Diva has left this blank, although she could have written: chocolate, bread, pizza, fries, chips)
Five Things Other People Probably Know about Me (Diva should have written I AM A PICKY EATER for one of her answers, but she didn’t fill out this page yet)
Five Things Other People Probably Don’t Know about Me (Diva left this one blank)

This is a great little book to keep in your purse for when you your kids get bored waiting at the doctor’s office, the bank, or to keep them entertained while you’re out shopping! Just a bunch of fun in a cute little book, and the publisher and me would like to give three away to you! So have at it – tell me why you want this book, and we’ll choose three random winners next week!

Check out sample pages and more info at Pocket Doodles For Kids. Another great idea - order a bunch of these cute little creative books for birthday and holiday presents! Great stocking stuffers!

Coming soon: a Weight Watcher’s update and also a book review about the book The Weight of Silence, both of which have NOTHING in common, but the word WEIGHT.


morninglight mama said...

Oh, a fellow reviewer over at 5M4B just reviewed this one today! It looks adorable, and our 9 year old just has never been one to draw, with his fine motor skills delay as a preschooler, I think he missed the window when kids really like to draw. BUT, he's starting to draw his Star Wars figures and ships and such... this one might be up his alley. :)

Jennifer said...

My nephew would LOVE this and I love him so hey pick me!

Michelle said...

Those sound so cool and right up Mister Man's alley. We have a 100 things to do in the car set of cards with a dry erase marker that sounds partly along these lines that he loves. I'm all for the imagination and creativity boosters!

MaBunny said...

I'd love to have that book! Nicole loves to draw on anything she possibly can , and she lets her imagination go wild at times!Recently she gave me a sheet of notebook paper on which she had drawn circles of varying sizes - she told me they were crop circles....

Kirsten said...

This books sounds great. I may be predujiced, but my 4 1/2 year old has a serious future in art and would probably love this little art book. :-)

Amanda said...

So the food thing's not going so well then?!

sklay723 said...

I have twin three-year-olds, and while I just adore spending as much time as possible with them, it's nice to have time for myself every now and then, too. I would probably also let my niece borrow it every now and then (she's 12). And with two kids, my husband and I take turns running into stores because we "only need one thing," so having something like this to do while waiting for him to get that "one" thing (which takes 10 minutes, quite often) would be great. The kids have a dvd player in the backseat to occupy themselves, so why shouldn't I have fun, too? :)

Denise said...

I think my son would love this book! He loves to draw and make up stories and stuff like that! He loves reading so much! That would definitely keep him occupied during long trips to the store and doctor's offices! :)

As Cape Cod Turns said...

When we go out to dinner, the girls always flip their placemat over and make me draw them a squiggle so they can make something out of it.
A whole book of doodling? Yippee!

Anonymous said...

I'm always on the lookout for "new" things to throw in my purse when I have to drag the kids along for appointments or errands. It's a constant struggle as a Mom to do what we need to do, and constantly entertain the kids as well. said...

I would love this book. I think my son would really enjoy it, and with a newborn sister we still have Dr. appts that it could entertain him through :)

Valerie G from GA