Wednesday, September 09, 2009

LiVe TWiTTeR uPDaTeS FoR GLee!

Get ready folks! I'm live blogging during Glee tonight! Stay tuned ... update: you have to read the tweets from the bottom up:

1. OK, I loved it, but really am not happy it's not more family-ish.4 minutes ago from web

2. #glee Though you don't have my bone structure!11 minutes ago from web

3. OH MY GOD!!!! #glee17 minutes ago from web

4. #glee what does she have to lay down for to kiss him!18 minutes ago from web

5. #glee "you're cool rachel."19 minutes ago from web

6. #glee Am bummed that it's not appropriate for kids. But hilarious!26 minutes ago from web

7. #glee NOT PUSH IT!29 minutes ago from web

8. #glee What song? What song? ...29 minutes ago from web

9. #GLEE Uh oh a sexy scene! Hot chalk!!!31 minutes ago from web

10. #glee GO RACHEL!33 minutes ago from web

11. #glee Skirts are Crunchy Toast. And "It's all about the teasing and not the pleasing!35 minutes ago from web

12. #glee High School Musical meets Desperate Housewives -- my husband's description of #glee. PERFECT!40 minutes ago from web

13. #glee Celibacy club meeting!42 minutes ago from web

14. @LitHousewife You're blocked-how can I DM you for #glee magnet?about 1 hour ago from web in reply to LitHousewife

15. I'm busy quoting awesome lines from #glee while some are quoting Obama. Wonder which show gets more viewers?about 1 hour ago from web

16. The girl who threw up before me left that! And Gag Reflex! Hellooo! I'm loving it. #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

17. OK, a little too mature for my kids? Touching breasts over or under the sweater? #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

18. My very own Sophie's CHOICE! Bwahahah #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

19. feak out! #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

20. Cock of the walk! #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

21. What's with the purple sweater? #gleeabout 1 hour ago from web

22. GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!about 1 hour ago from web

23. Squeeeeeeeee for Glee!about 1 hour ago from web

24. I've never watched SYTYCD; now I know why.about 1 hour ago from web

25. OK, here we go, GLEE in 6 minutes! Who's your favorite character? I'm hot for Finn!about 1 hour ago from web

26. Am going to live blog #GLEE in a few at Come for the GLEE party!


morninglight mama said...

Man, I meant to watch the pilot online before tonight, but I guess it doesn't matter much anyway, since hubby is watching the Yankee game on the DVR right now. I will ABSOLUTELY have to jump on the Glee bandwagon online soon! :)

Amanda said...

Confused of Highlands - What is Glee??

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

A new show on the fox network in US. You can go to FOX.COM and watch the pilot show -- just look for GLEE

Anonymous said...

I discovered Glee this week and loved it, too. Especially the comment about the gag reflex coming in handy later in life. BUT I had to have my 10-year-old leave the room. Too much inappropriate stuff. I'm falling for Matthew Morrison. Oh, when he sings and dances...

Kristen from

msprimadonna67 said...

I am loving this show--can't wait to see more episodes!

Chrissy said...

I've been waiting all summer for Glee to return! Thankfully, we had it on Tivo and I just happened to watch it before the kids....which resulted in them NOT watching. I still love the show, but am sorry that it's not more child friendly. My biggest LOL last week involved the Cheer coach and her reference to "time in the secret service" :-)