Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have no idea where this blog post is going but thought I should blog. Am sitting in my living room wondering if the mouse that we spotted in our house on Friday (OK, Tukey and Mr. Manic spotted it on Friday a.m.) is anywhere near me, and wondering if the glue strips or the mouse traps will get it. I doubt seriously that it would have ventured back outside if given the option. Why would a mouse go back out in the cold if it could just stay in here in this nice 70/71 degree home even though there are NO crumbs to be found thanks to my Ziploc addiction and the fact that I secure all items of food. Now I am being interrupted by Diva and her friend asking if they can paint their nails. And oh yeah, Ajers has a girlfriend and I can no longer blog about that because it's too personal but she and Diva painted his toenails last night and after I dropped his girlfriend off, well, see, I can't even blog what he told me because it's just way too personal and I am going to respect his privacy but if you really want to know ... well, never mind. See, this sucks. The kids are too grown up. Drat. But ... oh well. Shit. Lost my train of thought. Is it really important anyway. Why do they have to grow up?

But I was thinking this a.m. that it's really cool that I can leave out all cleaning supplies and not worry about having to call poison control in the event of accidental swallowing. And I don't have to go through the aisle with all the formula and diapers anymore. So that's stuff to be grateful for.

But now we have to look forward to other stuff. Am I ready for all this tweener other stuff?

Oh my God, I am boring myself to tears.


morninglight mama said...

It is a dilemma I guess as the kids get older, huh? My kids do ask if I'm going to blog about things, mostly just the 9 year old, but the 3 year old has asked before, too! But their stuff is still pretty innocent and less likely to embarrass them... I guess I only have a couple of years though!

Michelle said...

We have a mouse issue, too... but ours stays in the attic thankfully since the cats freak them out and they stay away from us :) And the Dcon works wonderfully to make them thirsty (which drives them outside) where they dry up and die. Die mouse die.

Amanda said...

Alas not having the toxin unit number tattooed on my wrist is something I will never experience. Make the most of it Manic, relish it for all those of us who won't get to share. Boyfriends, school ball, marriage - you just savour every moment and count every door slam and row as a blessing.

Amanda said...

Apologies for previous comment - hard day at the coal face!! Normal service has now resumed so I double dare you to spill - in an anonymous way of course.

Just Sayin... said...

This is a great site for tweens entering teen years etc.

Good for both parent and kids.