Sunday, January 17, 2010

SuNDaY BLooDy SuNDaY, PaRT II, JaN. 17

Here's our next batch of amazing blood donors, and you could be next! All you have to do is find your local blood center, and you can do that by checking out the American Red Cross at RedCrossBlood. For all the details on the MaNiC MoMMy Virtual Blog for Blood Drive, check out Got Blood?

Here we have the awesome Mrs. 4444, who I had the pleasure of getting to know a bit at BlogHer this past summer. Interestingly, she had already written about donating blood before she knew about the MM drive, and was planning a blood drive of her own where she got her own friends and family to donate blood instead of giving her birthday gifts. Our amazing pal, Melisa with One S, who is an alum donor of the MaNiC MoMMy Blood Drive told Mrs. 4444 that I was just kicking off the 3rd annual event, so Mrs. 4444 jumped in!

Here's her experience: When Being Negative is Positive. Stop on by and tell her thanks for saving lives!

Hello Ms. Incredible Susan Hines! Susan got stabbed on Wednesday! I met Susan through Twitter! Read her truly amazing story about getting transfusions and then paying it forward here: ShinesSite. Thank you so much Susan, and I'm so glad that she's OK, and that she's now able to help others in need!

This is my beautiful friend Gina who donated this year and also last year. Sometimes her iron is low so now to make sure she's got good iron before she donates, she eats a whole can of black beans the night before she donated blood. Hmmm. Do you have any idea what a whole can of black beans would do to ME? Yeah. But not Gina. She is all lady, all of the time. How on earth can she handle bein' friends with me? I do not know! Thanks Gina, for tappin' that vein for us! You look great doing it!

MaNiC MoMMy's MoMMy

Hello to my mommy! She donates for me every year! But my dad is too chicken. He passes out, but not my mom! However, she has to send me a real life photo and I take a picture of that to upload onto the computer cuz she's not too sure how to do that kinda stuff yet. Thanks Mommy! But I did razz her a bit because in this photo, I can't see the tubes and BLOOD and all that stuff, and when you send in YOUR photos, I do want to see that, if possible, OK guys? But it's not a deal breaker if you don't have a full-on bloody photo, just do your best. Thanks to my mom, who will be visiting very soon, and we all can't wait! 1-4-3 Mommy!

So that's it for this week! Would LOVE to double the amount of donors for next week! Are you up for the challenge? I am offering a roundtrip ticket on Southwest Airlines to a grandprize winner and other great prizes for your efforts here! Please consider donating an hour of your time and a pint of your blood to save three lives! All the details are right here at Got Blood?


Melisa Wells said...

Your mommy is adorable and does not look old enough to be your mommy.

Can't wait til Friday: it's time to start promoting your special appearance on Suburban WoW!!!

LadyAviator said...

Hi Manic Mommy!
How do we know if you got our photo? Do you post all of them, or just some? I sent my photo from my phone on the 7th, just wanted to make sure you got it!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Holly, I did not get it. I post ALL the pictures. Did you email it to or Send it to me again. This bums me out that I didn't get it!!!! Did you post anything on your website--do you have a site? Thanks! Let me know more info! : )

Suz said...

Let's sweeten the deal for those in Indy -- go Manic! Go Colts!

Win a Pair of Field-Level Tickets to the Colts AFC Championship Game!

Visit any Indiana Blood Center location listed below on
Monday, January 18th or Tuesday, January 19th and you'll automatically be entered for a chance for a V.I.P. Colts experience.

You could be the winner of 2 field-level tickets to next Sunday's Colts AFC Championship game.

All winners will be chosen through an automated random selection process. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged or sold for cash.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thanks for the notice Suz!!!!

LadyAviator said...

I sent it to from my phone. I will resend it from my email. I did post a link to your virtual blood drive page on my Facebook page, but not my picture. I will resend it to manicmommy!