Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MoRe eXCiTiNG eMiLy GiFFiN NeWs aND BeST FRienDS FoReVeR WiNNeR!

Am very excited to announce the winner of Jennifer Weiner's Best Friends Forever and the copy goes to Shannyn over at Pretty Distraction. My totally random way of choosing the winner went like this: I counted how many entries I had and then yelled to Mr. Manic, "Hey, pick a number one through 32. He did, and then I counted through the entries backward till I got to that number and that's how I came up with Shannyn's name. So congrats to Shannyn! Send me your address and I'll mail you your book!

You may also know that I've got another big giveaway going on in ManicLand and that is that we're giving away TWO autographed copies of Emily Giffin's Heart of the Matter which will be released in JUST SIX DAYS! I know you are all excited because how can you not be? And judging by the buzz and the comments you've all left, it's just been amazing! You can still enter to win but you can only enter once, but here's what I'm going to do: When I go see Emily on May 26, I'm going to buy an extra book and have her sign that extra book so I can give away THREE autographed copies NOW! Because there are so many of you who want to win and I just want to share the Emily love and because Emily has been so good to me!

On a personal note, things have been so crazy around here, with my family moving from Chicago to Scottsdale in just 24 days, and focusing on this contest has been such a TERRIFIC distraction! I come to my computer and read all these wonderful comments and feel a camaraderie with all of you because I know EXACTLY how you feel about Emily's books. It's amazing how one person's words can affect all of us; how we all come from different families, lifestyles, backgrounds, yet Emily can bring us all together with her stories. Emily's books are a beautiful (I don't want to say break or respite, there's got to be a more colorful descriptive word) vacation for the mind (that doesn't do them justice either), and her characters truly live on with us.

So, thanks for stopping by, for giving me a break from my insomnia and decluttering, my emotional breakdowns (while infrequent, they still come), my worries about what lies ahead, and the general stress of organizing my family of five for an unknown future ahead. While I am pretty sure it's going to be a fabulous experience, I always look to the magic of books to escape and give me a relief from the daily angst and we all know we can find this in Emily's books.

So, check back on Monday for the big announcement, and if you've not yet entered, you can still do so right here! DO NOT ENTER ON THIS POST - YOU WILL NOT QUALIFY TO WIN EMILY'S BOOK IF YOU LEAVE A COMMENT HERE - YOU MUST GO TO THE ORIGINAL POST TO COMMENT TO BE ENTERED! THANKS!

All the luck and love in the world!

PeaCe uP!

~MaNiC MoMMy

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Good Naija Girl said...

Wheee! Thanks for adding a 3rd book to the giveaway!