Thursday, September 02, 2010

TuKey Pie

My Tukey Pie is nine today.

I tell him so often that I didn't have to have him that he probably gets tired of hearing it.

My baby son is no longer a baby.

He is meaty and strong, with big smiles and huge feelings and breaks my heart with his sadness and makes me grin from ear to ear when he asks me to snuggle with him at night or says, "I could use a hug right now."

I call him my Chosen One because I chose him. Yes, I chose my other children, and yes, I could have stopped at one child. I could have stopped at two. I could have definitely stopped at two. I was blessed with a beautiful son and a beautiful daughter. It was every parent's dream. A boy and a girl. But call me selfish.

I wanted more. Is that the most greedy thing for a parent to say. I wanted more children. I wanted another. I look back and think about all the women who struggle with infertility for years and maybe I had a little bit of a hard time getting pregnant the first time around, and maybe it's selfish of me to just say, "I wanted another child just to grow my family and love it and have more siblings for my children," so I went for it.

And I got Tukey.

Just look what I got!

And it's his ninth birthday.

Happy birthday to my little awesome boy, who I never want to see grow up and who I am thrilled to watch grow up into a gorgeous kind thoughtful loving sweet boy every single day.

Here he is when he was in Kindergarten after he lost his first tooth:

And here he is last night, with his brand new acoustic guitar! He's ready to rock!

Happy birthday to my best nine year old Tukey Pie!


Crystal Lee Patriarche said...

So sweeet!! Happy birthday Tukey! Hang in there kid and can't wait to hear you rock out on that guitar (I hear a ton of future girls swooning!)

morninglight mama said...

Happy birthday to your handsome fellow. If we lived near each other, I TOTALLY think he and JAM would be good buddies!

Making It Work Mom said...

Happy Birthday! So sweet! This is the perfect little boy age.
I have an 8 year old who usually needs to be forced into letting me kiss him. Last night he came in out of the blue and kissed me right on the lips. I love my little boy he is the best!

Melisa Wells said...

Happy birthday to Tukey! (late, but whatever!)

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