Friday, August 27, 2010

Fat HouSe BLoG

When I first found out we were moving to Arizona, I figured, “Great! This will be my journey to get into shape finally!” I will be able to walk EVERY DAY, or bike, or take the time to do yoga or hey, maybe I could even hike, because there are mountains here, and we all know how much I love to hike, right? If you don’t recall my fondness for hiking, please feel free to peruse the archives of last summer (July, in particular), when we journeyed to Yellowstone. It will certainly delight.

I thought that when I got out here, I’d have a chance to eat healthy, get in shape, change my eating habits, turn over a new “me” leaf, if you will. Has that happened? Of course not! And who can I blame? Thanks to my friends at, it sounds like the real reason may be MY HOUSE!

At first you would think that yeah, I would probably lose some weight because who wants to eat food in 120 degree weather? I mean, who wants to do anything but lay on the bed in their undies while the ceiling fan is cranked and you’ve got a bowl of ice and a washcloth next to you to cool you off? It is seriously sometimes too hot to step outside and walk the 4 feet to get into the pool.

Another culprit to my lack of weight loss is probably the fact that now I never have a reason to go upstairs in this house, and in Illinois, I was always going upstairs many times a day. The kids’ bedrooms are upstairs and there’s absolutely no reason for me to go up there ever now. So I don’t, unless I am waking them up or putting them to bed. I’m not getting that extra cardio like I used to get when I would go upstairs to put away laundry, or you know, take my afternoon nap. My knees are thanking me, but my waistline sure isn’t. I NEED to get back into the gym soon!

Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not speak of our wallpaper. This was the near dealbreaker on us buying this home. To some, you might think it’s not that big of a deal. But to those ‘some,’ I ask you, have you ever tried to remove wallpaper from a wall? And it’s not horrible wallpaper, but it’s yuck enough that I don’t want to look at it every single day for the rest of my dwelling in this home, and I’m the one who spends the most time in this house. Looking at that wallpaper every single day in our kitchen makes me want to barf. Oh wait. This should make me lose weight. Maybe I’ll keep it up.

So I think I have to blame the wallpaper for making me fat too because instead of staying in the house to look at it, a lot of the times the kids will hear me say, “Who wants to go out for dinner?” And it’s a quick trip to a fast-food restaurant! So yep! I am blaming my lack of weight loss and motivation all on my big fat house!


Heidi @ Decor & More said...

THere's a certain logic here that I'm liking! Wonder what I could blame on my house? Now I'll be up half the night trying to figure that one out! ;-) BTW, it took me 5 years to rid my house completely of wallpaper-- never again!!

Shelley said...

I thought the same thing when I moved to Colorado. Did you know that CO has the lowest obesity rate in the country? So I thought, surely I'll lose weight there. Plus, I AM huffing it up two flights of stairs with laundry, basement to second floor bedrooms. So I'm at the doctor today, discussing my anxiety issues, and oh yes, I've gained five pounds. Sigh. I keep telling myself I've got plenty of time to lose like 50 lbs before next summer when I visit AZ. Yeah, I totally see that happening. Oh wait, I know who I can stupid FAMILY! They're all skinny and can eat whatever they want! I hate them.

La Bella Baskets said...

So let's see the wallpaper! Yes, removing wallpaper is like ten nightmares.

Karen MEG said...

Removing wallpaper is brutal - and to add insult to injury, you're staring at the darn thing the whole time. Our current house is totally wallpaper free and I am not jumping on the "new wallpaper" bandwagon anytime soon.

I like your strategy - blame it all on the HOUSE :)! Honestly, though, I hope you get to make time to go to the gym. It makes a huge difference and you'll feel a lot better (coming from me as I sit here with calorie-laden bagel in mouth...)

JODI said...

I don't even wallpaper to blame my fat on. Besides, I have a feeling you look great just the way you are. Pretty soon the weather will break and you can hike yourself to death.