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aLL i CaN HaNDLe

Two winners chosen:
and Jodi,

Ladies, please email me your addresses so I can send you your books!

Thanks to all who entered, and we have another great giveaway coming up! My dear friend, Dawn Meehan and her hilarious book, You'll Lose the Baby Weight (and OTHER LIES) about pregnancy and childbirth). Ajers just turned 13 and I'm still holding on to the babyweight!

Thanks everyone for entering and reading MaNiC MoMMy! And thanks to Kim Stagliano for writing an incredible book, for having 3 gorgeous daughters, and for your tireless efforts on behalf of the autism community! xo

PeaCe uP!

BooK GiVeaWay! * BooK GiVeaWay!

The past half a year I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog, if not complaining about my life, well then, at least griping about what’s been going on. My husband lost his job. We had to move across the country. I’ve had to adjust to a new environment, get my kids acclimated to their new surroundings, get myself adjusted to the heat, the new city, the new everything. I’ve had to deal with a whole new way of living. I had to leave all my good friends; my children had to leave all the friends they had, they had to get used to going to a new school, we had to leave a neighborhood we loved. It had been hard.

I’ve complained about my husband traveling, about my crappy van (which, we welcomed a 2011 Odyssey into the family last week!), and I’ve complained about snakes and the heat, and many, many things lately here on MaNiC MoMMy.

But really, I don’t know what hard is.

Here I am thinking I had all I can handle. What the hell do I know?

I have a great friend whom I met online about five years ago named Kim Stagliano. Somehow we just clicked. I don’t know how two people click through the internet, but I liked her, and maybe she liked me? We had missed opportunities to meet each other in real life twice in Chicago (my fault – kid stuff came up) and I totally regret it. She has been a sounding board to me in my writing, someone I can email with questions, or send a joke to, or check in with to see how things are going. Kim even sent me a birthday gift one year, what a thoughtful thing to do for a friend online! She is an amazing woman.

And maybe you’ve heard of her already? If not, you will, because she is the type of woman who gets things done and makes herself known.

I need a swift kick in the ass for all the complaining and griping I’ve done here on this blog. Kim has three beautiful daughters with autism. She’s also raising awareness for autism! She’s so freakin’ funny that you’ll never feel sorry for her; in fact, she’ll make you jealous! But like in the very possible good way, like you'll think, "I really like this girl, I wanna be friends with her type of jealousy" not like you hate her jealousy, let me just clear that up for ya! You’ll laugh with hysteria over her “kiminolgies” (That’s a word *I* made up for all the cool words SHE made up, like:

CRAPISODES: a big shit episode

STAGTRASTROPHE: a big disaster in the Stagliano’s life

KIMOIR: Kim’s memoir, which is what I’m going to tell you about now …

Kim’s very first book, All I Can Handle is coming out November 1, published by Skyhorse Publishing, and yes, it discusses autism, but this is NOT a book JUST for the autism community. This is a book for everyone. Anyone who has ever thought, man, my life kinda sucks, or man, my life is not exactly what I thought it was all cracked up to be.

It’s for all moms out there who are doing their damndest to raise their kids the best they can. It’s for all parents who fight to get their kids the best no matter what types of obstacles their kids might face.

All I Can Handle is a book is for anyone who just wants to take a break and read a story from a hilarious and heartfelt writer who will not make you feel sad or sorry, but will make you breathe in deep and say, “Thank you God, for making people like this, and for giving the world children as sweet as this, and for creating loving families like this in our world who will not give up and who will take a stand to do what they believe in.”

Kim is this kind of writer. She’s funny and true, she writes things that you won’t believe a mom of three autistic girls would ever say, but they are things that have you cracking up out loud!

And when you’re done reading ALL I CAN HANDLE, I’M NO MOTHER TERESA, you will say to yourself, “Man, I really want to meet Kim and Mark, and I definitely want to meet Mia, Gianna and Bella and hug the Bejeezus out of them. At least that’s what I want to do. And I know someday, I will!

But for now, until I do get to meet Kim and crew, thanks to Kim and Skyhorse Publishing, I’m able to give away a signed copy of ALL I CAN HANDLE.

But WAIT! That’s NOT ALL! I am going to throw in another copy because I want to support Kim and also cuz I love all you guys who are STILL HERE reading MaNiC! So, there’s two copies (one signed, and the other will have a signed bookplate attached).

Leave a comment and please include your email so I can easily reach you, and I’ll draw winners in a week or so!

Thanks Kim, and congrats on this great success! And thanks to Miss Snark for connecting the two of us! Long live Snark (who has been gone for far too long)! ... I know she is soooo proud of you Kim!

More book reviews and giveaways coming soon, including The Life You’ve Imagined by Kristina Riggle, Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood by Eileen Cook, What’s Up Down There by Lissa Rankin (A great book on the wonders of the vagina!), Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen (yup, scored an Advanced Reader’s Copy!), and so much more! I’m behind on reviews, and trying to catch up!


PeaCe uP

~MaNiC MoMMy

PS--I dare you to go back and count how many times I used the word "like" in this blog post. Lots.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


sweet southern inspiration said...

oh Steph, it sounds like just what I need! I can't wait to read it, she sounds like she will be my new inspiration.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...
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Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Ever try spelling at 5:30am before coffee? Let's try again...

Come baaacccckkk Mis Snark! God, wasn't that the best writing blog ever? We LIVED there! Thanks so much, Steph. I'm eager for Monday the 1st - although it's communication blackout day on FB and elsewhere - just my luck! HA HA! Jenny McCarthy wrote my foreword (she's a doll) and the book is FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY - although there's the "holy crapisode" component too. There are reviews on Amazon - it shipped early if readers want to see what people who are not my Mom think. Manic Mommy and I go way back in our writing careers and I can not WAIT for her stories to hit the shelves. Good luck in the contest everyone. And if you or a loved one have a child on the spectrum and need any help - by all means contact me kim stagliano @ gmail.

Peace Inside Out!

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Oh, MM, I have missed your book giveaways!!! I am intrigued by Kim's book and can't wait to be inspired when I read it. I love online friends, don't you?? Hope I win!
heidimilton at comcast dot net

Crystal Sutton said...

Sounds like an inspiring book! Would love to check it out. crystalsutton360 at gmail dot com

La Bella Baskets said...

This sounds like a great book that will entertain and put things into perspective. I would love to read it!

Unknown said...

Okay, I must admit, I THOUGHT about counting all the likes, but then I changed my mind.

And you have been through a lot this year (like me) but you are doing WAY better than me and I'm in the same town!!!

Michelle said...

You've got to love women like this. I was going to pass this info along to Maria, but then I realized that Maria I'm SURE knows her already and probably has had the girls at her house. I need a book like this sometimes. And I KNOW you know how to reach me. Wish you were still here!

Trish Ryan said...

So, so excited to see that Kim's story is out!!! Thanks for the reminder of how Miss Snark connected us all, back in the day.

Count me in for the contest: trishryanonline AT gmail

Congratulations, Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly McJ. said...

Hi Steph, I would love to read this book!

shopgirl said...

Ok, so like really? I like would love to like, you know, like win this book. Because, well, like it sounds like it is really funny. And even though, like, I don't have kids, like all of my friends do, so like I think this book would you know, like clue me into their lives.

Ok - so I can't like, use the word "like" anymore!! hahaha!

Anyhoodle -I'm teasing only - because I actually just started a new job and my word that I can't stop using? Is: AWESOME.

I bet my new co-workers think I miss my old co-workers Bill and Ted!

Thanks for all the book giveaways -and for sharing your adventures in your new West Coast world!
I hope I win!!
- Shopgirl

Bridget said...

This is a book that sounds interesting. And I am going to check out her blog, too.

Unknown said...

Awesome post. I can't wait to read the book (hopefully a winning version) and continue to read your blog. Thank you.

J. Marie said...

Would LOVE to win one a copy of Kim's book! I have been following her for over a year and have learned to much. I am going to buy a copy even if I win just to support Kim. I have many, many friends who would appreciate a copy as well.

Lindy Lou Smith said...

Kim is a heroic momma! I would love to have a copy of her book. Been wanting to get a copy, but kind of broke these days.
Love ya Kim, hope you sell lots of copies! hope folks out there that do not live with autism buy it and learn about it.

Heather said...

10 likes from my count.
Sounds like a good book.

Eileen said...

Ooooh I've been waiting for this one! Pick me!

Joy said...

Ah, sign me up... I'd love to read this one.
joywhitcomb at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Stephanie, would you believe that the last year I worked, 2008 - 2009, I was the administrator at a school for autistic children? I loved working with the children and their families. The book sounds great and autism needs all the advocacy it can get!

Stephanie said...

You guys, can you believe it!?!? "Maggie" here is Mrs. Dee --- MY EIGHTH GRADE TEACHER!!! I love it! I still remember that she wore White Linen perfume and smelled SOOOOO good! And that she put up with A LOT OF CRAP from the 23 students graduating that year at St. Patrick's Catholic School!

Angela said...

OK - I totally want to read this book, but don't have the extra pennies to throw together to buy it right now. Argh! I run a support group for special needs families and have 2 boys with autism at home. Life is never dull. I love reading Kim's posts on Facebook, and I'm glad I found this blog! I hope to win the book so I can share it through my group's lending library. It would be made available to lots of families, who I know could use a good laugh and some light reading. My email is Thanks!

Heather said...

Sounds like a great book!!

Anonymous said...

I would love to read the book. Pick me, pick me!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book!

-Donna W.

Dawn from CA said...

I am ALWAYS on the prowl for a good new read...and I am fascinated and inspired by the families that I see living with the challenges of autism. Like you Steph, I often feel that I have "all I can handle" with 4 kids, a job, etc.. It sounds like Kim's book could be an entertaining and informative reminder that I am, in fact, a big fat whiner.
Thanks for another opportunity to discover a great author!

dawndifiore at hotmail dot com

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Dawn! You're NOT a big fat whiner - but thanks for the laugh. As I say, my girls may never do some things that make me very sad, they'll probably never SEXT a boy and that ain't bad! :)

Good luck to everyone - Google me and the book title next week, there will be lots of reviews and some more contests.

Thanks, Steph and everyone, especially all the names from the Snark days! KIM

PattyVlasak said...

PICK ME!!! Sounds like a great book Steph! I will go out and get this one even if you don't pick me! When's your book being released? :) Miss you buddy!

Patty Vlasak

Hally said...

I love a good book that makes you laugh. And we all could use one with the crazy holidays fast approaching.

Happy Halloween (almost!)

Laura Rachel Fox said...

What a fun review! Very entertaining. I'd love to read what sounds like an interesting and humorous book. We all need a little complaining wake-up here and there.

jessica said...

i think i could really use this book to put my own life in perspective!

mamaguthrie at gmail dot com

Nancye said...

Sounds like a great book!

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

JODI said...

I am in need of a new read. I hope my name is drawn. Crossing my fingers and toes for luck.

karenk said...

great title for a book...thanks for the opportunity to read it :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Monnik said...

She sounds like an awesome friend, Manic.

monnik1 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Enter me. Book sounds awesome!

Jackie W. You know my email!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Congrats to the winners and thanks to YOU Manic Mommy.

Peace Inside Out! (That's how I roll.)