Friday, October 29, 2010

a MeMoRy

The first time I went to breakfast with my then-boyfriend, now-husband, the waitress asked him if he wanted coffee. I didn't know he drank coffee--I barely knew his name.

She asked him how he took it. He said, "I like it black, like my women."

I hit him over the head with the menu and then was mortified that I did that.

We barely knew one another.

We went back to his place and had sex for the first time.

God, I adore that man.

* * *

I'll announce two winners for Kim's book at the end of the weekend so you can still pop over and enter to win All I Can Handle in the post below. Seems like I married all I can handle hmmm?


~L0SERM0M~ said...

I often think of the 1st time Big Daddy and I met. When I have trouble sleeping I often think back to EVERY single minute of the 1st time we met. It comforts me every time...

Memories are what dreams are made of...

~L0SERM0M~ said...

I said often twice,'I' 3 times, 'met' twice and 'every' twice. Just in case you weren't counting. DO NOT comment on other peopl'es people's peoples blog when you have been driniking drinking. Seriously!

Trish Ryan said...

I'll ask again: WHY aren't YOU working on a memoir, my friend???

Melissa said...

I love those first date memories. :) I'll always remember that my husband asked me out for hot chocolate when we first met because neither of us drank coffee. It's something that won me over because I thought it was so superficial to ask someone out for coffee. :)
He didn't know my last name until after our first in-person meeting. The next day, we both realized it at the same time.