Monday, April 18, 2011

Calling You Out!

Good Monday morning! I wish I had a book to give away today, but I don’t, not yet, but after Easter I will have some more for you, I promise! I feel like I need to share books with you all or you won’t have anything exciting to read here.

Do you really want to hear about how we left the kids home alone Saturday so we could go out for a birthday lunch and then bra shopping and then for a $300 trip to Sam’s Club?

Probably not.

So I’m really sitting here boring myself to tears trying to come up with something fun to tell you and it’s just not working. But there are so many things I want to know from you guys from when you commented all of the time and if you’re still reading, I’m just going to ask them, and see if you’ll answer them. If you don't want to, that's cool. And if you’re not listed here, would you tell me something interesting about you that you might not have shared with me previously? I had so much fun reading and learning about you guys during the giveaway! So here are the questions I can think of now:

AC – have you had your baby yet?

Kimmi – why is your profile a picture of a penguin?

Neckmeat – WHY Neckmeat??

Crabbymommy – You never seemed crabby in your comments, why are you called crabby?

Crystal – what’s the 717 stand for?

Gen K – How old are you and don’t worry about never having a boyfriend, you seemed kinda bummed about that – when the time’s right, he’ll come along! : )

Jen of Random Acts of Insanity – can you tell us one act of insanity you’ve committed? : )

Christine in NJ – have you always lived in NJ?

Nearl – did you and your boyfriend/roommate get back together? After you mentioned the breakup, then in another comment you said something about your roommate so I wondered if you were back together?

Gun1not – Tell me about your profile name!

Your Invisible Pixie – I wanna know about your name too!

Lucy 872 – what’s the number stand for?

Croppergirl – what’s a croppergirl?

Bridget – what’s the lambtinrb (I could never tell if it was lamb like the animal or an i??)

LindsayK918 – Numbers a secret code?

Jdstec – what do those initials mean?

Absolutanhie – where the heck does that come from? Is your name Annie?

Melissa tmd – What’s the tmd stand for?

Qweska – I’ve always wondered what that stands for?

Equinn – does that mean you love horses?

CAnative – Does this mean you’re from California or Canada? ; )

Dulcibella – what’s this mean? Pretty milk?

Buffy Dee – you a fan of the Buffy Vampire show?

Colbey J – I know this isn’t true but every time I wrote your name I said outloud, Colby Jack cheese! What’s your real name, what does Colbey J signify?

Taylor J 2112 – At one point I thought to myself, “Gosh, does 2112 mean this is the year she graduates from high school?!” If this is the case, I AM SOOO OLD!”

Red Dragon? What’s your story?

Jennyfromthecube – Do you work in a cubicle?

Jenn3128 – What do the numbers mean?

It was so fun learning about you guys when I was doing the giveaway, I really felt like we had a sense of community growing here. If I don’t have your name here, I’d still like to know something interesting about you.

I think I’m going to start up $5 Friday Fun Fact where I ask a random question and whoever answers it correctly will win Five Bucks cash to be mailed to them. I used to do it on the blog and it was a lot of fun! Probably the week after Easter, so stay tuned for that, and a bunch more books! Thanks for sticking around!

Here’s a random fact about me. My parents named all of us kids beginning with the letter S: Stephanie, Stacy, Scott and Seth. (And my maiden name also began with an S.) And there happened to be three Scotts in my wedding. Tell me something interesting/odd/random about you!

Happy Monday!

OK, wait! Did you get this far? Grand prize winner Carly has generously offered up her copy of Falling Apart in One Piece to someone who really NEEDS it. Are you going through a divorce or are you recently divorced and feel like you can benefit from Stacy Morrison's life-changing incredible memoir? If so, let me know and one of you will receive it. Thank YOU Carly; now that's what I call GREAT KARMA!

Oh, and PS, if you feel like stopping by Real Moms Guide, I wrote up something about Emily Giffin's movie, Something Borrowed, which comes out on May 6th! Cannot wait! The link is HERE!


Homestead Jen said...

I wasn't listed, but I will tell you something fun. I was kicked out of ballet when I was 3 after showing up on stage during our recital naked. Yup, naked.

My fried stole my clothes out of the bathroom and she and I were both asked to leave and never come back. :)

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I wasn't listed either, but I can't think of one damn interesting thing about myself at this hour. :) Esp after reading Homestead Jen's comment! lol!
have a great day, MM ~ looking forward to more cool stuff on the blog. :)

Lisa justus said...

I think I'm all random and probably not so interesting.... But I would say that it is a random occurrence that I came to be. My parents had two kids, were happy with that, but weren't allowed by the doctor's to get that permanently fixed at such a young age. Fast forward 11 years and my next sister came along, and it's because my parents like symmetry that I guess I am in this world.

Jen R said...

hmmm, something interesting. it's too early for me to really think of something THAT intersting

I was supposed to be born 12/4 and was not born until 1/6. 32 days late. That's why my mom says that I'm stubborn

Karen said...

I wasn't listed either, but I think that my friends consider it "interesting" that I am such a huge Foo Fighters fan (I'm a 48 year old married mother of two kids that is a politically conservative Christian Southern anti-tattoo banker-type). I drive my cantata attending praise music listening friends nuts because they can't imagine what a Foo Fighter is much less why I want to listen. I just let them listen to "Virginia Moon" the duet with Norah Jones and they're cool with that. :)

Christine in NJ said...

You soooo are NOT boring! And YES - I do want to hear about the kids home alone and your $300 dollar shopping trip!

And have I always lived in New Jersey? - NO! I'm from Stony Brook, Long Island in NY. Lived in Manhattan after college for a few years and then when I got married (18+ years ago)... I moved to NJ.

OKAY - Random fact: I have 11 toes!... Kind of annoying since I can't wear strappy shoes - BUT my kids think it is sooooo cool!

Enjoy your Monday!

Ally said...

I has my third baby 2.5 weeks ago. Our name theme is to end our kid's names in er. So far we have Asher, Piper, and now Dexter.
I don't need the book, but I have a friend who just went through a terrible divorce. I won't go into all her details, but her husband had been cheating on her a long time, went through all their money and opened lots of accounts in her name that she didn't know about. She is left alone with two small kids (who her ex never visits). She is so defeated right now and I would love to give the book to her.
Ally N

LindsayK918 said...

No secret code on the numbers, just my birthday. A secret code would be way cooler though!

Thanks for doing the giveaway, I have my reading list for the next few months all squared away now!

jdstec said...

Ok. My response only substantiates that you are my part of my morning routine. Reading all the creative names everyone uses makes the fact that mine is simply my first and middle initials and last name pretty boring. But that's it. Thanks for asking.

Crystal said...

OMG! you called me out! I feel sooo honored and excited! Like a celebrity picked me out of thousands to ask me a question (which you did) =) woot!

717 is my, and my fiance's, anniversary. july 17th (of 2007). I've been pretty obsessed with that number as of late. and now that we're planning a wedding, we're shooting for a 17th (11-17-2012)

Thanks for asking! I feel like Justin Timberlake just asked me this question himself! ha! you totally made my day! =)


A.C. Morris said...

No baby yet! She was due three days ago and seems pretty comfortable in there. Hopefully soon!! I'm so glad I found your blog and can't wait to read more :)

Hally said...

I am with JDStec. Reading throughout the questions....I was thinking lots of the same tings. (sorry to hear that the baby is still cookin!)

I am pretty dull, but I have a cloth diaper blog. It has travelled the world including Indonesia, Brazil and all over theStates!

absolutahnie said...

i'm SO thrilled to be called out!
so..absolutahnie dates from about 12 years ago. my vodka of choice then was "absolut" and my then one year old nephew dubbed me "ahnie" when he tried to call me "auntie!"
we're from new england so it's
ahhhhntie, not antie! my real name
is theresa, not nearly as fun!

buttah said...

Well you already know the story of my name buttah! And you are totally not boring, and I truly believe that leaving the kids home alone while you go shopping...that shenanigans ensued!! Am I right??? This blog is now a morning ritual for me!

Bridget Taylor said...

It is iambtinrb
I am BT in Rancho Bernardo (suburb of San Diego)
BT are my initials. Kind of long, but easy for people to remember :-)

equinn726 said...

I never thought of Equinn sounding like "equine", how funny! My first name is Erin and my middle name is Quinn, hence the screen name :) I've really been enjoying your blog - it's been great to read about so many new books and to read the comments. Thanks again for continuing to post!

Ready To Be A Momma said...

The name qweska is what my sisters used to call me when they were younger. My name is Jeska so they just changed it up a bit. I don't know why it's stuck for so long though!
qweska8402 a.k.a. Jeska

Melissa said...

Hey! Thanks for asking about me...tmd is actually pretty BFFs and I in high school used to call ourselves the 3 musketeers since we were ALWAYS together (TM) and D is the first initial of my last name. I keep wanting to get ride of it but it helps when I need a unique name rather than using my last name.

Funny note, I just saw Bridget Taylor's comment and I live only 5 miles from her! Talk about a small world :)

Thanks for all the book giveaways last month. It was a lot of fun even though I didn't win!

Unknown said...

Well, since you asked It's actually a long last name is Pearlman, in high school that quickly became Pearl Necklace. It was shortened to just Necky shortly after high school & then Napoleon Dynamite came out. There's a scene where Napoleon has Kip by the neck & Kip says "Napoleon, let go of me! I think you're bruising my neck meat." And thus my name became Neckmeat. I just have strange friends is what it boils down to. :) Now...for that odd/random/interesting fact: I'm the girl with many nicknames. Growing up my nickname was Bumpers because I was ALWAYS running into things. Sadly...that names still used today.

Lilianarenee said...

I'm also so glad I found your blog! Its for sure a must check in the mornings. I cant think of anything interesting/odd/random about myself. Besides I sometimes say words with a southern accent. And I have no idea where that came from considering I've lived in southern California (within minutes of Bridget and Melissa, talk about a small world!) my entire life.

Carly said...

Here is a fact: I am an unemployed teacher. I taught elementary school for five years and was slowly edged out by budget cuts. So, I am back in school and working on my Master's in Special Education.

Here is something kinda interesting: I love numbers! Both of my grandpas, my brother and I were all born on the 19th so I look for it everywhere. It is my lucky number. I was actually born 919, which is even better! I picked my wedding date to be 717 because it is equally awesome. I will stop there so I don't appear completely insane.


P.S. I read Crystal717's post and I love it!

Kimmi said...

This is how boring my life is - I'm excited to be called out!

My profile picture is the logo for the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), who, since it's play-off season, have taken over my every waking thought.

Anonymous said...

My co-workers came up with my screen name jennyfromthecube. I was getting ready to sign up on a dating website and needed a screen name. Jennifer Lopez's song Jenny from the Block came on and it clicked, my name is Jennifer also and I worked in a cubicle, so jennyfromthecube was created. Thanks Manic Mommy!

The Poty's said...

I love that you read everything that gets posted! My girlfriend and I have talked that when we have a girls night in Scottsdale we should invite you to come hang out. She lives in Phoenix and I live in Mesa not to far from you.

Something interesting about me is that I have double jointed arms. I hold my hands together and can pull my arms over my head to my back without letting go. Kind of gross but, very entertaining!

Also my last name Poty is pronounced Putty although most people say Potty.

Jenn3128 said...

Good Morning Manic!

The 3128 is just a blob of birthdays in my life.

Something interesting about me...I'm the ultimate wing woman. You want to go out drinking & dancing, take me with you, good things always happen when I'm along.

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh you guys, I am loving reading all these things about you all that I thought I knew but had no idea at ALL!! Like Lisa, I totally understand how your parents needed you to be a sibling to your three other sibs -- that totally makes sense! And I should have had a 4th kid when my youngest was 2. I really should have, esp because I am one of 4, it just makes TOTAL sense!

Jen R--Your mom must have been PISSED! I was 11 days overdue with my Luke and it was the absolute worse time in my LIFE!!

Ally, congrats on your third baby, and I love your children's names and the themes to them. I don't have baby name themes on my kids, unless you can say all of their names include the letter E. I'm lame!

AC--NO BABY YET!!! And did you get your EG books??

absolutahnie ---- do you like orange absolute?? I LOVE IT!

ok, more for you all later, I'm at starbucks, trying to edit my novel. I want to get it done before school is out for summer and I have lots to do. OH, poty's -- You live sooo close to me. I would love to meet you and your phx friend for lunch sometime, also Terri M is in PHX, we should have a lunch meetup sometime on a saturday out here! I would love to do that with any readers who live close by--I think that would be a blast!! Who's in??

Lindsay Elizabeth said...

I wasn't listed and think its pathetic I can't think of anything interesting! One thing that has been on my mind lately is ENGAGEMENT! My BF and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on your bday Manic! and lets be serious I'm wondering when it'll be!

I am loving the blog and the fact that you called people out!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You don't think I'm crabby because you don't have to deal with me first thing in the morning. My husband finds me quite crabby at that time. I have a demanding job which means I tend to work late after my son goes to bed. It is common for me to go to bed at 1am in the morning. Late Nights + Not a Morning Person + Son wakes up at 7am ready to Play = Crabby Mommy

Jonessa said...

I've had that name forever and you're not old 2112 is the name of a song by Rush. I'm not really into them anymore, but it has stuck.

hannahnjonsmom said...

So I had to comment since you wrote about your name, and sibling's names. Our names all started will a "D", and the first name was a two syllable, then the middle name was "_ay". Here's the list:
Dennis Jay
Donald Ray
Dorris Kay
Donna Fay
and then I came along...
.....Lisa Lynn.
Guess who got teased about being the milk man's baby?

Michelle Mierczewski said...

I'm not really a stalker but... after seeing your backyard and gorgeous pool, I looked up real estate in Scottsdale. I even looked for job openings at the Mayo Clinic! The coldness of Buffalo is killing me.

Logan Collins said...

You are so sweet to take the time to call everyone out like that. I am so addicted to this blog I don't know if I will ever stop reading!

Chelsea Hoffman said...

Croppergirl is my momma!

Anonymous said...

Totally cool, that you want to know about most all of us "followers".

Random stories about random tips, you can bet we want to hear about the kids home alone and what you spent $300 on. Do tell.

Thanks for your blog, it keeps me from going crazy watching Yo Gabba Gabba every night! The joys of a 3 year old... can't wait for the bun in the oven to finish baking (5.5 months to go).


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love that you called us all out. You weren't far off on the Colby Jack. Real name - Colbey Jean Clossey Jones. I guess the J could be for the Jean or Jones.

I'll stick with the name theme for my interesting mom taught elementary school for 35 years. When she had kids, she wanted to give us each names that she couldn't associate with a former student. I think there was a model named Jane Colby at the time...which is where my name came from. The interesting part is that three weeks after I was born my parents petitioned to change the spelling of my name from "Colby" to "Colbey" so I wouldn't be teased about having the same name as the cheese. I think we all know how that worked out for me! :)

Colbey J

Terri said...

These comments are fabulous! I was excited to even get called out in your comment on the blog! I'm "The Poty's" friend (she led me to your blog in the first place) and it is quite fascinating when she pops her double jointed arms over her head. :)

I didn't see any takers yet, so if that book is still up for grabs, I'd be honored to take it off your hands. My divorce was final almost a year ago, and I think I'm in a great place, but always welcome insight in this crazy life!

Terri M. in Phoenix

absolutahnie said...

love absolut orang in a cosmo...

Kimmi said...

Love Absolute in just about anything. :)

Crystal said...

@Carly: 717 *is* pretty awesome! =)

I won't even get started with my 17ths or how I listed all of the 17ths in upcoming years (even before we got engaged) to try and figure out which would work out best. ha!


BethC said...

I was not listed and like so many of the other ladies, cannot think of anything all that interesting about myself. Except that I have 3 teenage daughters and a whole bunch of "daughters from another mother". There is NEVER a lack of drama or entertainment at my house. Most people that know me say I should write a memoir or atleast a blog, because of the never ending amount of stories I have when it comes to these kids and their friends. I often feel like I live in a sitcom.

Oh, and my sister in law and I have the same names...first, middle and of course last...since she has never married. Sucks that she has bad credit...that can sometimes be a problem! ;)

I love your site...I am hooked and will keep coming back..giveaway's or not!

CAnative said...

I'm a Southern California native. Transplanted in New Jersey for over 20 years now.

Love this site and the give-aways of course and love to see what you write about every day.


Brenda L B said...

Lets see, interesting fact...really is boring but I can't think of anything. My best friend of ten years, her recent ex husband went to high school with my ex. I was already dating my ex and she was dating her ex long before we met. I would like that book, I think I could use it based on stuff I have gone thru.

Megan said...

Something random: I just last night realized my "type" of guy and am hoping because of this the right guy will come around!

Dawn from CA said...

Here's something interesting about me...I am very lucky at winning things! (See, I even won a book from you!) I have won tickets to concerts like Green Day, Rihanna, Chris Daughtry, Gwen Stefani, Bon Jovi, and more I probably can't even remember. I've won ski lift tickets, raffle prizes, dinners, and spa packages, and movie premieres. It helps to enter lots of contests! My luck doesn't seem to carry over to the lottery, though!
Thanks, Manic! Have a great day!

Christina said...

That's so nice of Carly to offer up the book to someone who really needs it! I would LOVE to be able to give the book to my mom who I think NEEDS it! She's recently divorced, which she is not dealing with very well. On top of that, she lost a daughter (my sister) 5 years ago, got laid off last year, and is currently thinking of moving from my hometown, the town where she has lived for the past 33 years. I know she's trying to be strong, but she's struggling big time with all of these changes and living life on her own again after 32 years of marriage.

You didn't call me out but I'll tell you something interesting about me...I'm going to my grandparents' 80th birthday party this weekend, which is being held in the gym of a church because my family of 60 is too big to fit into a house!!

I'm addicted to this blog now too and I'm so glad the book giveaway brought me here!


Nearl said...

You don't know how much you made my day by asking me a question. hahaha I never thought I would get that excited but I totally called my mom. hahaha anyway, no the exboyfriend and I are not back together. We are still living together though. This is a little weird but we are still friends. We were friends for 6 year before trying out the dating thing so it's hard to just let go of that friendship. I'm moving to Boston in 7 months so it's also cheaper to stay where I am at then to find a new place. We have some weird moments (he has tried to makeout with me three time since the breakup) but I shot him down! I was so proud of myself, not like me to turn him down. Finally realizing that I matter and I don't need him to make me feel good

Croppergirl said...

OMG! You want to know about me? I'm so excited. A croppergirl is someone who is into scrapbooking. You "crop" or cut the photo if it needs it then slap it on the page! Its my second passion! Well third really!

And I'm dying to know what gets a post deleted? I've loved reading all the comments and I can't imagine what gets said to get you deleted!


Loved the giveaway although we didn't win. My youngest daughter and I entered everyday hoping we could share the prize and read together this summer. We gained a new favorite blog in the process!!!

aka Croppergirl
aka Chelsea Hoffman's Momma

Crystal said...

@Croppergirl: I was totally being nosy and read your question. I know I usually delete a post myself whenever I make some super obvious typo....or forget to put my signature on here. And whenever I hit "delete post" my original posting will always show "This post has been removed by the author."

I was really confused at first, but then I guess things clicked like I=author since I was the author of the comment.

IDK if the same thing shows if Manic were to delete something inappropriate.

Just my two cents =)


Stephanie said...

Cropper and Crystal--there's no being NOSY on here--this is what we're supposed to do! And I wish I could just sit here and comment to everyone, for instance, I LOVE NEckmeat's reasoning for her name and that Lisa Lynn got the unique family name, but if I did, I would never get out of this house! Anyway, Crop, (can I call ya Crop?) I NEVER EVER delete any of the comments, I don't think I've ever deleted one, at least NEVER from when I started the book contest ... Crystal is right -- if someone accidentally posts twice or does a bunch of typos of has some tiger blood when they're posting or something crazy and HEY OMG my word verificiation is TIGSR so that MUST be why I thought to write about tiger blood HOLY CRAP maybe I have TIGSR blood in me!?!?!? So nope, I don't ever delete the comments, unless some crazy spam shows up which it never does because I have the word verification on. So there's your answer. and hey, if any of you are even reading this, would you be interested in a post on ASK MANIC MOMMY FREAKY QUESTIONS??? hhahahah. BTW, tomorrow is going to be the first FRIDAY FIVE BUCK FUN FACT where I'll ask a random question and the first one to answer it correctly will win a crisp five dollar bill from me!!!! Get your thinking caps on!!!

feliciadel said...

I came to your blog via the book contest and am enjoying it everyday. I "eat" books just like I eat food, voraciously!

I would love to win the book of the day as I just spent eight months and several thousand dollars getting divorced from an actual sociopath.

Something interesting about me is that I am not only a 44 year old mom of a 4 year old, I'm also a drummer. It's the most fun!

Leanne said...

A random fact about me. My Grandmother, her three kids, myself and my two girls all born on a Tuesday.

Stephanie said...

Leanne, I love this one about you because I had ALL three of my kids on Sundays! And for the first two, the previous Friday nights Mr. Manic and I went out to see a movie each time, and both the movies starred Cameron Diaz (what are the odds!) AND I ate hamburgers the Saturday nights before labor too! STRANGE huh????

Buffy Dee said...

UH SERIOUSLY?!??! Gag me with a pitch fork *sigh*
I am NOT a fan.. Buffy is my real name... Buffy the VS didn't even come out until I was graduating (ACK) I was named after a Playboy lol... wonder if that's where the VS got her name too?!?!? When I was young I used to tell people I was named after Buffy on Family Affair.. but the sad truth is My mom was bored looking after my Grandfather who happened to have a stack of Playboys.. and my Mom figured what better place to find a girls name (don't ask me.. I wasn't born yet... and she PROMISES she didn't drink while pregnant)... so no.. NOT A Fan.. used Buffy Dee because that's ACTUALLY me....

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