Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well, good morning, happy Monday! Hope you had an AWESOME weekend. I had a fun Girl’s Day Out with Diva (for those of you who haven’t followed along in the "way long ago" of the blog, that’s what I call my almost 12-year-old daughter!). We needed some Mommy/Daughter one-on-one time.

I’ve finally picked the rest of the winners except for SPIN & ARRANGED (I figured I’d give you guys another day or so in case people weren’t around on Friday or the weekend). And to make things even easier, I’ll list the last few winners here:

Two Kisses for Maddy: Michelle Mierczewski

I Think I Love You: Donna W

A Place of Yes: Dawn from CA

Perfection: Buttah (she’s a two-time winner-how lucky is that?!)

And the winners of the books below have still not contacted me yet, and if I don’t get an email from you by Wednesday night, I am wiping away your names from the blog entries and picking new names. Sorry guys, but the names have been up there for quite a while, and I’m listing them here now too!

You’ll Lose The Baby Weight
Annie Begins
The One That I Want
If You Were Here
Falling Apart in One Piece
… this one was recently chosen so I'll give this winner a bit more time.

Have winners all received your books? If you recently won them, you may not have gotten them yet, but if you don’t get your books by like mid April, please do let me know and I’ll contact the author/publicist about it.

After we get all this squared away, then I can focus on the big drawing! Sorry it’s taking so long!

For later this month I’ve got Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner, and another giveaway from Laura Dave! She’s going to be offering her new one again, The First Husband (in hardback!). I’ll be sharing a great read from Kaira Rouda called Here, Home, Hope, and a fun one called The Baby Planner by Josie Brown that I just got the other day that looks fab! So not to worry, lots more books heading your way!

If you’re a mom to a young kid or need a really fun book gift idea, you might want to check out my review on Real Moms Guide about “Get To Know Your Kid”, and I also just wrote about demystifying The Birthday Octave, which is something I think only my crazy family celebrates!

I’ll share a quick Starbucks story from Friday:

There’s this really cute guy who’s always in there, I mean just a beautiful man and I was sitting near him (of course, I planned that!). Another woman is there a lot of the time, who I’ve come to know a little bit. So the cute guy’s there and I try to peek at him because he’s like a piece of art, just gorgeous and I like to look at beautiful things. He’s reading some book. Who goes to Starbucks to just read a book (well, he had coffee too). I should pay more attention to what he’s reading. I do know his name is Jack – thank you baristas for writing names on the cups!

Anyway, so when he leaves, I say to Beth (because I’ve met her before, plus they wrote her name on her cup too so it helps me remember also!)… I say to her, “Gosh he is just soooo cute!”

She says, “Yeah, I think he’s married.”

And I laugh and show her my rings and say, “So am I! I just like to look at him because he is so beautiful!” I wonder if she thought I was strange because I said he was cute. I think she is strange for not thinking he was cute! Or for not looking at him. Yep, she is definitely strange for completely thinking a guy can’t be cute because he is married.

So is that weird? Of course, I told Mr. MaNiC all about it. And he says he looks at women all the time but that doesn’t mean he wants to have sex with them (although those were not his exact words, he said something a little more crude).

Anyway, I thought I would share that with you because you guys have been sharing so much with me but I don’t even know if that’s something you would want to know.

Have a great Monday, and if you feel like it, you can tell me something crazy you did over the weekend because the only crazy thing I did was THINK about what I would do to that guy in Starbucks if I WASN’T MARRIED!

And yes, I am going back to Starbucks first thing Monday morning.

PeaCe uP!



Jen R said...

Congrats to all the winners..and thanks again for this great giveaway!

Karen said...

What crazy thing did I do over the weekend? Um, I planned kind of an "octave" thing for my I'm having a giveaway every day for the folks who have been following it and/or encouraging me! Thanks for the inspiration! I also tried to comment on the Octave piece, but I don't know if it went or not. I hit enter, but it seemed to just go away. :( Thank you again for a fun month of books! I'll be checking back in! ktmixon315

Lisa justus said...

Congrats to the winners so far. I have a little Diva in my house too. My daughter is only nine, but she is definitely the princess of the house. My was a circus except not as fun. My husband's friends hang out here on Saturdays.

Kimmi said...

I took three cats to the Vet. Yeah, I know, not as much fun as a guy at Starbucks, but....have you ever schlepped 3 cats at one time anywhere?

DaphneSFL said...

I'm so excited to get the book I won, and even more excited to read it. We had a fantastic weekend here in Chicago; sunny, warm, and 83 degrees yesterday! It wasn't just warm, it was hot, summer hot and we all enjoyed the hell out of it!

absolutahnie said...

congrats to the winners, i'm jealous of all of you! my craziness
was allowing my boyfriend to (attempt) to teach me the basics of golf. saturday we went to the driving range & sunday we were "chipping" on the lawn. crazy because i swore i'd NEVER do this, crazier because i really enjoyed it!!

Logan Collins said...

I don't think its weird at all. I guess I am not the perfect person to ask as I am not married but I do look when it is a really great looking piece of art kind of guy. I love the way you described that! No crazy weekend story, sorry.

jdstec said...

Congrats to all the winners.

buttah said...

Yay me for winning twice!! "Duh...WINNING!!" Haha!! Winning is fun! Thanks MaNiC, and yes I have already received my first one! Crazy thing over the weekend...sitting around with a bunch of friends with ALL our minds in the gutter...everything we said had a dirty double meaning and we all just died laughing at each other!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the Starbucks story... I have those moments too! As for this weekend, mine was really boring. The best part was dropping my mom's dogs at her house after having them for the last 2 months.

Thanks for the great book giveaway. And since there are a few books that might go back up, I might have a chance at winning one.
Come on random number generator pick me next time.


Angie Parks said...

Nothing really crazy happened to me over the weekend, just a little under the weather. :(

Jenn3128 said...

Good Morning Manic! I just finished my Chai Tea and am now all zinged up & ready to go. I go to a particular SB cause there is a little cutie highway patrolman that stops in every morning and I just like to look at him before I get to work.

Also, dropped my mom-in-law at the airport Sat and then took a giant collective sigh of relief, didn't do anything all weekend except read (E.G.'s Something Borrowed) & watch The Walking Dead (Holy cow, so good).

Unknown said...

I totally get staring at beautiful guys and not wanting to ^&&* them. I think it's actually a sign that a person is healthy and secure if they can pay someone a compliment and not think sex has to be involved.

val said...

I think I either dreamed I wanted to date some guy I saw over the weekend or it happened in real life. Anyone else get that confused too!?

Nanette said...

Oh made my Monday morning! I can SO appreciate looking at a "piece of art" myself and I can totally relate to this morning's story. LOL! What is WRONG with Beth?? OMG!! Anyway, I didn't do anything crazy over the weekend. I like my weekends to be as boring as possible. Lame, I know! Sigh....Nanette

Carie Casey said...

My hubby and I have "girlfriends" and "boyfriends" of the famous variety. It's natural to admire someone who is good looking. My weekend was celebrating my grandparents 60th anniversary with aunts and cousins. Lots of fun and crazyness.

Meg said...

We went to Petco and accosted customers with dogs there.

Not that we planned it that way, but the Little Man wanted to go out, and he's obsessed with dogs at the moment, and I thought they were having an adoption even this weekend. Sadly, they were not. So, instead, we staked out the grooming area and forced every customer bringing a pet through to stop and show off for us.

Little Man? Was delighted.

I? May or may not be banned from Petco...

Kristi said...

My husband and I drove an hour and a half to get Sonic. Those commercials have been taunting us for years and we just couldn't take it anymore.

Sadly, it so wasn't worth it. Then we had to drive another hour and a half home with a gut ache.

Christine in NJ said...

First - Congrats to all the winners! Even though I didn't actually win - I still feel like a winner because my summer reading list is already planned with new authors and books thanks to you!

Second - I laughed out loud (a true LOL!) about you admiring "a piece or art"!... I look ALL the time and frequently my friends find this odd! Oh well!

Third - My weekends are normally crazy: 2 soccer games, 1 softball game, 2 baseball practices, dog training, company on Saturday night (which meant cleaning & cooking too!), church, religion class, BJ's (the store!) and some yard work... All Very Enjoyable!!!!

Thank you for all the March (& April) Fun!!!!!!


Wendi fr Louisiana said...

So, my Daddy is a remodeler/carpenter and since he and Mama are in town for a while I asked him to redo my and my hubbs master bathroom. The house is (of course) upside down, no big deal, I can roll. I found out over the weekend that my husband is the biggest bathroom ho in history. In 13 years I never noticed that the showers lasted 30 minutes or that he leaves shaving remnants ie... Razor, blades, scissors, EXTRA FACIAL HAIR EVERYWHERE. The mirror has never had so many water spots on it and it's like he tries to get them on new places each time he visits the room. Well, I will survive the redo, bit I can't gaurantee his safety.

Wendi fr Louisiana

LynnBelo said...

thank you so much for this giveaway! It's been so fun reading about all these great books! I'm still crossing my fingers that I'll win!

This past weekend I stayed in and did absolutely nothing! It was a fabulous time after working long hours 12 days in a row!!

LynnBelo said...

Is "40 Weeks" finished and available to read anywhere? Its such a fantastic story! :)

Mom'sLove said...

I went to church with my mom on Sunday. What was crazy about it was it was a Zen- buddha type service, (very unlike my mom) very bizarre and I giggled my way through. Mom thought it was fabulous.. Whatever floast her boat.

Stephanie said...

LynnBelo -- If you email me, I will send you the completed ms. My agent sent it to publishers and it got close but never got published : ( ... thank you so much for the compliment about it! I would love to share the whole thing with you if you really want to read it!

keltban said...

Thanks for the great giveaway. I got my books- so excited that I won!!

Congrats to all the winners!