Monday, May 16, 2011


Congratulations to JEN R. who has NO TATTOOS but might consider a shooting star on the top of her foot has won the copy of THE FIRST HUSBAND! Please email me your full name and address so you can receive your book!

Laura Dave’s third book hit the shelves last week and it’s one of my favorite books, because Laura’s one of my favorite authors, and she can’t write ‘em fast enough. Laura was so generous in answering a few questions about The First Husband, and she’s even offered to give away ANOTHER copy here on MaNiC MoMMy (she gave away TWO sets of ALL her books in March – did you MISS THAT?). Seriously, she is that great!

Laura’s the type of author who makes you fall in love with all of her characters. They’re so real and likeable, even the ones you’re not quite sure you’re supposed to like. Here’s my conversation with her about The First Husband. Check it out and then leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a copy! Thanks Laura! You ROCK!

MaNiC: Tell me about Roman Holiday - is it really a favorite movie of yours? Has bad stuff happened to you when you watch it? I’ve never seen it? Should I? Of course, I’ve never seen It’s a Wonderful Life or Gone with the Wind either! (I know, isn’t that like a cardinal sin!)

Laura: It is a cardinal sin! Mostly because you are missing out on serious enjoyment. Roman Holiday is a great movie—starring Audrey Hepburn (at her loveable best) as a trapped Princess eager to experience the real world. And, even though Audrey plays royalty, her desire to live life on her terms is highly relatable. And don’t even get me started on Gregory Peck. Wow.

As for my real-life bad luck movie? That would be All The Presidents Men. I love that movie—and my experience with it bringing me bad luck (and no longer watching it due to a misplaced superstition! Don’t judge me!) was what inspired my giving Annie a bad luck movie. Because—like Annie—as much as I love the movie, I will run out of the room if ever it comes on.

MM: Why did you feel the need to include the part in the book about the meeting of Caleb and Annie in the bar? And their attraction? I thought that was interesting but wasn’t sure what it was all about? Was that to trick the reader to think that maybe Annie would forget about both Griffin and Nick?

Laura: For me, the Caleb moment spoke to Annie’s ultimate psychological battle. Because of Annie’s past (her less-than-dependable mom/her nomadic childhood), she struggles to be present—both for herself, and the people who love her—and has organized her life so she can always escape in the name of something better being out there. There is always something exhilarating waiting for her just around the corner—in a new country, in a new part of the world. And Caleb represents the latest possibility.

She has a choice when they meet: she can choose something new and shiny all over again. Or she can choose someone (I won’t say whether I speak of Griffin or Nick, for those who haven’t read yet) who just may be everything.

MM: What I LOVED about The First Husband (among other things of course) is that I truly, TRULY didn’t know until the very end who she would end up with, and I do feel the reader is very conflicted as to who she would be with. Although I knew who I wanted to be with from the get-go!

Laura: Thank you! I’m so pleased to hear that. Early readers keep telling me that they really didn’t know what Annie was going to do, which makes me so happy to hear. I wanted her to have two viable choices. Griffin and Nick represent two sides of what Annie hopes for. But ultimately she has to choose—which side to be true to in herself. (As a side-note, I was happy with the choice she made too.)

MM: Why did you choose an anchor tattoo for Gia and Griffin? If Griffin and Annie were to get matching tattoos, what do you think they would get, and where? Also, do you think Annie is the type of person who would request that Griffin get his anchor tattoo removed?

Laura: That is a great question. It was actually a hand tattoo in the first draft (a tattoo of the hand of hamsa!), but that never felt precisely right to me. So much of Griffin’s life is anchored—anchored to his hometown, anchored to his family, anchored to his passion for his work—that I felt like an anchor was a tattoo choice he’d make.

Plus, Griffin’s ex-girlfriend Gia is both literally and metaphorically Griffin’s anchor. So much so that she almost sinks Griffin and Annie.

Even considering that, Annie wouldn’t ever ask Griffin to have his tattoo removed. It is an important piece of who he is.

But I think if Annie was going to brave it and get a tattoo with Griffin, she would suggest the opposite of an anchor for them. What’s the opposite? Maybe she’d pick a kite or a plane. Something that represents being set free.

MM: Did Jesse remind you of Uncle Jesse from Full House? ; )

Laura: That is hilarious! No, but how cute was John Stamos in his wedding episode? I know too much of that episode by heart to not be a little ashamed of it.

MM: Do you think Gia may ever show up in another book, or are these characters done in your mind? Or how about Nick? They’re all happily ever after?

Laura: I usually leave my characters in the world they’ve inhabited, but I have gotten such a phenomenal response to Annie’s best friend, Jordan, that I think she has the best shot of having her own story told. I try to never say never. So, yes, Jordan and her stepdaughter Sasha may very well appear in another book one of these days.

MM: Does your fiancé have any of the qualities that either Nick or Griffin possess? I know you live in LA, and also that your fiancé is in the TV industry. Nick is in movies and lives in LA … any connection between the two?

Laura: My fiancé, Josh, would definitely say there is. He thinks he’s Nick and Griffin and every other character, including Annie! I’m just kidding (mostly).

But I do recognize there are some outward similarities between Nick and Josh: Josh is a screenwriter (he’s written for a bunch of TV shows including The West Wing and, currently, Fringe, which has totally turned me into a Sci-Fi geek, I’m proud to say). So he certainly has a work life that mirrors Nick’s. But, in reality, he has more in common with Griffin. He has Griffin’s sweetness. And he’s a great cook.

MM: What town did you design Williamsburg (see, I can’t even remember what town it is either, just like the characters in the book!) from? Would you ever survive in a town like that? And would you go there for your husband?

Laura: I lived in western Massachusetts for a year in my early twenties and I loved the idea of setting a novel there: in a place that on the surface is cold and difficult (I mean very cold!), but despite its challenges, it is stunningly special at its core.

As the writing progressed, I took needed narrative liberties, but I loosely designed Williamsburg on the real town of Williamsburg, which was about twenty minutes from where I lived. My future sister-in-law is a professor now at Mt. Holyoake, which gives me a great reason to go back to western Massachusetts and visit. I still have such a fondness for it, and like to imagine Annie living her life there.

MM: Thanks so much Laura! And for you guys out there who would like a chance to win The First Husband, since Laura’s character Griffin has a tattoo, let me ask you this – Do you have a tattoo, and if so, what kind? If you DON’T have a tattoo, what kind would you get/what would it say/what symbol would it be, and where would you get it?



Karen said...

This looks like an awesome book! As for the about in my imagination? Please tell me that reality...can't do it. But in my imagination (where I am thin and look fab?)...yes! ktmixon315

Dani In Chicago said...

I'd get a tattoo on my wrist that says "kNow." It basically means "know you're in the now" and it would remind me every time I see it on my wrist.

dani patarazzi

Books & Reviews said...

I do not have a tattoo and I would not get one.

Ronit said...

I don't have a tattoo. I've thought about it but never came up with something I want to have forever. Top choices were little blue footprints with my sons' names and birthdates, Mickey Mouse, the Little Mermaid, or comedy/tragedy masks.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I don't have a tattoo and I wouldn't get one now, but... there was a time when I contemplated one! I wanted a teeny tiny butterfly on my hip bone {see, I even thought about exactly WHERE I would put it!}. Such a renegade-- HA!
Love Laura Dave and can't wait to read this new one... thanks, MM! xo

LizzybethDJ said...

I have three already. Two on my hip and one on my ankle. If I could, I would get the ones on my hip taken off, not because I don't like them but because they don't look very good anymore.
I do wnat one more though... a small one on my foot to honor my friend who lost her battle with cancer.

Logan Collins said...

My very cool sister has a tatoo but I do not. I love hers! She has a starfish on her ankle based on the starfish poem. See below.
Once upon a time there was a wise man

who used to go to the ocean

to do his writing.

He had a habit of walking

on the beach

before he began his work.

One day he was walking along

the shore.

As he looked down the beach,

he saw a human

figure moving like a dancer.

He smiled to himself to think

of someone who would

dance to the day.

So he began to walk faster

to catch up.

As he got closer, he saw

that it was a young man

and the young man wasn't dancing,

but instead he was reaching

down to the shore,

picking up something

and very gently throwing it

into the ocean.

As he got closer he called out,

"Good morning! What are you doing?"

The young man paused,

looked up and replied,

"Throwing starfish in the ocean."

"I guess I should have asked,

why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?"

"The sun is up and the tide is going out.

And if I don't throw them in they'll die."

"But, young man, don't you realize that

there are miles and miles of beach

and starfish all along it.

You can't possibly make a difference!"

The young man listened politely.

Then bent down, picked up another starfish

and threw it into the sea,

past the breaking waves and said-

"It made a difference for that one."

Kayo said...

I have a small butterfly tattoo just above my ankle. One of those "old enough to know better" type things.
I thought it meant something to me, but time has passed and I wish it was gone.
Lesson learned!

Ally said...

I have a cross tattoo on my back with Greek writing around it that means I have Life.

Emma S. said...

I have a tattoo on my right foot. It is a redish/pinkish orchid with my Korean name underneath the flower.

Jen R said...

No tattoos, mostly because I change my mind too much about what I want and where I want it.
Maybe a shooting star on my foot. Maybe a small shooting star on the back of my neck, right below my hairline (OUCH).
Something (who knows what) small between my shoulder blades.
I also would like to get something with my daughters name somwhere.

See I can't make a decision!!

jdstec said...

I never got a tatoo when I was younger and am old enough to know how much your body changes and have NO regrets.

Tina Brannan said...

I have a dolphin tattoo on my ankle. I would love to get one on the back of my neck...not sure what I'd get there...maybe a flower.

Meg said...

I don't have a tattoo. I can never decide what, exactly, I would want on my body for the rest of my life. I mean, i have a hard enough time deciding what to wear for an entire day, let alone permanently.

The Jagow Family said...

This looks like another great book!! When (not if) I get a tattoo it will be a dragonfly with our kids initials on each wing and it will be on the top of my foot. (I promised my husband that I would wait until we're done having kids....and this last baby is due in July). Can't wait (for the baby and the tattoo...ha!)!! :)

karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this wonderful novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

I don't have one and probably won't get one now, butthere was a time when I really wanted one. It was going to be the 3 fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty. They each represented my own "godmothers", my mothers bestfriends. She passed away when I was 16 and they have watched over me ever since. I was also going to suround them
in purple dasies because they are my
favorite flower, and purple is both my favorite color and it was my moms. In case you were wondering, I am 32 now and one of my fairies passed a couple of years ago, but the other 2 are still with me and I talk to them everyday.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a tattoo, but my husband & I always kid that we should get matching tattoos (Herve Villechaize from Fantasy Island)!

JenFee 9476

absolutahnie said...

no tat for me, if i did it'd be either an oak leaf (my boyfriend's
nickname is oak) or a starfish!

CAnative said...

I have no tattoos, but if I were to get one...probably an anklet of Chinese characters (peace, serenity, health, happiness).

Susan @ The Book Bag said...

This book is going on my TBR pile! Sounds wonderful!

I do not have a tattoo and probably will never get one but..... if I were, maybe a dragonfly on the inside of my ankle.

Denise said...

I have 2 tattoos. A shooting star on my right hip, and my family's last name in Greek (the full name from before it was shortened at Ellis Island) down my left side.

I'm excited to read this book!

Lindsay Elizabeth said...

I don't have a tattooo and have never thought about getting one-perhaps i'm way too big of a square for it! Oh and there's the whole I have a very low threhold for pain that has kept me from even considering it!

val said...

i have two tattoos! i got them at age 17 + 18, one is flowers the other is a moon. REGRET!

Krystal said...

I do not have one. I promised myself that I would do it when I lost my goal weight (60 lbs) as a constant symbol to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to. I would get it on my hip, since really it's just for me. Unfortunately I couldn't decide what I wanted.... I guess there is still a chance if i can decide what I want to get. :)

Holly W said...

Love the book giveaways! Thanks again. I have two tattoos, the pisces symbol on my ankle and a symbol on my upper back. I haven't had a new one in 9 years and can't see myself getting another. My boyfriend is not a fan of tattoos. :)
holly w

LynnBelo said...

I have the chinese symbols for evolution tattooed on my back and a self-designed scorpio tattoo on my inner wrist.

Jenn3128 said...

I don't have one nor do I want one. The book sounds really good.

@Logan - Thanks for the poem this morning, I really liked it.

Kimmi said...

I love a book that contains imperfect characters (Emily Giffin does this a lot). It makes the book so much more relateable, because let's face it: even our BFF's aren't perfect.

Carly said...

I am not looking to win this book but I do have tattoos.

I have six of them.
Three of designs that I drew on my back.
One of a butterfly with my Granny's initials in the wing that I got after she passed.
One is the Chinese symbol for LOVE.
Last one is on my ankle. It's a Hawaiian turtle with my husband's initials in the shell.

ALWAYS plans to get more. Would really like stars on top of my foot. I told myself that as soon as I get a full time teaching position, it will be my reward.

Brenda L B said...

I have 1 tattoo and it's 4 inches of Baby Tweety with her security blanket in full color. Worst pain experience of my life and will never get another one. I do like it and it's on the right side of my back. Very painful!

Liz said...

This is embarassing, so I reeeeeaaaallly hope I win.
I thought it would be a great idea to get a tattoo of a strawberry. On my hmm-hmm. At my bachelorette party. With my closest friends watching. I was a bit (lot) tipsy. but I secretly think it's pretty badass.
I also got a tiny tattoo of a shooting star when I was in college. No meaning whatsoever, but I don't regret either tattoo, they're both part of my story!

Melissa said...

I do not have a tattoo. If I could come up with some meaningful idea I would get one, but nothing sticks out yet.

Melissa Rem

Unknown said...

I have 5 tattoos. A barbed wire chain around my left ankle, a lion's head with a little banner that says "leo" on my right shoulder, a tribal looking tramp stamp, a symbol for leo on my right ankle & my pride & joy is the 6 in full color sun on my upper back. It's beautiful! Over 6 hours in the chair for it...and worth all the pain! :)

buttah said...

I do have a is a purple heart with tribal wings on my lower back on the right side. Got it for my 18th birthday. I want to cover it up with Beerman's, C-man's and my birthflowers shaped like a fleur de lis with clovers in it (for our anniversary - St. Patty's Day) and the words "Gra' anois agus go deo" celtic for "Love, now and forever". One day I will make it a more beautiful and meaningful tat!

~Lil Mama~ said...

I have been inked twice!! You like my hip tattoo talk...inked, that is totally what all the cool people say. YES IT IS!!

Anyway, I got my first in 2000. On the outside of my right calf, it is a Dusty Pink Shasta Daisy flower with a Lady-Bug sitting in it =) I got my second one about a month ago..April 13!! It is on the top of my left foot, it says lil' mama in black primitive looking letters with 3 (for each of my kids) stars floating around it in a deep sapphire blue(my birthstone)!! Which I absolutely ♥♥♥♥ this new one to itsy bitsy bloody pieces!!! (LOOK Steph, I spelled pieces right!!! PIE!!)

If I EVER get another one it will be on my inner right wrist and it will either say "Country" or "Big Daddy"...not quite sure about that one, which is sooo why I did not get it last month!!

Ohhhh good song on the radio!! Gotta Go!!!! ((hugss))

Me = Winner

~Lil Mama~ said...

OoooHhhhhh...I have a whole blogpost titled 'Suckin' Up Some Ink' on meh blog..with pictures!! ;)

Lilianarenee said...

I have two tattoos. The first is a lillie on my right foot. I loved it for about a week then someone said it looked like a starfish(which it doesnt) and I never felt the same about it. I have STRENGTH written on my left wrist which I got after going through a rough year. I plan to put patience on the other wrist once I obtain some. I also plan to get an angel on my upper arm and a sleeve going down and a wisdom tree on my back with a bluebird on it. I also want to save the first time my kids write their name and its legible and tattoo that somewhere

faithspage said...

I have 2 tattoos and regret the second one. But if I was a size 2 I think a design on the hip is cute

Can't wait to read Laura Dave's new book. Huge fan

kyfaithw at aol dot com

BrendaBMarion said...

I have enjoyed reading many of your suggested books, so I will add this to the list if I don't win it. I don't have anything against tattoos, but I wouldn't get one either. My husband has enough for both of us!

Anonymous said...

No tatoos...nothing has ever appealed enough to have it last a lifetime (plus there is the old age wrinkles to consider!?). BUT if I were to get one, it would probably be the chinese symbol for Faith. LeslieGC

Carie Casey said...

I have 2. One of a bumble bee I got when I was 18. I just picked it off the wall at the tattoo shop because it was pretty small. The second one I got when I was 19. It's a flower and it's beautiful. It's right between my shoulder blades. They don't mean anything special to me, i like them and all but ultimately I'm glad I got them both on my back so they are unseen by everyone and me.

Nanette said...

I am so excited you are giving this book away again!! This sounds like an uber great read. Anyway, I do not have a tattoo b/c I am a big baby and would not be able to take the pain. BUT...if I *did* get would be a hummingbird. Not sure where I would get it...probably somewhere where it would hurt the least. I'm a WIMP! Nan

Sherry said...

No tattoo most likely would not get one--too painful:(

DaphneSFL said...

I don't have a tattoo, but, am planning to get one on my wrist. It'll be like a bracelet with my parents nicknames.

Erin Goff said...

Don't have a tattoo... I would consider one with something symbolizing my three kids, but don't have a clue what that might be.

The book sounds great!

kristinrose said...

No tattoos but I would get a small rose on the top/side of my foot for my grandma rosie/2nd mom

Tyra said...

I have many tattoos: a Celtic Trinity, a flower, a butterfly silhouette, the gemini sign, an Om, and a Chok-rah. I got them all in places that can be hidden or shown off depending on whether I'm at work or not:)

Tiffany Drew said...

I have many, many tattoos. Thirteen I believe. I love them. My favorite tattoo is of my grandparents' hands. They both passed away on 2007. My uncle had taken a picture of them holding hands while my grandmother was in the hospital, it is my all time favorite picture.


jpetroroy said...

Hm...I don't have one, but I'd probably get a laurel wreath.

A.C. said...

I actually got a tattoo several years ago as a spur of the moment thing at my cousin's lingerie shower! It's on my back and it's the mockingbird from the cover of To Kill A Mockingbird, my favorite book! I like it, but definitely don't need any more.

Dolly said...

No tattoo; I thought about it when I was 16 (that was a looong time ago), but didn't want to have to explain it to future grandkids (boy, have times changed!)

I've read a lot of good things about 'The First Husband' - hope I win!

Kristi said...

Sorry to be boring but no tatoo currently and no desire to ever have one... not even fantasize about what I would get if I did get one :)

Kristi Hooke

Homestead Jen said...

I have a tattoo and would love another one (but I might be too old to do that.) Mine is the celtic tree of life. It is on my back.

I love it.

equinn726 said...

No tattoo - I've considered it...funny, I thought about an Anchor (because it's a symbol for hope & because I'm catholic and I've read that centuries ago, when the catholics were oppressed in Ireland, some people wore the anchor as a secret symbol of their faith) or a set of canoe paddles because I started dating my husband after we got partnered up on a canoe trip.

Meredith said...

No tats (yet) but if I get one it will be on the underside of my wrist. Not sure what it might be.

Kristi said...

I got my first tattoo at the age of 39. It's of a butterfly on my lower left calf. It's in memory of my Grandmother. She loved butterflies and collected butterfly stuff her whole life.

My next tattoo will be an open book with my kids names in script on both pages.

Kristi Marie W.

Terri said...

No tattoos for me, but in an imaginary world, I might get a butterfly. I love the symbolism of new life.

Terri M.

Beverly Victoria said...

No tattoos. I don't want any tattoos. It's not something I've ever really thought about.

Brantly's Mom said...

I don't have a tattoo, but when I was younger I always wanted a tramp stamp. Luckily I never got that and now I am alot bigger. I really wanted around my 30th birthday last year to get a butterfly on my wrist, but I found out I was pregnant and that tattoo has been put on hold. So who knows if I ever get one; I think God is trying to prevent me from getting one.

Melissa said...

not entering to win as i have the book. i read a book last year that referenced "roman holiday" and then i bought the movie at a thrift shop. so maybe this is a sign that i should finally watch it. :) great interview!

Ready To Be A Momma said...

I have two tattoos, a ladybug on my foot and a butterfly on my shoulder blade. I want to get another one of the infancy and pregnancy loss butterfly and/or ribbon somewhere.

Lauren Louise said...

I don't have a tattoo and don't think I would ever get one cause I'm not a fan of needles. I don't even have my ears pierced! I'm a big old baby. Sidenote: Roman Holiday is a really cute little film.

Anonymous said...

No tattoos, mostly because I can't deceided what I want and where I want it.

Plus I am just scared, it will hurt too much. Whimp, I know.


AmyNicholeG said...

No tattoos for me. As I always say, I'm too pretty for tattoos.


Unknown said...

Good Lord I almost missed out on this! I thought I had commented, but can't find me.... so here I am! I would LOVE to win this one!

your invisible pixie said...

I would get the word "love" tattooed on my wrist, but in hebrew. I have NO pain tolerance though, so I would never get it... :)

michelle m said...

I have a butterfly on my wrist...

Linda Kish said...

The only tattoo I have is permanent eyeliner that I had done about 17 years ago. Boy, was that painful. But since I have oily eyelids I can't wear eyeliner so it was really the only thing I could do.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Book looks great! I don't have a tattoo. When I was 18, I contemplated getting one on my shoulder blade but couldn't decide what to get (thankfully). If I had to get one now, it would have to be some sort of reminder of my kids or variation of their names/initials.

Colbey J

BethC said...

Another book to add to my reading list!! As for the tattoo's....I have 3 of them. On my foot I have a flower with a butterfly that has landed on it. On the inside of my ankle I have the chinese symbol for strength....and my favorite one is on my lower back. It is a heart w/devils ears and a devils tail and a halo above it. I love that one because it depicts my personality perfectly!

Cari Lynn said...

I have the Seal of Solomon on the inside of my ankle. No regrets. I still get compliments on it all the time.

Kelly said...

I do have a tattoo on my upper right back. It's of a butterfly, which is a pretty common tattoo for girls but mine means something. For 6 years i was with this guy, he didn't hit me or anything like that but i lost who i was before him. It took me those 6 years to realize how unhappy i was with him and how much of myself i lost. So my butterfly tattoo reminds me to come out of my cocoon and not be afraid to speak out if I'm unhappy.

Jules said...

I've not read Laura Dave yet (I know ... I'm one of the very few!) This sounds like a great story - I SO want to win this book!!! As for the tattoo part ... nope ~ none yet! I do think I might like a small celtic cross on my ankle or hip ... maybe on e day.

Anonymous said...

I have five tattoo's and love them all. Once you get one, you are addicted.

Kristen said...

Tattoos are not for me... but somehow, I really like them on my boyfriend. Is that weird?

Love Laura Dave and hope to win this one! Am currently reading The Divorce Party.

Melissa said...

I'm totally against ever getting a tattoo although I considered it when I was younger and am glad I didn't go through with it...Now I just think about how it would look when I'm 80 w/ saggy, wrinkly skin!


Anonymous said...

No tatoo! I know too many people who regret getting them. They don't age very well. But I would love to wing the book!! Thanks, Patti Cole

Jessica said...

I don't have a tattoo but I would get one on my back. I would get angel wings in the middle of my back.


BuffyDee said...

I do, its a rose from a dream interpretation book... tramp stamp style

Literary Chanteuse said...

I love Roman Holiday! I actually just watched a week ago. Thanks for the giveaway!