Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Night Out With Jen! As in Lancaster.

As promised, here is the winning Haiku from the recent contest to win IF YOU WERE HERE, Jen Lancaster's first novel. It was chosen for the knowledge of Jen Lancaster's brood at home. Also Jen's friends, Tracey and Gina, had input on this Haiku being the winner. Congrats to Crystal717 for winning a personalized copy of IF YOU WERE HERE.

You guys have been so great about hanging out here and being supportive, so I'm trying to do as much as I can to give back a little wherever I can - I purchased an extra copy of the book and randomly chose another winner. That winner is Ally N. who will also receive a book that Jen also personalized.

Here is Crystal's winning Haiku:

Jen, Queen of the house

Loki, Libby, Maisy, Fletch

House full of madness

So, Ally and Crystal, please email me with your full name and address - I have your personalized books signed by Jen herself tonight waiting for you, and if you follow me on Facebook, you probably know I'm dying to go back to the post office so I can jam to some of the tunes they're always playing there!

Those of you who have entered other book giveaways, the winners of The Baby Planner and Here, Hope, Home have not yet come forward. Please check back to see if your name is at the top of those blog posts and contact me at stephanieelliot@gmail.com so you can receive your book. Would love to give those winners their books! Thanks!

And thanks to Jen tonight for a great reading/signing in Phoenix! She is one of my top five authors and is on my SHELF OF FAME in my office. Love her, love her humor, love her books! I'm just really sorry that I gave away a really big plot point of the book during the Q&A tonight! My bad! I hope she's gonna find it in her heart to forgive me.

Also, DO NOT FORGET to enter to win The First Husband by Laura Dave; in fact, CLICK HERE AND GO THERE NOW!! Don't forget to check back on Friday for FIVE DOLLAR FUN FACT FRIDAY. I promise this one for sure is gonna stump you all! And Heidi, I will send you your five bucks you won from guessing Barry Manilow soon! I've been low on the funds! : )

Thanks everyone for being such awesome readers!

PeaCe uP!
~MaNiC MoMMy


Melissa said...

such a cute pic! and after finishing her book last night, i'm super jealous that you met her!
did you finally get to meet melissa p?

Crystal said...

OMFG!!!!!!!! I'M HAVING A FLIPPIN' HEART ATTACK OVER HERE! OMG! I'M FAMOUS! (please don't burst my bubble!) but i've been called out! OMG! it's like Justin Timberlake himself recognized me.

oh geebus. excuse me while i go faint.


~Lil Mama~ said...
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Ally said...

SO VERY EXCITED!!!! Thanks!!!