Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Bonding & A Subway Sandwich FOR YOU!

 Nicole aka CANative, 
you must be hungry cuz you're getting a sandwich! Send me your mailing address and full name and I'm sending you to Subway! Thanks everyone, and look out for more entertaining info from Subway coming soon with your chance to win $50 and also YOU and your family can be featured on the site when you share your OWN family tradition videos and stories! More soon!

In between my book giveaways I like to share a bit about my life, and as you may know from reading me, I’ve been blogging since 2004, when my kids were just 3, 5 and 7 years old. I’ve never had ads on here and never push products on you guys. My passion is always books, sharing great authors with you, and writing about my life. I also LOVE hearing about what you guys are up to as well. I feel that lately with the book giveaways you guys have shared a bunch in the comment section and I really love getting to know you all!

I now have the opportunity to partner with Subway a couple of times a month, and I’m really excited to do so for a couple of reasons. One is because as a busy mom who tries to feed her kids healthy, Subway is a great quick alternative to the fast food options when we’re running to basketball and art and afterschool activities. And two, Subway is now focusing their efforts on family and tradition. And I’m big on that and happy to share some of this with you in between all of the fabulous books I’m still giving away.

One of the things I’m big on with my kids is bonding at bedtime, and my oldest son AJ is 13. He still loves to be tucked in. He’s six-foot, two-inches and still wants a tuck-in every night. One night, Mr. MaNiC and I went out on a date. We can FINALLY go out and leave the kids alone without worrying they will kill each other. AJ tucked in Luke and texted me. 

“When are you going to be home?” 

“In a little bit.”


“I don’t know. Why?”

“Because, I can’t go to sleep without my tuck-in.”

We stayed out a while longer, and when I finally got home, I went upstairs to tuck him in, and he was still awake. It was like 11:30 p.m. I said, “Why are you still up?”

He said he couldn’t fall asleep without his tuck-in. And then he said, “Mom. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you when I go to college. How am I going to go to bed every night without my tuck-in from you?”

It broke my heart but it reminded me how very important our nightly traditions are. I need to hold them close and cherish them, because before too long, he’s going to be gone, and I’ll wish for those tuck-ins!
 * * *
Since you guys are so awesome about always coming here to read what I have to say, I’m NOT gonna leave you hanging – I wanna give you a SUB! How about if you please go over to read another great article about Bedtime Bonding and leave a quick comment there, I'll enter you to win Five Bucks for a Footlong! (I will check to see if you leave a comment, so please do!) There are some inspiring articles on family bonding and some really cute family videos as well, and you’re encouraged to leave your own suggestions too! THEN come back here and tell me YOUR favorite Subway sub! I will choose one winner randomly and send you Five Bucks so you can get a sub from Subway!

My sub: Italian bread, turkey, provolone, lettuce, tomato, lotsa lotsa parmesan, black pepper, red wine vinegar and olive oil. Yum, I am craving one right now!

So, tell me your fave and you’re entered to win five bucks to go get one! But please, take the time to stop on over at Fresh Takes to leave a comment.

And if you feel like it, go ahead and friend Subway on FB

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new book and I’ll also draw the winners of the previous two books so if you haven't entered for The Winters in Bloom or It's Hard Not to Hate You, there's still time! Thanks guys! 


Kristi said...

I'm so excited to be the first one to post! I guess that's a product of working night shift...

Anyways, my favorite Subway sub is the Spicy Italian with lettuce, black olives, mayo and oil and vinegar dressing on white bread.

I LOVE Subway, so you chose your ads well!

Kristi Hooke

MonaLisa said...

I like Italian on wheat with pepper jack cheese,lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana and jalapeño peppers, olives, onions, light on the mayo.

IandSsmom said...

My favorite subway sandwich is the spicy italian on the italian cheesy bread!! Oh I love it so much!
FYI it posted me as Shannon Johnson (real name) on the other site!

MamamicheleTN said...

My favorite Subway sandwich is Italian BMT. I have tried others and always go back!

Tina Brannan said...

My fav is turkey & cheese on wheat!! I'm hungry! :)

ncsuloges said...

What am I going to do when I am actually a mommy? It was all I could do not to cry during this story and I don't even have kiddos. So sweet! Thanks for sharing
Italian BMT with all the toppings

lynnbelo said...

For some reason it's not letting me comment on the other site...probably a work thing. I don't have kids yet, but I definitely remember the bedtime ritual from childhood fondly!

My favorite subway sub is definitely turkey, pepperjack, mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, banana peppers, salt, pepper, oregano, and a ton of parmesan on wheat!

CAnative said...

I tried to comment on other site but I don't have a FB page!(shocking I know.) Anyway what I tried to post is that I now work nights and even though my "kids" are becoming young adults still at home they wait up until I get home to hang out for a few and catch up on our day. We may not read a book together any longer but relaxing on the couch having them tell me about their day at work or their college classes that day is awesome. Maybe because they are older for me I cherish it even more and like to think that because we had bedtime rituals since the beginning is the reason we still have a basic semblance of one now.

Love Subway! Fav sandwich is the chicken, bacon, ranch with lettuce tomato & onion....Yum!


Susan @ The Book Bag said...

Your post about your son brought tears to my eyes - how sweet!

My fav Subway sandwich is the Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham, pepper jack cheese, all the veggies, no dressing.

Yumm - I think I might have to go get me one for lunch now!

Jenn3128 said...

I commented over there with my real name (Jennifer Hutson).

My fav is the veggie on sourdough, no tomatoes or olives.

I have a quick funny story from Friday night regarding bedtime:

I was tucking my 6 year old in and I layed down with her for just a few minutes to talk about her day. I was mid-sentence when she turns to me and says: Mom, has it been a few minutes yet? Yes, are you ready for me to leave now? Only if you want to leave Mom. Are you ready for me to leave baby girl? Yes.

Oh, okay, I'll admit, my mom feelings were a tiny bit stung from that! She's my go right to sleep girl though, tuck in is a kiss & see you in the morning.

Unknown said...

Buffalo Chicken sub with provolone, lettuce, pickles & extra hot sauce!! :)

Melissa said...

mmmm Subway (Notice how I didn't say Nom Nom!). My favorite is the avocado bacon turkey sandwich they had on special w/ all the toppings. So good!
-tmd636 (Melissa D-B on FB).

Kimmi said...

Love love love Subway - but my fave is so boring (but healthy): veggie on wheat. The cookies make life worth living though.

absolutahnie said...

alright, i don't have a fb page or kids and i've never (gasp!) eaten at subway! i do have a bedtime ritual story though. we (boyfriend & i) have a geriatric cat named brad. so, since we all started co-habitating i've taken to giving brad a squirt of whipped cream every night before we go to bed. if i don't, brad follows us up to bed and meows at me until i go back to the kitchen...

Coleen said...

I am so addicted to the sweet onion terriayki sandwich. I hope that is what it is called.. . I get that sandwich just about everytime I go to subway.

I am trying so hard to keep up with your posts. . .I am usually working so much that it is hard since they block so much stuff at work.

Julie S said...

That is so sweet that your teenage son still wants to be tucked in by you :)
My favorite sub is the chicken bacon ranch :) yum.

Mama Taz said...

My favorite sub turkey and jalapeno cheese with xtra veggies-baked:)

Bev V said...

I like turkey (or ham or roast beef or all three) on a wheat sub with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, olives, pickles and honey mustard.

BrendaL71 said...

I alway check your site at work where I'm not allowed access to FB so I couldn't leave a comment on the Fresh takes website. This is what I posted: Very loving story. My daughter is 10 years old and I still tuck her in every night. Her dad thinks she is too old for some of the extras I do for her but she's my only child so I don't want to stop. My favorite subways sandwich is whole wheat, black pepper ham, turkey, american cheese, lettuce, spinach, vinegar and oil, seasonings and salt. YUM!

Ally said...

I like the meatball on wheat.
Ally N

michelle m! said...

subway melt :)

Terri said...

From Subway, it's always the meatball sub for me, light on the sauce so I don't get it all over myself!

Terri M.

ErinB said...

when I am being "good" I love the turkey and ham...basic but so yummy. when I am in a treat mode i go meatball :-} sigh. now I am hungry!

Dolly said...

I posted a comment!

My favorite sub is the BMT on whole wheat, with lite mayo, dijon, tomato & spinach (not a lettuce fan)


jcsites2002 at hotmail dot com

Carly said...

I'm a plane Jane. I like roast beef with cheese, lettuce, and pickles.

Also, it's my birthday so no subway tonight. We had Red Lobster. =)

Bridget said...

Favorite cold sandwich, cold cut trio with everything but jalepenos. Favorite hot sandwich, meatball.

Chrissy said...

HI! it's Chrissy from singalullaby....your blog is awesome! Yikes, I have missed so much, but it is good to see you deep in book world!

I am teaching kindergarten again--love!--and sent my oldest off to college last month. please drop by my teaching blog and say hi:

AND I am your newest follower!

Jeryl M. said...

My favorite subway sub is Tuna.