Friday, October 28, 2011

Biggest Slacker Ever? Nah!

You might think I'm the biggest slacker ever but truly, I have legitimate excuses for not posting a single book this week. And I do feel really horrible about it but there were many obstacles that got in the way. Finally, FINALLY I can laugh about them, but this past week was NOT a very good one!

First of all, I had to visit the rectal and colon doctor, and seriously, when I walked in there, OMG, what a bunch of assholes! (OK, I could NOT resist THAT JOKE!). And SERIOUSLY, I did go to the booty doctor, but ALL IS FINE down yonder and I didn't have to do anything, and that's all I need to say about this little problem, but if any of you have had babies, and have pushed THAT hard, and know what it feels like to have ... well, never mind. But that was the start of my week.

THEN, I simultaneously wished my son a happy 14th birthday and then got a migraine so severe I ended up in bed and vomiting for two full days, and part of the time when I was sleeping on the floor (because you know how the floor is cool and comforting and you need to be by the toilet, and you have the pillow and blanket next to you?), well, when I got up at one point, I threw my back out. So not only was I having a migraine and vomiting, I also couldn't stand fully erect.

Vicodin no longer alleviates pain for me, and there's no way I'm going to take two, and taking pills were not working because I would puke them up so I had to push through the pain of it all. Sleep was the only thing that would help, and every time I fell asleep I had these crazy hallucinogenic dreams where I swear I created all sorts of mutant animals and I told my children stuff that when I woke up I couldn't remember if I told them these things in real life or in my dreams. I also dreamed I was in a building and my brain was having these crazy freaky incidents that probably really do happen to people who have migraines in real life and the building was spinning like a carousel and I couldn't stop it and other people in the building were walking normally but I wasn't and I was trying to stop from weaving, like I was drunk but wasn't really.

It was so freaky. 

When I could finally get out of bed, I couldn't look into bright light, go near a computer (words are still bothering me, and reading and watching TV pains me), loud noises make me want to cringe. I didn't eat for a day and a half (the one plus!).

So that was how I spent some of the most recent days.

THEN, my good neighbor was having surgery and I promised to help her with her twin babies who are just one year old. And she really needed my help, so although my brain was better and I could now eat, my back was still messed up. With the help of Diva (who I let stay home from school because she had a half-day anyway), we went and helped my neighbor with the babies.

And then here we are and it's Friday.

And I didn't have a chance at all to put up any of this week's books and I thought about them every single day and wondered if you guys thought, "Where the heck is today's book?" or "Did she bail on us and the contest?" I did not! I'm sorry about this!

We've got these books left and come hell or high water, I am going to do my best to get them to you next week! 

Party by Tom Leveen
The Very Thought of You by Rosie Alison
The Mistress's Revenge by Tamar Cohen
Things We Didn't Say by Kristina Riggle
Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl & 300 Acres And No Place to Hide by Susan McCorkindale

I'm going to choose the winners for all the previous books RIGHT NOW so go back to see if you've won any of them, and then next week we'll finalize ALL these books, and before mid November, we'll have a grand prize winner for ALL of the books. Thanks for your patience you guys. You've been great! xoxo


Michelle m! said...

"after a hurricane comes a rainbow"

Nanette said...

Manic! I've been so worried about you!! I'm so glad you've turned the corner and your booty is fine, too. That's a VERY GOOD THING!! Don't worry so much about us OR the book contest...we can wait. It's more important that you are on the mend! Woo Hoo!! Take care, Nan

MonaLisa said...

Things happen, glad you're feeling a little better.

Ncsulogez said...

I was so worried. By Friday I think I had refreshed the blog 15 times. I finally told myself that I had to stop. I knew something must be wrong. I am so sorry for all you have been through. I have migrants but never that bad. I can't imagine! The booty doctor is horrible, I have been way too many times. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and a happy Halloween!

Hally said...

Now you need to read/listen to the book, "Chocolate & Vicodin". Do you still have it? I'll totally send you my copy!
Hang in there Manic & don't let life get the best of ya.

Amy said...

What a rough week, but so glad you are feeling better. Happy belated bday to your son, even though I kind of new it was one of your kid's birthdays from pics you posted on FB. Your health is way more important than a book contest :)

Carly said...

Wow! I have had some migraines but nothing as awful as what you went through. I am so glad you are feeling better.

Carly H

Becki**** said...

Glad you are better. I have migraines once in awhile and they SUCK but mine have never reached the defcon 5 level like yours. Admire you for sticking to your word and helping with those kids- sheer AWESOMENESS you displayed to your daughter!

Melissa said...

So glad you are feeling better, I hope you have a MUCH better week!!

buttah said...

So glad you are feeling better!!

DaphneSFL said...

As a fellow migraine victim, I totally and completely understand what you went through. You NEVER have to apologize for's the worst pain ever.

Laura Kay said...

(((hugs))) sounds like an awful week! Hope you feel better!

Kimmi said...

Please just take care of yourself and be well. We're not performing brain surgery here. lol

Kristi said...

I was worried about you. NOT because there weren't new books posted but because it seemed so unlike you to be absent for that long. I'm sorry you had such a rough week but at least it's all over. Hopefully this week will turn out better!

Nicole said...

I've only had one migraine that bad, I can't imagine it lasting for days, glad you are feeling better!

Lindsay Elizabeth said...

Wow, when it rains it pours huh? I'm glad you're feeling better!