Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog Virus

It was only a matter of time. Between Ajers having bronchitis, and me spending time over at this blogger, Eulallia, and this adorable
Monkey, I was bound to take ill. They seemed to have passed along their blog germs and now I am tainted.

Or, the flu shot I got on Saturday is doing a number on me and I'm getting those flu-like symptoms that can occur after a shot.

All I wanna do today is cozy on up with a nice blankie (perhaps my Woobie, which always at least makes me smile, no matter how terrible I feel), lie on the couch and snuggle with Tukey until it's school time for him. And drat, then I have a pre-school conference where they will no doubt tell me my child is the best listener, most cooperative, most animated, well-behaved child in preschool. Right? Heh, yeah right.

And something about being sick like this-- I no longer have that daily craving for my grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalattenowhip. When I feel like this, my drink of choice is tangerine lime flavored water, mixed with OJ and cranberry juice. The perfect remedy. A splash of vodka doesn't hurt either.

Ugh, this is actually a perfect day to be sick. A dreary, drippy, Monday morning. And Sesame Street starts in about 10 minutes. Gosh, I do love that show.

And I love Grover, cuz he's blue and furry and so lovable, and also because I loved the book, There's A Monster At The End Of This Book! when I was little.

Some stats on the friendly, furry and lovable monster:

The Cuddly and Determined Hero

With a grin on his face and a bounce in his step, Grover-the self-proclaimed "world's cutest monster"-is always bursting with energy and curiosity. This sometimes gets him into trouble in the real world, but his mommy helps him out as she tells her furry little son to keep trying.

Birthday: October 14

Favorite Song: "Monster in the Mirror"

Best Friend: Kermit (no one else has the patience)

Quote: "Hello every-bod-eeeee!"

Likes: Anything and everything; doing whatever Ernie and Bert can do

Dislikes: Phone booths without doors (supermonsters need their privacy, too!)

Who's your favorite Sesame Street character, and why? Hope you all are well!


Anonymous said...

Feel better

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thank you anon--are you the anon who has been discussing agents with me? You are nice. Thanks! : )

Monkey said...

Hellooo! I'm sorry to hear that you are sick. It is a little known fact that one can catch a germ through blogging. I apologize for sneezing and wheezing all over your comments.

Thank you for your kind comments about my movies. I should warn you that two of them are er... rated R... namely "Bitches Ain't Shit" and "Dragonz in the Hood". The boy here watches them with the volume down low.

Grover is a wonderful character, and if you had not already chosen him, I would have. In order to resist being redundant, I would have to say I love Oscar. He's curmudgeonly (is that a word?) but cuddly.

When I know you better, I will most certainly dedicate a week to you. Does your boy have any favorite books? I read aloud you realize. It's terrifying, but true.

Feel better! The fizzy water sounds delicious.

Erin said...

Hope you feel better. Being sick, with kids, sucks ass.

I hate Sesame Street. Probably because I have seen every episode 4392950388483.22 times (give or take 20,000).

Zip Your Fly Wild Lush Dick Yanker!

mom on a wire said...

Grover is my favorite chracter, so you can't have him. He's mine! Besides him, I have a fond spot for the Count. His little accent just gets me. I also like Bert and all of his quirky hobbies. I just realized I like all the "nerdy" characters. Is that weird?

Joel said...

Grover is #1!

At Zimbabwe, Nano Technology Verification Xeroxes Heaven.

Joel said...

I forgot to tell you to get well! :)

These WVs are getting insane.

Youth's Jester Understands Yonder Rain, Pouring Out Utterly.

AGF said...

Kermit... He had this certain something. :)
I really didn't watch Sesame Street. My mum made me watch Mr. Rogers. His puppets really did some damage to my mental well-being.

AGF said...

And get well!! Enjoy the downtime- if possible! :)

Anonymous said...

It's much nicer to at least be sick on a dreary day. Days like that are made for lying in bed reading, napping, doing crossword puzzles, or whatever. Feel better soon.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Anna, you know I love ya, but I had to laugh at how different our descriptions of being sick are. I haven't napped or done crosswords in bed in like 8 years since I had the kids, and I don't get any special treatment when I am sick.
In fact, AJ got sick today, so my sickness has since evaporated! : )

Anonymous said...

True. Guess I was also thinking of my friends and coworkers who do have kids, but who also have daycare, so when they're home from work they do get to relax some. Believe me, I'm enjoying my time before kids. It will get hectic enough soon, I know. Well, in a few years. When we have kids. Then you can laugh at me because yours will be much more independent and I'll still be changing diapers and chasing after them.