Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Teeny Break

Posting is going to be sporadic at best, nil at worst for the next couple weeks as I will be vacationing on a deserted island with People's Sexiest Man Alive, Matthew McCaughnoy... oh, who the hell cares how to spell his name, anyway?

So, even if the island is equipped with internet access, and all the luxuries, who the hell would want to waste her time when she could be doing whatever she wanted to with the Sexiest Man Alive.

Seriously though, I'm not really going to a deserted island, but you probably already knew that, I was just trying my hand at humor.

How's this for humor... Tukey did the vomit thing, and I'm just sure when it's BitchDoll's turn it's going to be far, far worse than when my darling little boys yakked nicely and quickly, with not too much griping and whining, into the proper receptacles. I can just see BitchDoll (aka Diva) now. She will refuse to let me rubberband her hair and she won't dare let me try to put it behind her ears, she will not want to throw up in the toilet and demand that I get out a crystal bowl, and that I hold the bowl while also placing a cool cloth onto her head while said head is spinning around in circles like the Exorcist chick. I can just see it now.

So, you see why I will be away from the computer for a while. I just like to plan accordingly.

And actually, I really wish I could share with you the truth on where I am going, but my mom is sure that if I tell you, then this is the opportune time for the stalkers and robbers and thieves to come take all my worldly possessions, leaving me with nothing. But, no worries, because I have personally hired five very large scary men to guard my house in the event that any of you terrible people who choose to remain anonymous will attempt to thwart me of all my worldly goods.

On that note, I seriously am taking some time off, going to see what it's like to not be such a slave to the computer, and spend some well-deserved time with my family and friends.

I'm wishing you all some goodness to come your way, and please remember to be thankful for the good that is already in your life, even if you're like me, and the good is that BitchDoll won't get the vomitbug!

See ya soon, and in the meantime, check out those great blogs on my sidebar! Take good care of yourselves! Cheers!


teahouse said...

Hi - visiting your site for the first time to say hellow!

Well, wherever you're going, I hope it's warm with a beach! Have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

Have fun. We all have to head off to Undisclosed Locations from time to time!

her master said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hmm .. or I could give you the generic Happy Holidays! :)

sue never swims with man-eating sharks

J C said...

have a Happy Turkey Day!!

we're gonna miss you so come back soon

tommy said...

Ask Matt what his secret is?

eyes_only4him said...

ok I found you!!

have a good break..and dont stay away for long:)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, sneaking in to say hey. First off, Her master--dude, I'm not going to be away for THAT long!

And Tommy--Who the heck is Matt?

Christina--glad you found me, you coulda just asked! Manic