Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Today I...

Woke up to a vomiting, heaving eight-year-old.

Sent Diva off to school (I think I might start calling her BitchDoll, that has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?)

Helped vomiting, heaving child through some more bouts of vomit (sorry for all the excrement talk, from both ends lately, but this is my life!)

Ate like a huge pig, handfuls and handfuls of teddy grahams and I don't even like them, and the rest of the mac 'n' cheese, and buttered noodles with parmesan, and a Healthy Choice pizza, and ... what else, I know there is more!

Didn't exercise for second day in a row, and I'm feeling the effects of it and feeling like a big blob, but not enough to drag my ass down to the basement to do the treadmill.

Did receive a rejection from an agent, but no mention of blog being a factor, however, as a sidenote, a blogging reader may purchase some of my written articles as reprints for the parenting magazine she is editor of (shout out to Kara!)

Have not, nor do I intend to take a shower today.

Did clean the drawers in Tukey's room because there has been a bin on the floor in there since August, NO LIE, and I know it had to have been driving Hubby crazy(who I will now call "Sleeping With The Enemy Man" --I think you all know how I've mentioned he can be a *little* anal when it comes to clutter in the house).

Tossed old toys, put some away for Goodwill (including the I LOVE YOU Barney doll that made me a little nostalgic, and the La La Telly Tubbie that made me really happy!), and cleaned out the boys' bedroom closet! They can actually PLAY in their room now as there is carpet space available!

Attempted to clean out BitchDoll's closet, but there were so many damned Barbie and Polly Pockets plastic thingies I wasn't sure what I could toss so I threw everything back into the closet.

Worked on my editing job for three hours, feel a sense of accomplishment there.

Did a load of laundry, folded it, have yet to take it upstairs.

Picked up a shitload of beads the kids spilled all over my office, but hey, they were occupied for about ten minutes so should I complain?

Stopped by some of my favorite bloggers and left some comments.

Emptied dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, ran dishwasher.

Made about 18 different items of food for Ajers to eat once he was done with the hacking.

There's more, but I have to get the kids to bed now as Hubby is working late.

Have a great night!


Heather Hansen said...

I'm confused... did your mom say that potential Agents would visit your blog or did an Agent actually visit and reject you because of it?

cubmommy said...

Wow you accomplished a lot. I feel lazy compared to you. I did get the dishes done and did get a shower.

I hope your little one gets to feeling better. Being sick sucks.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Heather--no, my mom thinks I'm going to get murdered. Some anonymous poster thinks I won't get an agent if they read my blog (see previous post and comments from Tukey Talk).

Cubmommy--Ajers is better, and I didn't turn the computer on today until 5:30 and I got sooooo much done. This is an addicting habit!

Zebras Don't Go (to) Parent Teacher's Organizations!

AGF said...


talk about multi-tasking... you really rocked! :)

love great, venture greater, find dreams undying

(okay, so I threw in the comma in my word verification ;))

eatmisery said...

I hope Ajers feels better soon.