Sunday, March 26, 2006

Personal But Who Cares.

Okay, I never, ever talk about my personal life on this blog (ha, yeah right), but I am going to now. So, if you're a relative and don't want to know these things, click on something else pronto:

"Nothing like a case of morning breath to stop an orgasm in its tracks. His, not mine."

That's all I'm saying for now. COme up with your own conculisions, and yes, I had a couple cocktails.


Trabinski said...

I so agree!! Or nothing like waking up to the wonderous sound of no, not birds chirping, or some nice jazz on the radio, but the sound of gas exploding out as if it's been holding it's breath A L L N I G H T L O N G!! nice.

love your musings!! and thanks for stoppin by my blog!!

Kelly said...

You are not alone in that one sister. NOT.ALONE.