Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mommy Break

Yay! I am feeling great today! Had a non-kid day for the most part. Here are the details...

Slept in till about 8:00 a.m.

Got up, went to Weight Watchers to weigh in.

I LOST A WHOPPING 2.2 SINCE WEIGH-IN LAST WEEK! Yahoo! I know writing down everything is key. I have to stick with it.

Traded kids for 1/2 hour each so my neighbor and I could go for separate runs. The weather here is finally SHOUTING SPRING all over the place, and I am loving it. Looking back to January and February, I now realize I am just not a winter person, and that season affected me this year. Glad it's (almost) all over!

Met my good friend S and her good friend S out for lunch. Where we decided to get a bottle of wine. Man, that bottle went down fast; too fast. But it was a great lunch and I had a blast with my best friend from highschool-- we have been through SOOOO much together. Friends like S are irreplaceable! We could laugh forever about the antics of high school and college. Whoa, the memories.

We 'almost' met up at Hugo's (yep, Melanie--that would have been a recipe for disaster!) for an afternoon martini, but it's a good thing we didn't. As it was, I was already running late for the babysitter, and one appletini or key lime martini would have just put me probably in a place I don't need to be on a Thursday afternoon!

Next I hit the salon for some spring cleaning of my own, if you know what I mean. You probably don't though, so I'll tell you. bikiniwax. And I put the little paper undies on BACKWARDS! Well, I think I put them on the right way people are supposed to, but the chick wanted me to put them on THE OTHER WAY in order to make sure everything was even. TMITMITMITMITIMITMIMT... TOO MUCH INFO!

Next I hit B&N where I bought these books:
This one,
this one,
this one,
and this one.

Let me know if you've read any of them and what you think. They were purchased on a whimsical wine buzz.

Now I am back at home with my darling, darling, beautiful, wonderful children who are all outside playing basketball and listening to a CD I made especially for basketball (Pump Up The Jam, Strike It Up, This Love, Fat Boy Slim, DADADA Song, Hollaback Girl, CC Music Factory... you get the picture. They are playing with the two neighbors still in town. We unfortunates who didn't get on a plane to go somewhere exotic, but hey, it's nice and warm here today.

Big Sigh... Ahhhhh. Nice day after a hectic week. How are your Spring Break plans going? Hope well! Oh, and Joel, thanks so much for the song Golden, by Switchfoot. It's awesome!

I'm off to have a Blue Moon. Anyone got an orange slice?


cubmommy said...

Yesterday's weather was awesome. I took the boys out for a walk and we all needed that.

Glad your day was awesome!

I am going to check out the books you bought. I have read The Big Break by Johanna Edwards. I really liked it. Have you read her first one The Next Big Thing? It was great. I like her writing style. Right now I am reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Have you read it? It is awesome so far. I can not put it down.

Have a good weekend!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

It was a beautiful day! I did read The Next Big Thing. I even talked to Johanna Edwards on the phone once because she's on a writer's loop with me, and she was featured in Writer's Digest but she didn't have the copy yet so we spoke on the phone about it. Which book did you like better of hers?

Anonymous said...

Funny - I'm so behind on blog reading, and I finally read yours on a day when you talk about Hugo's! Good decision, not to go there. I haven't read any of the books, but I envy your ability to buy 4 books at once (hardcover, too!). I'm on a book diet right now, which stinks.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey Mel--nope, none of them are hardcover--that's the only way I could afford them this time around!

Yep, I would be 'hurtin' for certain had I had that martini, or five!

cubmommy said...

I liked them both by The Next Big Thing was my favorite. I love reality shows and this was a great look at behind the scene.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss. That's wonderful!

I haven't read any of the books you've listed, though I've heard of all of them but Miss Smartypants, which I may just have to pick up. At the very least, I must go off to find her blog.

Anonymous said...

If you're curious, I found the Mimi Smartypants blog here

xxxx said...

I've always wanted to get a bikini wax, but I'm too scared!

I think I found your 2.2 pounds. They set up shop on my thighs with their friends, 5.3 pounds and 4.7 pounds.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Caryn, is Miss Smarty a know-it-all? I don't know anything about her other than she lives in Chicago and got a book deal.

Swish--LOL on the friends of 2.2! A wax is no biggie, really... well, if you've had kids that is. After that experience, nothing hurts!

Anonymous said...

Um, not popped by in a while so thought I'd throw in my tuppence worth.

Not read any of your books. Currently reading a book by E F Schumacher by the name of "Small is Beautiful". I cannot easily summarise it so, er,here's the description:

First published in 1973, this controversial study looks at the economic structure of the western world in a revolutionary way.
Schumacher maintains that man's current pursuit of profit and progress, which promotes giant organizations and increased
specialization, has in fact resulted in gross economic inefficiency, environmental pollution and inhumane working conditions.
He challenges the doctrine of economic, technological and scientific specialization, and proposes a system of intermediate technology,
based on smaller working units, communal ownership and regional workplaces, utilizing local labour and resources.

Another book, one that left a great impressionon my when I was about 15 is "the Gun" by C.S. Forester. It's set in Napolean's time and is about a bronze "18 pounder" and the toil, hardship and death that befeel those invovled with moving it and it's use in war. The descriptive text is absolutely amzing and the pace is excellent too. I bought the "oldskool" paperback Puffin version published in the 60's. The cover has the price printed on it, 2 and 6p. I firmly believe that if you want to buy a book, check ebay. Far cheaper and then you can resell it if you wish. I do all the time, I'm trying to move away from hoarding things. Oh, I now live in the countryside. When I say countryside, I eman it. One of the cats was eating a young bunny rbbit tonight. Besides that, seeing natures transition from winter to spring is magnificent...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Tobias Dude--good to hear from you. But man, you are way too smart for me, (in a good way of course!) I'll have to check out your blog--hoping you took some pictures of the bunny being eaten.

Thanks for the suggestion of eBay for books. Like you, I am a hoarder of books, and love my collection. One of my life's biggest regrets (and this is way small potatoes) is that when I was 16 moving from the south to up north, I decided to get rid of my book collection of over 400 paperbacks. Man, I would love to have them all back now. Would love to smell the oldness of them. Would love to reread those that moved me...I think the collection will be there when I get to heaven. Cuz that's where I'm going, even though I sneak into movies without paying.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh, currently reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Anyone else read it?

Anonymous said...

I read Perks. It was pretty good. Often compared to Catcher in the Rye. I liked the latter better, but the former was interesting, too. I didn't connect with it as well as with some books simply because I haven't ever been a teenage boy, but it was eye-opening.

Anonymous said...

Hey I had a great time at lunch too! It was great finally seeing you, we should try to do it more often! There is nothing like a friend you have history with and boy do we have a lot of that!! The wine did go down way too fast, to bad we didn't have time for a martini though, that would have topped the day off! Instead I settled for an icednonfatcarmelmachiato.You say I am a clothes hog but you are just as bad as a book hog!

Brian said...

It's good to have a glass of wine before buying anything....even gum. Cuts down on the likelihood of buyer's remorse

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Caryn, I think I'm liking Perks more so than Catcher. So far.

Suedo... at first when I read your 'blog' name I was thinking like Psuedo, but now I know it's SUE DO! HAHAHAH.

Brian--my mom used to get my dad drunk and then take him to the jewelry store. Now that's the way to shop!