Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Date Night

We never have a weekday date, and this is what happens. We to go see Clerks 2.

(Who saw Clerks? You'll only enjoy Clerks 2 if you understand the humor behind Clerks, which is 10 year's old, and mostly viewed while people are stoned or lit-up drunk, not me of course)

So, we're at the movie, laughing hysterically, and then the stupid movie film goes and dies out on us. I was pissed.

But then I think it was payback karma since we movie-hopped Saturday and saw Ant Bully and then Monster House at the buy-one-get-one-free-rate, even though we splurged majorly at the concession stand. And don't get all high-horse on me again about this.

I liken this to people who go to the bookstore and read the magazines or even a whole book for free.

Diet is mediocre. Power walked today and yesterday and it is oppressive heat here. I am not sending anyone their candy until it cools off. I have thought about sending a picture of your choice of chocolate along with some cash to buy your treat... is this okay with you winners?

Oh, and Gloria Jean coffee drinks SUCK. I wasted $3.80 on a vanilla caramel crap drink today. Then went to Starbucks and told them I will never buy Gloria Jean coffee again. Give me the good stuff.

So, this is a stupid post, and you probably shouldn't have even read it, and if you're going to tell me to quit acting like a bitch, then don't bother because everyone who knows me knows I am being any or all of the following, at any point of the day:

Crabby.Bitchy.Pissy.Tired.Grouchy.Sad. Yes, I am Manic.


Anonymous said...

oh dear, I hope it wasn't my post that inspired you to go to GJ's instead of starbucks! Keep on bitching, it's way more fun to read ;)

Steve H said...

hey - i loved clerks and i've seen it many times and never while 'impaired'. wait, what does that say about me...?

cubmommy said...

So does that mean you did not get to finish the movie? Did you get to the disturbing part? Clerks 2 was funny. Monday night on the Independent Film Channel Clerks was on. Such a great movie!

Anonymous said...

Aww hon...we're all entitled to a little bitching now and then especially when it's 1,000 degrees outside.

tommy said...

You're right!!! This is a stupid post:-) ...... Naw, just joking....LOL ....Why so grouchy beautiful????

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

You guys are great!

No Nicola, I only went to GJ's cuz it was the only avail coffee place in the mall, so don't worry, I don't hate ya! LOL.

Hotwire--Isn't Clerks great? I'm so pissed I missed the rest of last night's flick.

Cubmommy--At first I was like, "what disturbing part?" But then I realized you were probably talking about Jay in the 'buff' huh? I guess I'm looking forward to getting back to the movie so I can decipher that one part again! Weird! And yes, disturbing!

Trish--It's 1,001 here! LOL

Tommy--Love your honesty (and that you called me 'beautiful!') That made me smile. Thanks. I'm less of a bitch today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that stinks. I've had movies quit on me before, and it's such a pain. They've always come back on, though. Hope you get a chance to see it again soon.

cubmommy said...

Ok the Jay part was disturbing but that is not what I am talking about. There is more!