Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Spun from a Diet Coke...

I can't drink soda from a can.

I used to call it Coke when I lived in Florida. They'd ask, "What kind of coke do you want?" I'd say, "A Sprite, please." This is how it worked there. In the Midwest, it changed to Pop. Then when we moved East, Pop became Soda, and I had a very hard time saying Soda. Now we're back in the Midwest, and I am slowly reforming back to Pop.

My soda-drink-of-choice is Diet Coke. Until recently, when it was Diet Pepsi. Not sure why this changed.

Before I had my babies, I used to drink one plain Coca Cola right before my period came, and that was a sure sign that my period was coming.

Now, I just get the night sweats a few days before it arrives.

When I power walk with a friend, I have to be on the right.

I hate bras.

I am told I swam before I walked, and I believe them.

I don't put anything on my face, except for Oil of Olay.

I don't wear perfume but will wear scented body cream from Bath & Body Works.

I take four mandatory pills each morning.

I am freckly, and that's one of the things that attracted my husband to me - the freckles on my shoulders he discovered the first night we met, but that's another post for another time.

I am not bothered by crap on the floor, until the stuff really piles up, but I do loathe clutter. How does this make sense?

I enable my children, especially Diva.

I hate sorting socks.

I get satisfaction from tossing old socks into the garbage can.

I will poop in a public restroom if I have to go. Not a problem for me. Would be more of a problem to hold it in, I think.

I need a ton of ice in my beverages, no matter if it's alcoholic or non-alco.

I love frozen margaritas, but hate margaritas on the rocks.

Two appletinis will get me to exactly the perfect place. Of course, I never stop at two.

I only drink milk when it's accompanied by a chocolate chip cookie, cake, a brownie, or a donut, and the drinking apparatus must be glass, it cannot be plastic.

I once ate three cream-filled Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting. I probably drank milk from a glass-glass that day too.

Then I went running.

The thought of drinking milk and eating spaghetti completely grosses me out, repulses me really. I think my sister does this. They just don't match together. Am I right?

I choose breakfast as my least favorite meal of the day, unless I am the precise amount of hungover where I crave a big skillet and some biscuits and gravy. Oh, and a big Diet Coke. (Hey, I could end this post here and we would have come full circle. So I will.)


Jess Riley said...

LOL! Hey, we have some more stuff in common: I wear Oil of Old Age as well, and I use scented lotion instead of perfume. I also hate bras.

My weird soda fact is that I have to swish it around in my mouth before I swallow it, to lessen the carbonation.

Anonymous said...

I am a Diet coke Addict... Okay there I said it.. Now wondering do they have a DCA? (Diet coke Anon)

I too hate bra's, hate sorting socks, have to be on the right for a walk as well,I only use oil of olay,I take two mandatory pills in the morninig, two at night, I too am an Ice freak!! And I am not a breakfast person either!!


violetvirus said...

I hate bras, too...sometimes I wish I could walk around town braless like Karyn did on Brooklyn Bridge(I came across ur blog from Karyn's comments,btw)...but dat'll be almost impossible in a place like Singapore...

Why did someone have to invent them in d first place???

Alli's Mom said...

I have to have real coke, and by coke I mean Coca Cola...can you tell I live in the south?

I will also only drink milk out of a glass.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet other "manic mom's" out there!

Andie said...

diet coke gal here too. no coffee for me.

Also, in my college linguistics class, I did a paper on the semantics of soda, coke, pop, etc. It was funny. My professor got a kick out of it, since he was a "coke" person.

Slackermommy said...

Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is my vice.

Anonymous said...

Very funny post. I grew up in the south, so I can really relate. My husband grew up in South Dakota, so his family thought I was really funny calling everything Coke. Then they laughed at me because of how I say the word "fire."

I am addicted to Diet Coke. I need it to get through a day and I'm not interested in changing this addictive behavior quite yet. The thought is too much to bear. I can give up my sugar, but not my Diet Coke.

pog mo thoin said...

I should buy stock in Diet Coke! Great post. The spaghetti/milk thing is repulsive come to think about it. Thanks for the visual!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the milk thing. The only time I ever drink it is with something gooey, chocolatey, fresh out of the oven-ey.

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

Hi! I've commented on your blog before but it's been awhile. I wanted to comment on your last post. I got that WW email and thought "wow that looks and sounds like Manic Mom" but thought, nah now way! Guess I was right after all!

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

That's "no way..." :)

Anonymous said...

we don't say soda, or pop... mostly fizzy drink or soft drink, or coke, lemonade, fanta, whatever it has to be. I've never been into coke, I maybe have one coke every 6 months or so, dunno why, but I've always been more of a lemonade fan. I don't mind a good glass of milk though, even better is a glass of milk with Milo (google milo, first hit, or ask RR!).
I solve the sock problem by having only 3 pairs of socks and wearing them for at least 2 days each (my feet do not smell! or I wouldn't do this), that way I only need to wash them once a week, and it's harder to lose one sock when you only have 6 to start with! I avoid socks and footwear altogether wherever possible though, I walk through the centre of town in my socks or bare feet (usually because I live 3 minutes away and am just on a quick errand).