Monday, August 28, 2006

Today I Did Not



...power walk

...see sunshine

...yell at the kids

...have any extra kids in my home this afternoon (usually I'm making lunch for six or seven kids on the weekend, so it was relatively quiet)

...think of anything exciting to blog about blogs too much

...spend too much friviously at Target much junk food -- okay, I didn't eat any junk food, but did snake some bowties with butter and parm from the kids and eat a Smart Ones fettucini dinner, and some leftover meatloaf

...feel depressed

...listen to music

...stay dry in the rain that it was raining

...feel badly about my novel

...worry that I would never get published

...spend enough time cuddling with the kids

...feel sad

...wash my face

...use any deodorant

...leave laundry all over the place

...crave chocolate too much a magazine or a book or a newspaper that I received two rejections in the mail

...get whipped cream on my tallnonfatsugarfreevanillalatte

...get my Texas gift in the mail (HINT HINT)

...forget about the winners of the candy contest because I sent chocolate to Princessr9, Katie, and Bear today. I do need to get a whatchamacalit or a carmello to Lori. I need Jenny's (at Mama Drama) address to send her SKOR bars, which I have already scored - and if you don't send it to me soon, I may eat them and then blame you for the Back Fat!

And Monique has kindly offered to forfeit her candy prize so that I may send some soldiers some yummy candy... hmmm, yummy candy for some yummy soldiers who are doing their damndest to keep us safe in the USA, but I ALSO still want to send Monique her chocolate, so email me your address MQ!

...waste my day,
my time,
my energy,
my love,
my thoughts,
my dreams...

It was a good day. Hope yours was too, and that tomorrow is even better than today, especially if you had a particularly crappy day as some are wont to do on a dreary Monday, one that rained tigers and elves all day long (I just didn't feel like using the cliche of 'cats and dogs' and tigers and elves were the first two things that came into my mind. Wonder what that means.

Peace out, good friends, and commenters, and those ever-so-silent-but-much-appreciated lurkers too!

xo Manic


thisbearbites said...

Thank you - for the blessings and prayers as well.

Steve H said...

i love your list - i wish some of them were my list...

Susan Senator said...

You have really connected with something here -- I, too felt a deep resonance with this list, except that my day did not feel happy!

Anonymous Fat Blogger said...

Your day sounds alot like mine! :)

pog mo thoin said...

Great post! Sometimes it is good to think about what is good about your day/life by thinking about the things that did not happen!

Slackermommy said...

Your Monday sounds like mine plus I didn't brush my teeth. Pretty lazy, huh?

I think you're a cool mom too. Sorry about the rejections. I like how you write.

How do I get me some chocolate? What's the contest?

Lady Apple said...

sounds like a great sleepy day! unfortunately, i can't say the same for mine...oh well.

eyes_only4him said...

seems you and I did not do a lot of the same things that day..

rock on you:)

Anonymous said...

So you're trying to give me the back-fat?! Oh hell no! You're getting those skor bars back marked "return to sender". Is there a homeless person you could give them to with my regards? (Unless their pissed about the back fat thing in which case it's all on you.)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Since I did stuff yesterday (Tuesday) today is T. S. D. -- Total Slacker Day.

Jenny--if I must, then I'll sacrifice it and eat the damned Skor bars for you... Or, how about this, the next person who posts a comment here will get the Skor bars, but it has to be here, on this post, and I can only send them in the U.S., so, comment away. And I can't promise what condition they'll be in when they arrive, or even if they'll be half-eaten... the PMS Monster is lurking around the corner!

Helene said...

I had a day similar in nature to yours and agree with Susan that it didnt feel happy. I am definitely feeling like I need to get a life but I am so busy with other peoples #@%* that I dont really have time right now! lol

Hope its a great Wednesday!

cheers! Kate