Monday, September 04, 2006

The Manic Rap

Please don't cry,
please don't frown,
but Manic Mom's
going out of town.

Where she's going, nobody knows,
what's she doing, do you suppose?
Is she drinking, sleeping, or what?
Is she exercising off her butt?

Sunshine, books and sleep when she wants
Away from this keyboard and its fonts.
She'll be back, don't ya worry,
And she'll be in less of a fury.

Cuz relaxing is what she's gonna do
without the Diva, Ajers and Tukey too,
They'll be missed you can bet,
but this is a trip she won't regret.

To a new state where she's never been
And no it ain't Michigan.
Somewhere out toward the West
Is the place where she will rest.

Recharged, relaxed, that's what she'll be,
Maybe she'll write books two and three?
Who the heck knows, why should ya care?
But when she gets back, stories she'll share.

In the meantime, check out the links
To the people who I think don't stinks*.
They're over there, on your right.
Now wish me good luck, on my flight!

Peace out fellow bloggers, readers and lurkers!

*If your blog is not listed on my sidebar, it's only because you haven't asked me to add it, so go ahead, ask.

1 comment:

Steve H said...

have fun, wherever you're going!