Monday, September 04, 2006

Things To Do Tuesday:

1. Buy Jennifer Weiner's book that comes out today.

2. Purchase an iced Ventinonfatsugarfreevanillalattenowhip.

3. Kill two-birds-with-one stone by combining numbers 1 and 2 at beloved B&N, save myself a trip, and 15 minutes of my day.

4. Finish up the last quarter of the amped-up version of 40: where proverbial main character is in tree with snakes, while water breaks, and she goes into labor, but some evil nemesis below is throwing stones at her and her contractions are coming faster and faster, and there's no one there to help get her down from that tree, and now the snakes are crawling all over and getting closer to her, and are you feeling sorry for this character yet?

Do you care what she's up against?

Do you care if she will deliver her baby only to have the snakes unlock their venemous and starving jaws and eat the baby live? If so, then I'm on the right track!

Yeah, I gotta finish it Tuesday. Or die trying.

5. Lose thirty pounds.

6. Send Tukey to his first day of junior kindergarten, and no worries, I will not be crying because of this, only crying because number 5 is unaccomplishable at this point.

But it will be Tukey's third year at this preschool, so he's BMOC, or Big Man on Campus. And forgive me Blogther, for I hath sinned. I did not blog at all about my little Tukey turning FIVE on Saturday. Bad mommy, bad, bad, bad mommy!

There were a couple interesting things to note about the day though, the first being when he awoke, he came into my room, and said, "I don't want to be five. I want to still be four, and your little baby."

Me too, honey, me too. I don't like that my baby is five. Five is harder than 35 was.

And another point in the day, I asked him, as I often ask my kids: "Do you have any questions you want to know about life?"

His answer: "Nope. Everything is perfect."

7. Pack.


BlondeBrony said...

Great post.
If you can figure out how to lose that weight in one day, let me know.

Don't you just love the things that kids say.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey, thanks Brony. I think if I cut off my head, that'll help in two ways; I'll lose the weight, but it wouldn't really matter cuz I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror any more to see the back fat and etc!

Oh, and then I'd have made a huge mess, and be dead, so anyway.


Anonymous said...

How cute about your boy!! :) and if you do figure out how to loose the weight let me know too, and I'll send you a pack of Tim Tams :) .....


Christina said...

Hey Manic Mom!

Good luck on your to-do list, especially #5.

I found your blog through a Yahoo chick lit group that we both belong to.

You're hilarious! I can't wait to read 40 Weeks :)

Enjoy your super-busy day!

Anonymous said...

What are you packing for? Sorry if I missed it somewhere along the way... or if it's a joke and I'm not getting it, lol, that's a definate possibility!

Steve H said...

i was in b&n yesterday, and thoroughly unaware of any new weiner book (somehow i don't think i am a part of her core demographic).

Susan Senator said...

I care about that character! It sounds funny and also suspenseful. You could call the chapter: "Snakes and A (Labor) Pain."

Why two #6's? Where are you going?
I always get a breve misto there. Enjoy!

The Dummy said...

You've got a lot on your plate today! Happy late barfday to Tukey. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ramblin--I think the Tim Tams started this whole downward spiral! LOL. I thought of you yesterday because I was at the store and I saw Reese's. You will forever be my Reese's thought!

Christina--I'm not getting much done today!

Nicola--I'm packing for a nervous breakdown... just kidding. going on a little trip, and I haven't mentioned anything about it yet.

Hotwire--Yeah, I don't think Jen Weiner's books would get you all excited like they do for me!

Susan--You do know the main character's not really in a tree getting attacked by snakes, right? That was just me trying to insert some cracky humor.

And I made a mistake with two number sixes!

Dummy, my pal! Tukey won't have a barfday until he's like 21! LOL.

cubmommy said...

Happy Belated Birthdy to Tukey!

I hope you were able to get the things on your list done.

Have a great mini-vaca.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Okay, okay, I posted on my blog. I will now post every day. How do you do it??? And I love reading yours, it's too funny.

Cutting off your head. Sounds like you're on the same diet I am;))) Not only won't I be able to see myself in a mirror, I won't be able to stuff my face.

By the way, how come your picture isn't on your blog anymore?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Cubmom--thanks for the tukey wishes.

Kari--some freak commented that I looked like a dumb whore, so in order to appease him, I removed my profile info! hahah, I didn't realize the photo disappeared, but I did make my profile unavail for a while since that happened. I mentioned it over at Yahoo Chick briefly today.

CozyMama said...

i love her books!!!!

Heather said...

I think #5 has been on my list for a very long time!