Sunday, March 18, 2007

Can Anybody Say, "Irish Car Bomb?"

Do you know what an Irish Car Bomb is?

I didn't.

Until last night at about, well, actually, when you consider it, I mean until this morning at about 12:15 a.m. That's when I learned what an Irish Car Bomb is.

And I did one. Or drank one. Or slammed one. Whatever you want to say.

It's a shot of Bailey's mixed with Jameson Irish Whiskey dropped into a glass of Guiness and then slammed down the throat while it foams.

And that, my friends, is what did me in. It wasn't the two appletinis, the shot of Goldshlager some dumb idiot blond drunk chick bought us at like 8:30 p.m., it wasn't the four or eight or nine Stoli Os with cranberry and a splash of soda and a wedge of orange. Nope, it was the Irish Car Bomb. No wonder they call 'em Bombs.

I just got up for the day. It's 6:29 P.M.!!!!

OK, so that's not exactly true. I got up once or twice before. But not to puke!! Yay me! I am learning how to handle my liquor at the ripe old age of nearly-but-not-ready-to-admit-it 38! I got up because Friend S, her hubby, and their three kids spent the night so this a.m. was like a slumber party of sorts where we lied/laid/(OK Lied is to not tell the truth... Laid is to... well, what hubby didn't get last night!!!)... So, Friend S and I laid on the couch for a while, picking each other's toes and maybe, possibly tootin' a little bit, cuz that's what kind of friends we are.

Then, we went back to sleep, she and I, in my bed, while the hubbies lay on the couch downstairs watching TV, and the six children ages nine and under ran amuck in the house (and now that I think about it, I was just reading the other day and I think amuck is spelled amock--anyone care to google it for me cuz I'm too tired?).

When I woke up around 11 or so, she was no longer in my bed. I thought they left. I walked out of my room, and there she is in the guest room.

"I thought you left!" I accused.

"YOU SNORE!" she accuses right back. This, from the college roommate who had the CROUP cough for the two years we shared an eight x eight bedroom together.

I didn't deny the snoring.

Anyway, so now it's like nighttime and I'm ready to start my day!

Oh, the second time I got up for the day was when hubby and hubby's friend came home with Portillo's and I stuffed my face with a burger, fries, and the largest vanilla ice cream shake in the state of Illinois.

Then, I went back to bed. And dreamed weird shit.

Like that I lived in a high-rise condo, and it was infiltrated with wild animals and two bears, big ones, came into our condo, and I tried to get the kids out, and Diva was going too slowly, and finally I coerced the bears onto the balcony where I trapped them there. Then the security guy decides the only way to get all the bears out of the condo (cuz I guess the place was crawling with 'em) was for everyone to throw out food from their balconies, and then run down the stairs so then the bears would jump off the balcony to chase the food and die.

And that worked, for the bears. They jumped and died. And I think hubby was asleep in his room, unaware of the Wild Kingdom episode going on right outside. (And now I know why I was dreaming of the animals -- it's cuz Friend S and I watched a little bit of that Mutual of Omaha Animal Kingdom on the Animal Channel today while we were snuggling! Amazing how the mind works!)

But it wasn't just bears. We would try to get back into the building, and the elevator doors would open, and like a lion and a tiger and a giraffe would be in the elevator just waiting. It was a screwed-up dream.

So, that was a glimpse of my St. Patrick's Day. Drinking, a lot of dancing, some more drinking, and a taxi cab drive home where I interrogated the driver: "DO YOU SMOKE???!!"

He looked at me like he wasn't sure how I wanted him to answer so he said, "Yes?"

He told the truth. He smoked. I sniffed into the cab. It kinda smelled like florally.

"Smells OK." I said.

"I have an air filter."

"Good enough for me buddy, now take me home pal. I've had enough."

Gimme a recap of your Green Day. Hope it was cheery, fun, yet safe! And Green. It had to be green. Just like the frog.


KIM :-) said...

Yea, I worked. Not much fun in that. Then I came home and wrestled 2 kids into the tub while my hubby drank his little heart out while roasting a 200# piggy. But, that's ok....I've sworn off drinking for awhile. Oh, and I do know what an Irish Car Bomb is and kudos to you for getting that down (without it coming back up)!! :-)

Alicia said...

Anything with "bomb" in it's name doesn't sound appealing.

Except "Orgasm". That has "Bomb" in it, doesn't it?

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Hmmm, growing up in Boston, being part Irish, and hearing often about IRA bombings makes me want to pass on this drink. Sort of like I'd pass on a "World Trade Center Towers and Tanqueray" martini... We all have our hot buttons. Blown up people is one of mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Irish car bombs are fun, but unfortunately I didn't have one on Saturday. Lines get too long here in San Diego, and I don't like my beer THAT much to be waiting outside for an hour just for a cold one. We stayed indoors and kept safe from the streets and watched Stranger Than Fiction (it was great).

btw Steph, what do you think about hosting the Blog-Wide Workout and being the new captain? You come highly recommended from some team members, including me.

Jenster said...

Oh My Gosh! After all that you're still alive?? LOL!!

My St. Patrick's Day was just another day except for the green shamrocks taped to the front door to let the other neighbors know we'd already been visited by the leprechaun. Not even a pint of Guinness in the hizouse and too icy to drive to the store. :o(

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I don't even like Guiness.

And DD, I love you but No... No.... Nooo... I can't!!

I was just invited to join my 20TH REUNION COMMITTEE, which is akin to getting asked to the prom, WHICH I DIDN'T GET ASKED TO THE PROM 20 YEARS AGO!!! So, I regretfully must decline your invitation. Plus, we all know I am hoping for a two-book, high-five figure book deal which will inevitably come flying my way, leaving me absolutely no time for my family, my working out, my eating, my life... but you know what? I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT TO HAPPEN!!!

Besides, can't you still be the Blogwide Workout Guy? You've got the bod for it anyway! : )

The Dummy said...

You could totally do it steph! You've been such a superstar with the program ever since day one, with numbers that have far exceeded mine for pretty much every week! Plus everyone loves you and knows you. You're one of the best, which is why I thought I'd ask. Please think about it once more. I'm asking because there's some complications that are compelling me conclude the BWW entirely, and you're the best person I can think of for this. That's why.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

DD--here's what we'll do... we can do an online blog comparison of our abs, and the one with the six-pack gets to be in charge of BWW!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

And I'm not talking six pack of Guinness! LOL.

The Dummy said...

LOL! You'd win totally. With all this pasta I've been eating lately, I'd give even Fat Bastard a good run for his money.

So you'll do it, right? :D

Stephanie J. Blake said...

My hubby and I snuck out at 9 pm while our 3 kids were watching a movie. We went to a favorite dive bar only 3 miles away for some green beers. It was packed. here was a great band! We danced! We actually danced! I can't resist "Brown-Eyed Girl."

We totally expected to get home and YOU KNOW, (make out in the driveway at least), but we got a call from our 15 yo at a few minutes before midnight. The 4 yo wouldn't go to sleep without us. We turned into pumpkins and came home. Our 4 yo slept between us ALL night.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

DD -- Nope. :Q (and that's an emoticon with me sticking my tongue out at ya!

Colorado--I LOVE BROWN-EYED GIRL. I think only brown-eyed girls love that song though. We danced to AC/DCs Big Balls, no lie. Also, Thriller. Whoa.

Sorry you got no YOU KNOW WHAT.

The Dummy said...

All right, it was worth a try. thank for thinking about it.

Jenster said...

I used to be Hubby's Brown Eyed Girl - except my eye have some green to them so I'm more of a diarrhea brown, if you will. Whatever. I still love the song.

Then we had a real, honest-to-goodness brown eyed girl and she took the honor from me. But that's okay 'cause she's so dang cute! And that's the ringtone I have on my cellphone for her.

xxxx said...

Why is there no GREEN-EYED girl?!?!

I love these stories. That sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!!

Anonymous said...

If I drank that I would spew for sure

Lo said...

Swishy - what about Green Eyed Lady?

MM - you are one seriously hip broad. Big Balls?? I haven't heard that song since...well okay I requested it at my wedding...but I remember being 8 in 1979 and not having a clue what it was about, I mean really - a song about big rubber balls? I thought it was about dodgeball for gods sake...glad you had a kick ass St. Pat's!

We stayed home, got a buzz and watched Mutual of Omaha - yahooo!! I did see bears, but was really impressed with the hippos.

Brenda said...

Ha! This is a riot to read! I recently had a weird dream, but it involved Linda Howard, not Wild Kingdom.

TTQ said...

Yeah your night sounds like my life for 10 years straight.....But damn I made good money and could outdrink any customer in the bar.

BamaGirl said...

Man, that's a crazy night! I like knowing that someday I won't be alone with a baby on every holiday. Maybe someday I will actually get to go out to bars again. Someday...

domestic_valerie said...

I did what came naturally...cooked an authentic Irish dinner (lamb and potatoes and salmon quiche and cauliflower and salad and Irish soda bread and cheese, well I didn't cook the cheese, and a Guinness chocolate cake with Irish coffee ganache) and DRANK DRANK DRANK (Red wine, Guinness, Murphy's Red, and 1/2 a bottle between the four of us of Irish whiskey in the comfort of my own home so that the little angel could sleep while the parents partied. All the way to 1:30AM which is a record these days. Thank the lord she slept in to 10:00 AM.

BTW, my brother, who is staying with us which is why I know this, had 10 (!) Irish Car Bombs and lived to tell about it. Of course, he's under 30, so, whatever.

Can you tell I've already been into the wine for this evening? Leftovers...

Monnik said...

Wow, Manic, sounds like a good time! I've never had one of those Irish Car Bombs. I can't do shots, I puke too easily. (I'm a serious lightweight)

Our St. Patrick's celebration was pretty tame, but fun. We danced too! To Loveshack, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, and a bunch of other old, odd songs that are good to drunk dance to.