Friday, March 09, 2007

6 AM?!?! WTF??

Good morning!

So, today is a day where I would be able to sleep in -- same as yesterday -- because the kids have parent/teacher conferences so there was no school today and yesterday. But it's 6 AM and I'm up. WHY!?!? I could sleep for another two hours if I wanted to. I already threatened the kids last night with the "Don't wake me up unless there's blood" rule, and told them to eat whatever they could forage until I got up. Boy, will they be surprised when they come down and see me up.

And yesterday... whew... after yesterday, I should be sleeping. No school for the older kids, so Diva had a sleepover with a non-poop-on-toothbrush neighbor girl here at our house, while my little Tukey slept over at his buddy's house -- one of his first sleepovers! I missed the little guy. I need to figure out how to do YouTube because he does this facial gesture like the bear Boog in Open Season where he raises his eyebrows and makes each move separately and it is just hysterical. I told him last night when I tucked him in, "If I'm ever yelling at you, and you want to make me laugh, all you have to do is that with your eyebrows and I will crack up."

Wait. Did I just tell him how to get out of being in trouble. Stupid mom, stupid mom.

Back to yesterday... so, sleepover's are over and Diva's friend is still here and then poop-friend's mom calls, and I've already decided I love poop-friend's mom and I will not tell what happened until the girls are like 18 and we're all sitting around and then I'll bring it up and by then, we'll probably all laugh. Anyway, she needed someone to watch PF, which I am not referring to her as that anymore, because if you knew this little girl, you too would fall in love with her, so now I will refer to her as Diva's BF. So I said to have her come over.

Now, I've got five kids crawling around the house, and I sneak up to my room and actually watch a little bit of Oprah. Which, I could, if I wanted to, watch Oprah every day of my life, but I just don't. So I did, and it was kinda luxurious, and kinda sneaky, hiding out in my room while five children ran amuck in the house.

I hear they are cutting and taping, and I yell out to them, "Don't put any tape on the walls!"

Here is where I wish my camera would have cooperated because I did take a picture of their 'masterpiece' but can't upload the photos right now, and the only instruction book I can find are the French and Spanish ones! They created paper chains and hung them all from the top of the stairs down into the foyer. It looks like someone decorated for a party. There was scrap paper everywhere and strips of paper just hanging all over the place.

I'm not taking them down. They're kinda neat. I need to figure out my camera.

So, later on, I take the girl who slept over home, I took Tukey to preschool, I took Ajers to his friend's house, who calls himself, so cutely, 'THE ENFORCER.' And I take Diva's BF with me to the health club where I do a quick workout while she's in the play area.

Sidenote: I did a strength training class on Wed that kicked my A$$!!! So much so that when I tell you about how I took the kids to bowling later and bought them fries, I was trying to pump out the ketchup from the dispenser and I couldn't do it because the place in my body where there should be abs was K I L L I N G ME. I seriously could not use my left hand to pump out ketchup because the 'wheretheabsshouldbespot' was killing! That is either incredibly sad, or either something awesome that I should be doing to my body daily.

After the gym, it was just Diva's BF and me, so I figured I would set the record straight about the little incident.

"Did you know Diva was grounded?"


"Do you know why she was grounded?"

"Uh huh."

"That's never going to happen again, is it?"


"And you're lucky I'm so cool and I'm not going to tell your mom."

But you can bet I will be refreshing their memories anytime one of them act up in my presence.

So, not sure if it was the best way to handle, but, and especially after hearing all of YOUR poop stories, well, they're seven-year-old kids and they didn't go outside and gut a squirrel and then make Tukey eat it or anything like that. And, the toothbrush, it was confirmed, never made it THANK GOD into Tukey's mouth.

Then Diva's BF proceeded to talk my ear off and eat a whole container of fruit with me when we got home.

Next up -- pick up Tukey from school, pick up Diva from the party (where I forgot to mention, before the party, she wipes out on the sidewalk and scrapes her face to a bloody pulp, and her knee, and required two bandaids for her face, one for her leg, and of course, she's Drama Queen, and looked like she either just got into a really bad fight, or had kiddie-plastic-surgery)... pick up ANOTHER of Diva's friend's, and then Ajers and the Enforcer.

Can ya count 'em? Six kids.

The ratio was six kids to one parent.

Know what I did?

I took 'em all bowling.

And then to McDonald's new rockin' play area where they ran and jumped and screamed and played hide-and-seek, and ate fries where the dispenser there was much easier to pump, and guzzled water cuz I already spent too much $$ at bowling, and chased each other and had a great time for like an hour and a half.


Today on tap: I'm deserving a yoga class. Then I've got parent / teacher conferences, a book fair, Tukey to school, then I'll probably take them swimming.

Do you wonder why I call myself Manic Mom?

And finally, of course, I'm saving THE BEST for last! Stop over at BBFF Swishy to wish her the happiest birthday ever!

Have a great birthday Swish, and everyone else, if it's your birthday too, happy birthday to you, and have a great weekend!

Peace UP!


Jenster said...

You've GOT TO love those awesome play places at McDonald's. When my kids were younger that was a regular stop during the summer when I really needed a break. It was great! I could take a book, read, watch, sip, read, watch, sip, etc. Ahhhhh....

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Holy cow, you tire me out just reading your post. Whew!!!

Monnik said...

Holy Smokes. That sounds like an exhausting day.

They have a full week of school next week, right? :)

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Sheesh! I felt like SuperMom for taking my age 2 and 4 yo boys to Walmart (I never take the 2 yo because he is evil) and letting them get whatever they wanted...PeterPan and Monster House on DVD, new shovels, rakes, hoe and pails for the sandbox (which is not covered in snow for the 1st time since Nov.), NOT sugarless bubblegum tape, LaffyTaffy. We all had pizza for dinner and watched movies until 9pm--(the 15 yo included) then because Daddy is on a trip, I let all of them sleep with me. The 2 yo was bonking me on the head all night with his sippy cup saying, MORE JU-e-OOCE!

You are 100-up on me!

Frannie Farmer said...

You must be the absolute most hip cool rockin' mom on your blog. I bet all of the kids want to play at Manic's house ... and well the moms too!
6 kids = brave.

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

OMG! I need a nap!! Or a drink... not sure which.

What a day you had!

xxxx said...

THANK YOU!!! You're the bestest best of the best!

You are seriously the coolest mom on the planet. I will never be that cool.

cubmommy said...

You are an awesome and brave mom. I could never do that. I was exhausted just reading your post. Wow, your kids are lucky!