Thursday, May 17, 2007

4:36 A.M. Random-Can't-Sleep Recap

Hubby got up to pee and woke me up.

I went pee then.

Birds are chirping. Too freaking loudly. Or is it loud?

Then felt the urge to Blog in order to shut my mind off so I can have two more hours of sleep.

Diva’s tooth, still intact.

Detox-7 seems to be working, aside from a killer headache on Day 2. Bark fiber drink seems to go down better with some Oreo chasers immediately following.

It was a long matchstick that clogged the toilet. No further problems.

I’m hungry right now.

Diva ate cashews yesterday – a MAJOR breakthrough – voluntary PROTEIN!

These were the winners of the CD contest; as promised, they all received personalized CDs according to what I knew of them, or what I think I know about them --
Rusty Nails

My Cold Stone Creamery Mother’s Day choice: cake batter with hot fudge, caramel and brownies.
Jenster won that prize.

I’m typing with one eye closed because it’s kinda bright (the screen) and it’s bothersome.

As I believe in The Secret,
I am positive 40 Weeks will be published some day.

Puncture wound healing nicely.

Wonder-Neighbor no longer worried that I’m suicidal.

Hubby refused to wear this on Mother’s Day. He said, “Not for nothing, but it’s kinda catty.”

Haven't had a Starbucks fix since last Friday.

Not missing it. Or the money that it takes to sustain such an addiction.

Second novel progressing very nicely.

Had an awesome walnut, pear, blue cheese salad yesterday.

Shrek the Third comes out this weekend.

Swam laps at the club yesterday instead of the Strength Training program. Hoping to be incredibly sore when I wake up for real today.

I have been a Blake Lewis fan since I first saw the cutie and he beat-boxed. He reminds me of an ex-boyfriend – the hair and the smile, not the beat-box or singing part, or the tattoos, so I guess he doesn’t really remind me of an ex-boyfriend. But, at this point, I would say it’s anyone’s guess as to who will win the title. Jordin is amazing.

The Manic family is getting tickets to the American Idol tour. Diva will freak out when she sees Sanjaya (ewww) singing on a stage in front of her.

Talked to Swish on the phone yesterday. Had to call her cuz the Tegan and Sara song reminds me of her.

Still typing with one eye closed – can you guess which one?

Those birds at 4:46 A.M. have got something going on. They are screeching outside.

Read this incredible book recently: Twisted. Young adult, but not for children.

Am reading this one currently; has lots of familiar references as I went to high school in that town. I wonder if the author is an alum there? He must be.

I am feeling like James Blunt right about now.

Mind is clear.

And am going back to bed to spoon Hubby, who I think I want to rename Mr. Manic.


Anonymous said...

Glad your puncture wound is getting better. I know I shouldn't be amused by your mishap, but I did crack a smile while reading your post yesterday =]

I want to try that Detox 7 stuff. But I'm afraid my body will shut down in defiance!!! lol

Matt said...

totally unrelated: saw this today and for some reason, i think you'll like it.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Cool Matt, I am officially the ruler of the Universe as of right this millisecond!

TTQ said...

I've been getting up at 4 if I don't go to bed at 4 ..but I have managed to take mioni naps once I lay back down.. It weird I'm wide awake but there is no place to go at that time of day..

Beth said...

I hope you were able to go back to sleep and get a little rest! I ususally can't when I wake up that early.

Beth said...

I hope you were able to go back to sleep and get a little rest! I ususally can't when I wake up that early.

Sally T said...

I hope you slept better after that. My hubby had a habit of getting up in the middle of the night to pee as well. If he wakes me I lay there telling myself I don't want to go but eventually after probably half an hour of so I have to give in and then I wonder why I didn't just get up in the first place!

Alicia said...

Right eye was closed, oreos CAN'T be a part of the detox plan, Diva's tooth is STILL THERE?! What the shiz?
I love my cd, cakebatter icecream will give you food poisoning from Coldstone... so it might not just be the matchstick clogging the toilet, sanjaya is creepy, birds SUCK for chirping at 4 something in the AM, Starbucks is an evil corporation that sucks too much money from my bank account, we're going to see Shrek the Third tomorrow, Blake Lewis is cute, Jordin Sparks reminds me of a friend from highschool, Chris and I don't spoon in bed... we FORK.

Get it?
FORK, like F*CK!
I love utensil humor.

Okay, I'm tired now from writing this!
I'm going to Starbucks.
Maybe a latte will perk me up.

See ya,

Frannie Farmer said...

Wow, you are far more articulate than I am at 4:36am .. or well, ever!
Heartbreakers is reading Downers Grover, I keep trying to steal it but she's quicker than I am!

Kate said...

Urgh. Insomnia. But you make it seem so silly and fun, kind of like college all-nighters with your friends, complete with coffee and junk food.

Yay for swimming! It's such an amazing whole body workout and it's great for clearing your mind. Plus, I suspect you don't get much quiet in your life otherwise.

Jenster said...

I like Laurie Halse Anderson and have wanted to read "Twisted". I guess I need to bump it up on my list.

Jen (who is thinking long and hard about what exactly she's going to get at Cold Stone!!!!)

xxxx said...

And I looooooved talking to my Manic!

DJ Kirkby said...

Why, oh why, did you have a long matchstick in your toilet in the first place?!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Prefacing this comment with "I'm a little buzzed because I just hosted my 20th high school reunion committee meeting at my house and it's now almost 1 AM:

ttq: I am exhausted.
Beth: I did go back to sleep but those dang birds.
Sally T: I do the same thing when I think about peeing in bed, not that I THINK about peeing IN bed, but think about peeing while I am lying in bed, then I feel like I better just get up and do it because if I don't I will never go back to sleep. This is right, right?

ALicia--Yes, it was the right eye, but tonight I noticed I was typing with the left eye closed. I must be an equal opportunitist. I doubt Oreos and the bottle of wine I darnk tonight is doing much for the detox program. YES, tooth is still there. Hey, if I get food poisoning from cake batter ice cream, will I lose weight? No, it was definitely the match stick, and for DJ--haven't you ever heard of lighting a match after a toilet experience to get rid of the smell? Well, 'someone' in the Manic house used a four-inch wooden matchstick. YES. Sanjaya is a Michael Jackson wanna-be, no offense to those who like MJ, but come on, he is C R E E P Y! no sTArbucks for a week. Tell me how Shrek turns out. Blake is hot. Jordin is cute. someone tonight said she will win because she will get all the melinda doolittle votes, which I think is a correct assumption. Glad someone is getting FORKED in bed. and yes, you had me cracking up at your comment!

Jenster--definitely check out Twisted. I read SPEAK, and now I want to read all the rest of her novels, even PROM, which I did not go to, but that's a whole 'nother story in inself, and also I was going to CSC today to get your certificate, but life got in the way. Will go this weekend.

Swish, I love you too.

DJ, see above about the match.

Peace Up!

Angel said...

Diva STILL has that tooth in her mouth?!!

I hate when I have to get up and pee, cuz then I can never go back to sleep.

I LOVE Blake! I once dated a guy named Blacke but he didn't look anything like Blacke. He had a metal plate in his head.

I'm going back to bed.

Jenster said...

I'm in no rush, Manic. I'm just excited I get it. AND Swishy's CD. How good is it to be me??

Besides, I'm still working on the perfect concoction. I'm very indecisive and need time to work it all out. LOL

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Beth, was his name really Blacke or was it a 6 a.m. thing when you were typing?

Jenster--I think Swish and I should make you take a phote of you, listening to your CD while eating your concoction! And then we'll post it!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

I'm the kind of person who looks over the mix-ins and in the end gets plain sweet cream ice cream at Coldstone. I really like to sneak an Oreo McFlurry or Hot Fudge sundae from time to time. Do you like Mickey D's French fries dipped in ice cream or am I nuts? WTF?

I pee in the night. My husband pees in the night. Our kids get up to play musical beds with us in the night. The paper hits the driveway with a WHAP around 4:25 A.M. My neighbor starts his loud truck at 6 on the dot and lets it run forever before he leaves. My neighbor lady and said husband talk at the end of the driveway until I shut the window and wave. My oldest leaves the house late and runs down the sidewalk towards the bus at 6:40. I give in and get up at 7 because I think about the coffee in the carafe.

Can't believe that tooth is still there. Glad you didn't cut your thumb off. Keep writing. Thanks for the CD and I think I might take the kids to Shrek 3 tonight.

Oh ya, MM, the summaries on my blog are finished novels. Scary, huh! FORGIVING DAD was my 2nd attempt....and 1st completed. It probably sucks, but an agent has a partial.

If anyone deserves ice cream, it's Jenster!!!!!!!!!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Steph Colorado Writer... I would not shut the window and wave. I would first tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP, then flip them off, THEN shut the window!

March2theSea said...

Hey Manic..lurker to your site but wanted to shove you one direction music wise. I do a music blog (fridays) and I think you may dig this weeks artist.

check it out if you want

I was going to email you outside of a comment but didn't see a link. Sorry for the shameless plug but you mention needing something new to listen to now and then and I think you may like her. I have mp3's w/each weeks artist and some times a full live concert too to download.


Patti said...

no coffee?! is this right? if so, you are a brave, or degranged lady. seriously, none?

Jenster said...

Jenster--I think Swish and I should make you take a phote of you, listening to your CD while eating your concoction! And then we'll post it!

Hmmm.... I'll have to figure out how to do that airbrush thing or else superimpose the headphones and ice cream over an older, pre-steroid picture of me...

Then again, I could just hire a model and you'd never know...

Stephanie J. Blake said...

MM, Our neighbor lady is kind of crotchety. She'd pass out if I flipped her off. And hubby is one of those annoying morning people.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

March - Hey, I'm ALLLL about the shameless plug, and that wasn't obnoxious or anything at all-in fact, I appreciate it. I will check it out and hope others do too!

BTW, if you look under VIEW MY COMPLETE FILE, my email is there. I think. Or on my main web site. Or... hmmm... maybe I am more anonymous than I think I am. Which would be kinda cool.

Anyway, thanks!

And Jenster, no need to airbrush/photoshop whatever. I am sure you are beautiful!

Patti--ONE WEEK TODAY, NO COFFEE. Not missing it. And counted the $$ in my wallet. I'm filthy RICH!

Rusty Nails said...

Excellent all inclusive update. I can't believe the TOOTH is still there. I can't believe you've gone without a latte' fix.

I liked the mom's day shirt. I would've wore it. Must convince SO (significant other) to find one for me.

Have a SUPER GREAT weekend!

Kirsten said...

I feel like a dirty old lady due to the massive crush I have on Blake. Tattoos and all.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Still no coffee.... It's 3:45 p.m. I hadn't intentionally "gone off the brew" but it just kind of happened when I started that Detox stuff, which by the way, the Bark drink mixture is really good with the already-made-in-a-gallon chocolate milk!

Rusty--Shirt from Target.

Kirsten--It's not like Blake's 'dirty-hot' but there's something about him that makes me think, "Ooh, what I'd like to do to THAT boy!"

Anonymous said...

Wow - way to go on giving up the Starbucks. I can't kick that habit even if it is too pricey to sustain. Wishing you better sleep... I use Tylenol PM on nights like that. said...

Pretty helpful data, lots of thanks for your post.