Sunday, October 28, 2007

Wii Public Service Message & More

But first, some Manic Mommy housekeeping stuff:

You’re probably wondering, and yes, Hubby did do yoga, and he was pretty good at it, even though I was better. And I’m not just saying that cuz he doesn’t read this! BTW, can you imagine knowing your spouse writes practically EVERYTHING on her blog, but you’ve got no interest in reading it? I’m kinda glad. If he read this every day, I might censor myself much, much more than I already do! Anyway, during the class, I kept thinking how cool it was for him to do something for me because he knew it was something I enjoy. It was kind of an aphrodisiac, and really, I swelled with extra love for him.

Kind of like that book, Porn for Women, the things that turn us on are completely different than the things that turn them on! Do yoga with us! Fold the laundry! Pick up your freaking towel off the floor! Ooh baby, do it to me!

Back on track here…

Thanks to everyone who sent Happy Birthday Wishes to Ajers. He had a great 10th birthday, and is loving his new Nano iPod. Speaking of the iPod, let’s talk electronics and Christmas.

When I was on my venture to find the iPod for AJ, I had called Target and reached customer service. When I asked for Electronics (so I could inquire about the iPod), the woman at customer service asked me, “Are you calling about the Nintendo Wii?”

“No, I’m calling about the iPod, but what’s up with the Wii? Why would I be asking about the Wii?”

“Well,” she explained, “We’re currently out of stock but will be getting another shipment in on Sunday.”

I never think this far in advance of Christmas, especially just coming off Tukey’s birthday in September, and AJer’s birthday two days ago, but when I heard the woman’s voice, I could tell the Wii was still a big deal.

And, I had already planned to get the kids the Wii for Christmas.

So, I began doing some research and understood that the Wii is still really popular, and stores get in just a small supply every now and then, like the trickling effect, and supply and demand, they only give out a few so the demand is still there and everyone wants one.

I had to get me a Wii. And I knew I had to do it fast, or else I’d have weeping children on Christmas day. Now, I don’t really care much about weeping children not getting what they want on Christmas, except for when they weep, it makes me weep, and scream, and yell, and want to bite my own head off. That, my friends, does not put me in the Christmas spirit.

I discovered that people line up for the Wii, still, and NOW even though Christmas is practically still two months away. Shit. I called a couple Best Buys, I talked to Wii owners, I scouted out Target. Some employees were elusive saying, “We can’t tell you if we’re getting the Wii yet, you’ll just have to look in your Sunday paper to see.” Like nanny-nanny-boo-boo, I know Wii info and you don’t. Other employees would just flat-out lie, “We’re not getting any in.” I can see why they’d say this—why cause more angst and commotion by actually telling the consumers what items they will be receiving.

I came up with a game plan.

I would get that frickin’ Wii if it killed me.

I have been cashing and saving all my work checks (thank YOU BZ! You’re paying for my kids’ Christmas!), and had a wad of cash stuck, come on, guess where I hid it? Of course it was in an envelope all the way in the back of the underwear drawer. How clever.

I set my alarm this morning for 7 AM. You KNOW I do not wake before 9:30 on the weekends. But, I got up, and by 7:30 I was in the car headed to Target. I saw a couple dad-looking guys standing in the area by the locked front doors, and thought about just sitting in my car to wait until 8:00. Fortunately, I rethought that idea, got out, and joined the four guys.



It was like wii were talking in code!

“Is it still as popular as ever?”


The dudes standing there, who were just customers, not employees, informed me that I was number FIVE. Hey, I was OK with this, because they HAVE to get at least five Wii systems in a shipment, right?

By the time the doors were unlocked at 8:00, there were 21 of us waiting for the dang Wii. I got in, got in line and waited for the Wii Nazi… Ha, couldn’t resist that little reference to pop culture, right? Right!

Got my Wii, got an extra controller, got the service plan, got an extra game, and then I asked the lady about the Nintendo DS. “Are the DS game thingies still really popular?”

Her eyes bulged out. “Oh yes! Very.”


“OK, got any?”

I picked up two of them for Diva and Tukey, grabbed some other electronic paraphernalia and was hyperventilating the whole time, thinking, “Oh my God, this is too much money. This is so much money for a little bit of stuff.” I was thinking of how many poor children I could feed with this amount of money, and I seriously was getting worked up over it. I was feeling guilty that they don’t need so much crap, that they have enough, and then I was also thinking, “I want them to be happy. I want them to have whatever they want because I love them so much.”

Does this make me an idiot of a mom? Am I raising them to expect to receive everything? They already know whenever they walk into Target, it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll get a Slurpee. When we go to the grocery store, it’s pretty much a guarantee they’ll get a donut.

Am I raising ungrateful children who are going to take everything for granted and not appreciate having to work for something?

See, this is not what I had originally planned to write about. The guilt of them having everything they want. The fear that they will become ungrateful people of society, expecting to get and have and never want and need. The fear they will never know what it is to want. Because I think it’s good to feel the need to want. To always just expect that it’ll be there, whatever it is, is not the best thing.

I don’t know. I’m conflicted here. On the one hand, I’m grateful to be able to give them these things, and really, when you take the Wii, and know it is for three children (and possibly two adults!), that makes it a little less extravagant, don’t you think? One gift for three kids. A gift that will light up their eyes. A gift that will keep ‘em in the basement so I can get more work done to pay for the next big thing that they’re going to eventually want and ask for and get. See, it’s like a vicious circle now.

I just want them to grow up and be thankful for what they have. To know that it’s not like this everywhere, and sometimes they’re going to have to be disappointed in life, to appreciate when the good things come their way.

But not this Christmas.

Because I got the Wii, I got the Wii!

And this is really a public service message to any of you who are thinking you might get the Wii for your family this Christmas, because if there were 21 of us camping out to get this product TWO MONTHS before Christmas, I don’t even want to think of what shopping will be like after Thanksgiving! At least I can rest easy knowing that the major bulk of Christmas for my kids is handled! Now, if I can only make sure they’re not going to grow up to be ungrateful beasts!

Have your kids started making their lists yet?


AutoSysGene said...

Holy crap, 21 people waiting for Wii? Still, at this point? I didn't realize it was such a big deal.

We got our Wii right after it came out last year, I think it was quite by accident. My hubby was at the right place at the right time.

So, score for you, good shopping, mom!! Getting out of bed before 7:30 now that's devotion.

KATE said...

Good job grabbing that when you did! We're getting the kids one too, but my cousin works at Sams Club, so he can get it for us. Hopefully anyway...
You're such a good mom running out in the early morning (that is very early at my house too) Good Job!

Cecily R said...

Uh, my kids started making lists in March. That is largely because in March both of their birthdays have past. Whenever they ask for something my classic answer is "Maybe for your birthday or for Christmas". Once the birthdays are over, Christmas is the holiday of choice because it's closer.

Isaac is getting a DS this year. Are you saying I better get the sucker now? Really? Ah man, now I'm stressed.

I worry about the whole, am I raising naughty ungrateful kids too. I hope it isn't happening, because frankly, getting them presents is the highlight of my Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Well I'd say you were a sucker for falling for their marketing but I'm a mum too and you have to balance the impact of kids turning into sporn of the devil v knowing you're falling for a marketing ploy. Good call Manic!

Anyway, if they don't use the DS thingamies (you can tell I'm really into this can't you?) because they're Wii-ing you can flog them on Ebay...and put the money into the Next Big Thing.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say, the BEST thing we ever bought our girls was a HUGE trampoline with a safety cage.

Anonymous said...

I finished christmas shopping last month so if they have other things on a list the are SOL .... I can't believe the Wii 's are so popular!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oh! Hey there Ramble!!! Long time no see! Hope you are well! And say hi to Amanda, who's from Australia too! (Pretty sure you are, right Amanda?)...

Cec--I agree, my highlight of CHristmas is seeing the joy in their eyes!

ANyway, they have the DS thing kind of bundled now where you can get a red one, with a carrying case, and an extra game for $149. Diva had asked for a pink one, but to get the extra stuff, I figure she can deal with a red one.

ANd guess what? I was in such a shopping-get-it-over-with mood today, I went back to Target, and bought all my nieces and nephews their Christmas gifts... AND I WRAPPED THEM ALL ALREADY!

Who rocks?

I rock!

JRE Writes said...

funny, my husband doesn't read my blog either. I could NEVER not read his if he had one.

Great job getting your kids what they want! I don't think it's about how many things they get or don't get, but the lessons you teach them along the way.

TTQ said...

Screw the kids, I'm already writing MY list out. (kidding about the kids, we don't have any)

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

This is exactly how MY brain works when I am on a buying binge for my kids!
My oldest son would LOVE a Wii but he should already be in rehab for the amount of time he wants to be on his I forbid the Wii!
Bad Mommy, I guess, huh?

Eileen said...

We got a Wii a few months ago. I love that thing. LOVE IT. Play the boxing game with your husband. It is a good thing.

Cecily R said...

Oh my gosh if I already bought all those Christmas presents they would all so get them by Thanksgiving! I can't wait to give presents so usually I have to shop late. Shop early=give early. Shop late=give on time.

Oh, and I Wiied for the first time tonight at my brother's Holy cow I want a Wii...the boxing game is so much fun and I got a great workout! They are coming out with a workout game apparently. I'd so be there!

KATE said...

You DO ROCK Manic! You're my HERO!

Anonymous said...

The good news is you're gonna like the Wii. My wife and I play with the kids a lot. The sports games are a lot of fun.

The bad news is that by the time you get all the extra stuff that you really need (nunchuck controller attachments, recharger base/batteries for the controllers, etc.) you're talking serious $$$. I keep asking myself if my parents spoiled me like this...

By the way, I finally caught up with your blog from the reunion...

'Tex' - DGN '87

Michelle said...

I am SO glad my kids aren't old enough to know what a Wii is!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! I'm so glad Hailey is too little for that stuff yet.

Of course, my husband on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Manic, I'm not an Aussie! Guess again....

Anonymous said...

You are just about the coolest Mom ever.

My wife - bless her - got up at 4 a.m. with me last November, waited in cold and slight rain until 8 p.m. when they finally let us in the building... and made us wait even longer. But then we got it and Zelda.

Of course, we had to search for 3 months straight to find a second controller for it, but it was so worth it...

Plus, even with accessories, it's still cheaper than an X-box or PS3. Tip on the controllers - look for a game called "Wii Play." It is almost as good as Wii Sports and it comes with the second controller.

Kate said...

(yup, a different Kate)
so this is what my mom would do (and my dad does with my step bros) tell them all the way before christmas that it is expensive and extravegant and play up how greateful they shoudl be for what they have, have them help others by donating old toys, etc. then watch them open the wii and such on chrismtas morning. they will appreciate and be AMAZED that they got it. and grow up to be happy productive citizens that know if you work for what you want you can have it :)

Tanya said...

My husband and I put a Wii on our wedding registry. (none of our family / friends love us that much). They are good exercise. I know he wants one, but I keep telling him we can get one when they have it in HD.

He doesn't read my blog either, which makes me happy. I mean he could if he wanted, but its nice to have the public privacy you get in internet land.

stephhale said...


You did the right thing buying the Wii. I still have serious issues about the year I didn't get a Cabbage Patch Kid. :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Steph--so funny cuz I got my niece a CABBAGE PATCH DOLL YESTERDAY for Christmas too!

And Primaris--I DID get that Wii Play thing yesterday too, for the extra controller!

I'm so glad everyone is making me feel better about the gift I bought! thanks!

Matchbox Mom said...

good job, Manic.
I'm proud of you!! wii is so hard to get, and YOU DID IT!!
I am buying my gifts in Disneyland this parents are taking us, so I figure we'll get them a couple of things while we're there. I'm sure i'll hear "I want THAT!" At least a hundred times, so i'll just get them something and have it sent to the front and then give it to them Christmas morning. I'm a slacker.


Stephanie J. Blake said...

You rock MM!

My kids are going through the big Toys R Us book which was in Sunday's paper.

My oldest reminds me of the Christmas when he wanted a limited edition silver Buzz Lightyear. In 1995 or whatever...and I couldn't find one no matter where I went. He got the regular one. He'll never let me forget it.

Now, he's wanting the Wii. I keep saying NO WAY! We have 2 other rugrats to buy for you know?

I might get it this year and have it be a total secret. I might double wrap it in a bigger box so he never suspects. We'll see how big Hubby's bonus is this time.

Last time we were at Gamestop there were 3 Wii's in stock. I guess maybe I better go get one.

Thanks for the Public Service Announcement.

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Ps. My husband said NO TOYS this year because the kids break everything in two minutes.

kay said...

you do rock!!

11 yr old wants guitar hero. not a wii. (which i thought was weird but whatever guitar hero is cheaper!)

4 year old only wants to play his brothers DS. hopefully i can wait a few years to get him one of his own. however he does want EVERY SINGLE THING HE SEES ON EVERY COMMERCIAL!!! and i have to hear about them all. hurry up Christmas so the commercials will be over!

Andie said...

we got a wii this summer... and we had to call all of the gaming places every day for like 3 months. Finally, one day we popped into a game stop and got one.

BTW, we don't have kids...

and we LOVE ours. SO SO MUCH FUN!

the boxing game gives you a great workout, too!

Matt said...

Wii... Guitar Hero... both are awesome.

NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Things that rock:



Manic, did all 21 people in line get a Wii?

I bought my son one last year and I played it all the way through Christmas vacation. Great fun!

Oh, BTW, yes you are spoiling your kids. I can tell because I already ruined mine the same way. :(

I have a 21 year old living at home. Yeah, I'm that guy. :( {blush}

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Actually, a couple of the people in line were waiting for the Guitar Hero, so everyone who wanted a Wii got a Wii that day!