Friday, February 15, 2008

MY Funny Valentine

Some Blog-housecleaning stuff regarding the contest: The final post of contestants will go up on Sunday and we've got the most entrants EVER this week! BUT, if you are feeling the pull to donate, (especially with the recent news of killings at my alma mater, NIU, perhaps you might find it in your heart to donate) YOU have until Sunday to send me a photo of you donating and your information to be included in the contest!

Here's another thing I'd like you to weigh in on: HOW should the winner be chosen? It's got to be random. NOT A POPULARITY contest. BUT, who should choose the winner? I can't. Should I let a random blog lurker do it? I've got some ideas, but it will take some time to figure out. Should I assign a random number and just draw one? Should we divvy up the cash prize and award TWO or THREE prizes or just give away ONE prize?

It's your contest, to those of you who donated, please consider commenting on this subject! I need to know what you think!


So, apparently, Mr. Manic "flows like a teenager!"


That's what my good friend Tammy over at Heartland Blood Center said last night when he and I went for our Valentine's Date! He flows like a teenager stings like a bee! My new motto for him! Ha!

His flowage was so good that Tammy was able to separate his white blood cells from the red blood cells to use his blood specifically for cancer patients! YAY Mr. Manic!

Here are some pictures, and then a little bit of Manic Poetry.

Here's Mr. Manic with adorable gals Jaime and Tammy! Tammy's the one who wooed me back in January!

Mr. Manic, looking all serious.



All I Wanted for Valentine's Day

I didn't want chocolate, a backrub, or wine,

I didn't want flowers or jewelry so fine.

A pint of his blood was all that I'd need.

He did not even have to take me to feed.

The gift from this husband to his needy wife

Was quite plain simply the generous gift of life.

Best Valentine Present EVER!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ya know one thing that makes me nuts about the lottery is ONE person wins hundreds of millions, why does it happen like that? why cant 100 people win a million instead of 1 winning 100 million??? seems to me spreading the LOVE around to several would be way cooler than all to one but thats just me.

Cool deal mr manic i was beginning to wonder if you have chickend out on us!

As for how to draw or choose a winner Kids always LOVE being involved, let them draw a name or names from the proverbial hat.

anyway thats my take on the subject and no matter who wins the contest there are so many out there who are winning the HUGE prize THE GIFT OF LIFE and they have you to thank for MOTIVATING many to get out and "just do it!"
Love n hugs
Laura ~peach~

Unknown said...

Yay Mr. Manic! What a sweetie!

House of Jules said...

You guys are so adorable!!! Also, Mr. Manic is a hottie. Rawr! Go Steph! ;)
House of Jules

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Aw, just look at you guys, all coordinated in Valentine colors. Sweet.

I agree with peach - I vote for several smaller prizes.

Moll said...

What a great date. You guys are a hot couple too! Although I did not enter the contest (bad, Rebecca!) I think you should have 2 or 3 prizes - spread the love around. Just my two pints. :)

Kalynne Pudner said...

Hurray for Mr. Manic! And you, my dear, look fabulous! (*Kicking myself for those 126 points of fine chocolate and Gruet champagne last night...*)

Paulita said...

What a great idea. You make me feel all selfish. I'd better donate blood while I'm not running and don't have that excuse. It makes me too tired for the long runs when I donate blood.

kay said...

so sweet!!! and i love that you both had on your v-day colors!

i agree with peach on letting the kids be the ones that choose. i know they enjoy that!

Eileen said...

Mr. Manic is a hottie. Especially when he is a bit woozy from blood loss- easier to chase that way.

lilypotter said...

Yay for Mr. Manic! What a nice husband you've got there! I also like the idea of letting the kids pick and I think 2 or 3 winners is better than 1, but since I didn't participate I'm not really sure it'a my place to say. Just thought I'd add my 2 cents. (I did want to participate, but a medical condition made it impossible. I should be cleared to donate soon, though, and when I am I'll be sure to let you know!)

Kelli said...

What a great vday present, since he didnt do it a couple weeks ago. There isnt anything better than that that he could have given you. Way to go Mr MANic

Tanya said...

Thats a cute poem.

Its neat that you got Mr. Manic to donate.

Split up the prize, so more people can win.

What was the final number of entrants?

Robin said...

Good choice of a Valentine--Roses are red, Blood is red....

I can make the decision easy -PICK ME!!!

(I am just kidding, really. But you could pick me... I mean I am joking, right?...(wink))

Cat said...

i agree with peach - just WHO needs 100 million? give a million to a hundred people. having said that, i think you should pick ONE winner (just kidding!)... seriously pick a couple, and random draw with by the kids works for me too :)

whether i win or not, i've really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. thanks for sharing a bit of your life and philosophy. LOVE it!

AutoSysGene said...

Nice...glad he donated..Joe never did make it over there for me. He's been hanging out on the couch all week after he hurt his back shoveling.

I planned to put all the names on a piece of paper in a hat and have Hope pull the name for my blog.

Amy said...

I just like that shirt!

Melisa Wells said...

What fun! It feels like I was just at that place on Tuesday!

Oh wait, I was! :)

Did you scrape off Mr. Manic's car? LOL

CLH said...

I've been unable to donate blood every time I tried, either due to popping up preggers, not knowing a newly inked tattoo would disqualify me, and last time, I had some strange liver infection after we got back from Spain, which they thought might be hepatitis but turns out it wasn't. So I'll judge your contest, if you want me to! Just holla, sista!

Kate said...

What a fantastic Valentine's present! Go, Mr. Manic!

And I agree--he's a hottie. Go Manic!

Suburban Correspondent said...

However you want to do it, Manic...but isn't there some sort of randomizer that selects the number for you? I've seen it mentioned on other blogs. Otherwise, write everyone's name on a strip of paper, throw them into a bowl, and pick one!

xxxx said...

LOVE Mr. Manic! OK, not that I have a say, but I think 1st, 2nd and 3rd would be good! Maybe first gets 50 percent, second gets 30 percent and third gets 20 percent ... but I don't know what would separate one from the other if it's random. So maybe all equal!

Jules said...

Hi Manic!

First, thank you so much for holding this contest. It has encouraged so many to do a really good thing, even though some of us have NEEDLE PHOBIA issues. (hand waving in the air here)

I would like to vote letting your kiddies pick the winner(s) and for spitting the prize up several ways. There were so many wonderful people that unselfishly gave of themselves, so why not spread the rewards around too?

Thanks again... you ROCK!

Sauntering Soul said...

I'm in agreement with everyone else who says a few prizes and letting the kiddies pick names.

Thanks again for organizing and keeping up with all of us bleeders!

Anonymous said...

what about giving no prizes and donating the prize to the blood bank to hold thier own contest?? Or how about donating it to a random person and perhaps taking a picture of thier joy that way everyone wins seeing the joy on peoples faces???


Unknown said...

I like Swishy's idea of the 50/30/20 split. I think you should print out all the pictures, go to the vampires I mean blood bank and have them pick the 3 they like best. If you don't want to waste the ink of the pics then put the names in a hat and get one of the vampires to pick out 3 names 1st out gets the 50 then well you are smart enough to figure that rest of one out.
As for Mr. Manic finally giving up his pint that's a great plan! Did he know where you were going or did you blindside him? Congratulations and the free cookies after the donation gets you out of the box of chocolate buying, maybe I can try this plan next year!

Val said...

I with everyone else...divy up the prize and put names in a hat and have the kids pick.
Very coooool shirt!

Billie Wages said...

Way to go, Mr. Manic!! So very proud of you! The real he-man thing to do. You know, I've been keeping my husband up-to-date with everything, but never thought to send him out. Next time I will.

Manic, sorry to you on the NIU shooting. I understand what it means to you. Just throw yourself deeply into the blood drive; that will help.

Ragdoll Billie on the Road to Remission

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...








Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Love the photos of Mr. Manic! Mmmm, hunky!

Amanda said...

Well, me and Hot-Hubby don't "do" valentines as we think it's a bit of a swizz these days. This year I made an exception and bought marmite with champagne - yes champagne - in it in a heart shape jar! Champagne brekkies all the way for us - no expense spared!!

Cecily R said...

Way to bleed Mr. Manic!!!

Oh, and I say let one of the people at your blood bank choose the winner. Seems fitting enough.

Kate said...

Marmite and champagne? Oh. My. =)

Anonymous said...

I'm with the idea of more people getting prizes than just one person.

Also, you could assign every one a number and go to so that it is all official and stuff.

Amanda said...

Hey Manic, why don't you get the blood bank people to draw it and contact your local paper to cover The Grand Draw and get even MORE publicity for the cause? Specially as you mentioned an annual element creeping in there...