Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Shhh.... This is CONFIDENTIAL!

Contests and Self-Promotion and a GREAT NEW WEBSITE!

So, let’s see…

Yesterday, there was an anonymous comment that I shouldn’t have let bother me but it kind of did, and for me to be posting about it just means that the anonymous commenter wins a little bit because really, the reason an anonymous poster posts is to try to get a reaction from the writer, to get a rise out of the person she is ‘attacking’ for lack of a better word, even though it wasn’t really an attack, more like an aggravation, or a nudge, a bug bite.

And I feel justified in talking about this here because this anonymous poster is no longer a Manic Mommy reader, because she told me so, but come on, if you posted something anonymously and said, “Hey, you’ve just lost a reader!” does that mean you’re never really going to come back to that blog?

Or would you be just a little bit vain and sneak back just to see if the blogger would be inclined to write about you? Hmmm… I kind of think anonymous commenters get a teeny little thrill knowing they’ve stirred something inside of someone else. What do you all think? She stirred me baby!

This commenter didn’t really say anything mean, and she was probably justified, maybe. She said she was tired of me self promoting and holding all of these contests. Here, I’ll tell you exactly what she said in a minute. I’m pretty sure it’s a SHE anyway. Just my guess, because currently, I have like three men readers, and I doubt Martini or Mylhibug or Jeff would go all anon on me because of a contest I was holding?

Anon wrote this:

Contests Contests Contests... Self Promotion Self Promotion....

Frankly I've had enough... you've just lost a reader!!

Wonder why all your old readers have gone??

She’s got an incredibly valid point though, right? I mean come on! What right do I have in the blogosphere to hold contests? How ignorant of me! Why should I be giving away free stuff? That’s just really presumptuous of me and I should stop it really soon. It's very ignorant and rude, just flat-out stupid for me to think that anyone would want something fun and free!

And the self-promoting! What the heck is THAT all about? On a BLOG for crying out loud? A PERSONAL BLOG? The nerve!

Well, I’m not going to stop doing that. I started this blog 3½ freaking years ago, when I had NOT ONE SINGLE reader, and I didn’t know what I was doing, or didn’t know what an HTML was, and youtube didn’t exist, and itunes probaby didn’t exist either, in fact, we probably still had CASSETTES for cripes sake, and I had no clue about anything.

But I have learned all of this stuff. I have met AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING people through blogging, and SELF-PROMOTING, and I am doing this in the hopes of someday becoming an author, and so why the hell not?

Why should I apologize or stop self-promoting if I’m doing something I believe in, doing something I love to do, and if I’m also helping people along the way, and if maybe I’m also, I don’t know, maybe helping to spearhead a BLOOD DRIVE where we all band together and save OVER 100 LIVES!?!?!? OK, maybe I’ll stop all of this. Because one anonymous poster doesn’t like what I’m doing.

I feel like Simon Cowell. Insert cute English accent here:


And I feel really good about saying that to you, Anon. (Mostly because I am certain you’re not coming back to Manic Mommy because you said you are not coming back.)

So, the contests stay, and I’ll do them when I want to do them.

Here’s another thing. Big time author, Jennifer Weiner, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, Jennifer Weiner, must believe in the power of the BLOG if she’s having her publicity team go out and find blogs to help promote her books, right?

She’s not even doing a major book tour for Certain Girls! She’s doing a Virtual Book Tour, and having her fans promote her books. So, there’s something to be said for that. So, the contest is still running, and the winners will be announced on Friday, so you all have until Thursday night to enter, so go ahead and enter away. Who knows, maybe even Anon put in her real name and entered too. I wouldn't put it past her. Who wouldn't want a free Jennifer Weiner book!?

Now, for more on the Self-Promotion Front.

Because of this blog and because I’ve met wonderful people through it, I’ve been given a fun opportunity as Manic Mommy to do a Q&A column on a terrific new website:

It's for all women in all life stages and with all sorts of interests for women ages 25-49 ... relevant, irreverent, newsy ... it's a great place to connect and share!

Also, if you've always had something to say, and were never sure where to get started in this writing game, is always looking for great new contributors, and you can contact Julie at to learn how to write for them. Cuz I know you've all got something important to say! Even you, ANON! : ) has all sorts of fun sections that cover topics such as:

Kissing Frogs
Navigating a Career
Shaping a Marriage
Raising Kids
Finding You

Under the sidebar, you'll find some GUILTY PLEASURES such as the fabulous Debbie from What Would Debbie Do? where she's got great advice on being married or not being married and dating and other life stuff, and then there's also the Hot Men of Ask Real Guys where you can send a message to these real live hotties and they will answer YOUR quesions about men (even if it has to do with, ahem, you know, like penis size and stuff!)

And then, here's where the self-promotion shit comes in, so you can just skip this if you're tired of it, okay! There's Just Another Manic Mommy where you can stop by and read my first Q&A column, and you'll see I should heed my own advice in the first place when it came to Miss Anon. Not to take the garbage other people try to dump on people. To just shake it off, tell 'em thanks, but you don't want their dirt. Oh wait! I think I just did!

Peace UP!


AutoSysGene said...

I have a saying "if it's free it's for me." Keep up the of these times I might even win!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute:

You're promoting YOURSELF.

You're not a paid shill promoting a MegaloMediaConglomoCorp.

You're not defaming public figures by taking quotations, video or pictures out of context.

You're not promoting a political agenda or endorsing/attacking candidates for public office.

You are actually GIVING STUFF AWAY with no expectation of financial return.

Nope. Completely unacceptable! You have failed to maintain the minimum level of cynicism expected of a blogger! I expect increased output of muckraking, sleaze and general selling out or I AM TUNING OUT FOR GOOD!!!

;-) Peace

A. Nony, M.S.

justme said...

just for that...i am doing a book giveaway !!!! please come visit my blog...promote promote promote !!!

Martini said...

Fantastic post today! You do a great job. I'm happy to know I am one of three male readers on your self promoting blog :)

BTW...I left my email address and I think I fit into ......
"and then there's also the Hot Men of Ask Real Guys where you can send a message to these real live hotties and they will answer YOUR quesions about men (even if it has to do with, ahem, you know, like penis size and stuff!)".

Feel free to ask away!

Keep up the great blog.
I'm here for you Manic!

Amanda said...

Do you feel better now? That was one big niggle! How about a column called "Manic Rants Again" and we can all use it to go off on one as and when the time arises. It'll be like therapy only cheaper.

Luvya like ya are Manic!!

Tracey said...

Yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about it there, MM. There is so much more to be gained by putting yourself out there than by not. I've learned that from you. I've also been introduced to some great other Moms and authors and blogoshere resources. It's a great way to connect.

As far as contests go, keep 'em. How can anyone object to getting shit for free? Seriously?

Love your stuff, don't change a thing--except maybe to turn off anonymous posters. ;)

B. said...

You said it, Manic, you can do whatever you want on your PERSONAL blog.

Cecily R said...

Whatever. They would be singing a different tune if they ever won.

Do what you want. Blogs are all a form of self promotion anyway...if Anon has one, she/he is part of the group...

Senor Beavis said...

While I've had a handful of helpful ones, anonymous commenters can generally suck it. It's like they're just too cool to be part of a community but at the same time want to tell you it sucks without having the guts to attach any sort of name, even just a random assortment of characters, to their opinion. It's generally a cowardly way to go about things. If you don't like it, you don't like it. But at least stand up and say so.

OK, off soapbox now.

Monnik said...

haha. self promotion on a blog.

how freaking absurd!


3carnations said...

Anon wonders where your readers have gone? You got 74 comments on that post. I'd say you still have a steady stream of visitors.

Oh, and it drives me NUTS when anonymous commenters say snippy things. Be brave and use your anonymous blogging name for goodness' sakes.

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

Still LOVIN' your Contest-running-self-promoting BUTT!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yay for contests staying! they rock! and ill still keep coming back with or without contests :)

Cat said...

ok-just gotta say: it's YOUR blog. say/write what you want. if readers decide it's not their 'bag' then they'll move on :) LOVE your blatant self promotion and excessive contests however :)

Cat said...

oh, yeah, LOVE amanda's idea: oHow about a column called "Manic Rants Again" and we can all use it to go off on one as and when the time arises. It'll be like therapy only cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Your blog, your rules. Just ignore the haters ;)

Anonymous said...

Tell Anon that sour grapes become sweeter when baked in a humble pie.

Irene said...

Crazy. Sorry, but I usually lurk on your blog. But I just had to come out of lurkdom to ask - Why do these people feel such a need to leave nasty "I'm leaving" comments?

I just don't get it. Your blog, you do what you want. If I get turned off by a blog, I just stop reading.

People are strange...why do they care so much? Oh, I know, they have NO life.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Oops... I've just written 2 posts in a row where I've blatantly asked readers to leave their comments about the post. I suppose that could be considered "self-comment promoting."

I suppose I've lost her as a reader too. :-(

morninglight mama said...

Manic, you go! The whole point of this thing called blog is to say whatever YOU want to say in YOUR space. And readers can choose to come and read it, or lo and behold, they can leave. Anonymous shouldn't even be an option, imho. It's too damn easy for people to say nasty things in an online forum, and then if they don't have to have any type of identity, it seems to be too tempting to lose all social graces. I for one LOVE to read your blog- thanks for sharing your contests AND your self-promotion.

Tanya said...

I think that person is a wuss, its not fair to make a comment like that, but not leave a name. Its not like you have to have a blogger account to comment. If I knew where her blog was I wouldn't read it anymore either. ;)

I really wonder about people sometimes. I like your contests and thing blogs are great. I LIKE hearing about other people's lives.

Gretchen said...

I love FREE stuff! Keep it up!

Mom said...

If she has left good riddance if not you should kick her sorry butt to the curb what a mean and nasty thing to write does she even have a clue about the good you have done with some of you contests/giveaways!

So won't like me because I posted a giveaway today as well!

Sammie said...

my partner reads too, just doesnt post. He thinks i dont know lol but its always in last visited when i get on. He sees me chucklin away i think.

it's your blog, you do what the humpy pump you like! if one person doesnt like it, then tough nitty bitties! they shouldnt be so boring.

Maybe if they were as fun to read, have intresting comps which inspire everyone to do great things and spread a little happiness, then they would have a blog and actually post with a name rather than anon.

some people need to grow up, we love you as you are manic, dont change!!!

Suburban Correspondent said...

You are an author already - just not a published one...

And the blood drive was an excellent idea. Hey - I got a free T-shirt out of it.

MaBunny said...

Woot! Go Manic!!!! I love your blog and think you are great!! Especially since we have started communicating via rl e-mail and you introduced me to my newest author that I'm reading!! I am having a blast reading Sleeping With Ward Clever.

I love your contests and am just about to launch my own on my 100th post which is real soon since I'm on my 91st!!

Hell yeah sista! Keep promoting yourself , hello thats what blogs are for sometimes.

Keep up the good work!


Kate said...

Here's my question: Who are these "old" readers? Why are they so special? Am I inferior because I am a "new" reader? I'm going to take my toys and go home now.

Here's another thought: if anon quits reading, that's one less person in the contest and increases my chances of winning!

But, wait, stop sending me candy and t-shirts and Target gift cards! I hate them. I definitely don't want you to send me a book. No!

Jenster said...

I think I might quit coming here if you stop doing contests and self promotions.

Nah! I'll still hang out here 'cause you're just plain fun!!!

Anon sounds like a loser.

Just sayin'.

Dim said...

I'm a dude who reads your stuff too and I think anon needs to chill.

I've seen how many comments you get on your posts, so I highly doubt you are losing all your old readers.

Hell, if I lost one reader, that would decrease my viewership by like 33% so I can't afford to self-promote, I guess!

But the way I see it..good riddance to people who don't appreciate what you do. Just keep doing it!

- D.

I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

Hey girlie, Please stop by my blog and vote for me on my semblance of sanity's photo contest. I wanna win the contest! Thanks. Heather

P.S. Cool that you met Jennifer Weiner. I love her books.

Unknown said...

Your a writer you are writing about what makes you happy and you wish to share that. In a way you are your own Mini Oprah, just without the millions of dollars. Like Oprah if someone doesn't like you they can avoid you, it's not like when a celebrity gets thrown in jail and it's everywhere, your one person and we as readers have the choice to read or not! Do what you want, I may not like everything but I am waiting for the car giveaway! I want to be in the audience when that happens!

Michelle said...

It's all good, Manic. You do what you like, and people who like it (like us) will find you and appreciate it. Be a duck (let the water slide off your back)!

People, I don't get, but I'm with you that the person (and I am still of the opinion it was a guy, oddly) that whoever it was had a really bad day and just wanted to rattle you and piss you off.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Shut up Kate. You're not a new reader!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

HA HA HA HA HA... love this post... I think Manic you have som eIdea how I feel about you and your crazy contests... even we not won I would still LOVE LOVE LOVE IT... if you self promote then please keep it up cause YOU are WHO and WHY I keep coming to this blog :-)
grins... Hugs ... Dreams of the day I have 1/3 of the readers and comments hat you have LOL.
Laura ~peach~

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

DONNA! You crack me up! I wish I had a car to give you!!!! SO laughing right now!

Tonya Staab said...

Anon can kiss my big ole butt. She left but you got me does that make you feel better :)

Seems to me like a case of the little green monster making an appearance. Obviously anon has nothing better to do with their time than make disparaging remarks about others ... and of course is lame enough to post them as anonymous.

KATE said...

You're cracking me up!

Mom said...

Thanks for your comment Manic, You rock!!!!!!

cubmommy said...

I was basically going to say the same thing senor beavis said.

Own your opinions never hide.

Mama Smurf said...

I have a SERIOUS Oprah obsession. I love Oprah, I love her show, I love her magazine, I love her new give away, I just think she's an incredible person ...but I have a friend who's husband can't stand her because...and I quote..."she's too self prophetizing (Forgive me if that's misspelled). To which I respond...who the hell CARES! She has every right to be self prophetizing. She does such amazing things in her life. So you go ahead girl...promote, promote, promote!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Manic for President!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Col--did you NOT see my post on how politically challenged I am? I CANNOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

Plus, I HAVE inhaled!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Did you really inhale or do you just think you did?

Is that kind of like eating the mushrooms only because they were in the scrambled eggs?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Yes. Really inhaled.

But never ate mushrooms. OR scrambled eggs.

Stephanie J. Blake said...


And Brad will always LOVE Jennifer.

My Two Army Brats said...

I love your attitude! Keep it up I like free stuff! And I like that you promote other blogs and websites! I love the shirts I bought from they came today. And if I don't win a book I have a list started for some good night time reading.....clear out the bad thoughts before sleep.

Keep it up, you're awesome!


My Two Army Brats said...

OH and I can't stand how your virtual blood drive inspired me enough to add a mobile blood drive to our Relay For Life kick off in April. Shame on you for helping people all over the country. Those dying people wouldn't want the blood if they knew it came at the expense of someone self promoting AND giving away free stuff! Unbelievable! Work on being selfish would ya?

Seriously though.....come on its YOUR blog, yep freedom of speech and I'm pretty sure it says somewhere freedom to give away stuff and do contests!


Dawn said...

I hate people like that. "Buh bye, Anonymous. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out."

Kelli said...

Your one of the first blogs I started reading. Dont stop what your doing, it makes my life seem a bit more fun, not so small (my 4 walls) and I just plain love you. You Rock and say it just as it is. And contests are fun (I dont have time for reading books these days with two little ones, but will again one day) and self you said....ITS a blog! she had a bad day and took it out on you. I vote shake it off and move on in the same direction.

Anonymous said...

All Ms. Anon's posting means is that Manic Mommy can manage to be controversial even though she's a also a sweetie pie. That's a good thing! Especially for your blog, as the evidence suggests.

This person's criticism is completely nonsensical, and she's clearly mad about something else --- maybe that her life sucks in general, who knows? You were just the punching bag for the moment.

BTW, Manic, I haven't yet had a chance to thank you for your wonderful responses to my Top Five Best and Worst reasons for writing a novel! You really make me feel like I'm not talking to a black hole with this whole blogging thing.

If you feel inclined, I encourage you to host a contest for your readers to come up with the best Top Five list for writing a novel, with prizes for the best "Best" list and best "Worst" list. I'll help judge! I'd organize it myself, but I don't have your contest-hosting clout.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Yes Jim, but do you have the prizes? Hee hee!

Thanks for reassuring me on the punching bag gal!

Texasholly said...

The nerve of YOU doing what YOU want on YOUR blog. The funny thing is that post probably ADDED a few readers. Ha.

Billie Wages said...

Hey Manic, that blood drive rocked across America, right into my hospital room! Way KOOL! New to blogging, I am wanting to learn more of "what you do" and especially the self promote!! Ha! Ha!

Wish I could have seen this contest or I would have entered it if for no other reason than to promote my blog. Nah, joking. Would have loved the book because I'm gonna be able to read books again thanks to blood donations!!!!

Keep on keeping on girl! With you all the way!!

BTW, tomorrow, the 31st will be our 46th anniversary!

Ragdoll Billie