Friday, March 14, 2008


Apparently, today, March 14, is also known as Steak and a BJ Day, in some strange male circles in the world. I am aghast and completely opposed to this disgusting and foul holiday some dumb men are trying to get recognized.

I mean come on, we already have Sweetest Day and Valentine's Day--what more do they want!??!!? So, I am calling out the troops and implementing IT'S MY DAY day!

This personally offends not only me, but Mr. Manic as well, because I did ask him, you know! Neither of us could believe that some ignorant men are trying to pawn March 14 off as Steak and a BJ Day! (This is truly one of the ultimate joys of knowing your husband does not read your blog! I can make him say ANYTHING I WANT! It really is MY DAY!)

I bring to you yet ANOTHER Manic Mommy contest.

Let's switch this around a bit, shall we? Since the premise behind Steak and a BJ Day is every man’s dream day, his perfect evening, his "IT'S MY DAY" moment, well, not gonna happen here my friends.

For the record, when I first heard of this appalling ‘holiday,’ (thanks to Michelle at Honest and Truly) I thought AT LEAST the guy was buying dinner for the girl before the ‘main event!’


So for all you women out there who balk at the idea of “Steak and a BJ Day,” I bring you the Manic Mommy IT’S MY DAY contest. Because, when it COMES right down to it, isn’t it all about us anyway?

Remember my IT’S MY DAY t-shirt?

Well, you can win one of these snazzy little tees, or another one of your choice from this great company, Jen’s Ideas!

I LOVE these t-shirts! They send such a positive message, and you just feel good wearing them! People see you wearing them and it actually makes THEM smile! Why not wear something that makes YOU happy, and makes other people happy too!? WHY NOT!? It's WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Steak and a BJ Day! Duh.

Tell me what you would do on YOUR PERFECT DAY. Forget about those things men want … IT’S YOUR DAY! The gals over at Jen’s Ideas will pick the winner, and you’ll then get to choose a t-shirt of your choice from their fabulous selection on their website!

So leave a comment, MAKING SURE TO LEAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS ALSO SO I CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU ARE THE WINNER!!!! Make it unique and fun, but get your answers in by Tuesday midnight and a winner will be announced on Wednesday sometime!


Melisa Wells said... Perfect Day.

Sleeping late...but not TOO late, because I don't want to "waste" my Perfect Day! I wake up feeling better rested than I have in a decade.

I would get out of bed and have birds and other small woodland animals bring me my clothing a'la Cinderella, and then go to the kitchen to find not only a delightfully great-tasting and low-calorie breakfast waiting for me but also a clean kitchen.

My sons sit at the table blinking sweetly at me. They are dressed, have brushed their teeth AND put on deoderant: yay! My husband gazes adoringly at me and says, "You just have fun today. We're going outside to ride our bikes."

Wait. Maybe you don't want this much detail. I should just use it for a post on MY OWN blog. LOL.

Here's the shorthand version of the rest of the day.

*My dog behaves perfectly and doesn't cause trouble in the house.
*I take about 3 hours to write (No writer's block, of course), and get some amazing progress going on the article I'm working on.
*I lunch with a friend, but then leave right after that so I can enjoy more "alone time".
*I take a 20 minute power nap.
*I write some more.
*My family takes me out to dinner.
*I get into my pajamas early and play some kind of board game with my family (Like "Risk") where there is lively conversation and fun galore.
*I snuggle up on the couch with my husband and watch The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson before retiring for the evening, hoping that I could have another Perfect Day tomorrow!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Manic is clucking her tongue and shaking her head back and forth in utter shock and dismay at Melisa's unseemingly UNPERFECT DAY...


Blasphemy. True blasphemy.

Martini said...

Is a guy able to participate?

Martini said...

Kidding. However, I would take the girls modeling the shirts. :)

Laura Paxton said...

The PERFECT day....

Sleep until I want to get up.

Breakfast in bed...flavored coffee, with a bagel and cream cheese.

The children already gone to school so they aren't messing up my perfect morning.

A hair and makeup appointment with the awesome folks at What Not to Wear.

Lunch out at a cute bistro with my friends from across the country.

Come home to a clean house, loving husband, happy kids who are NOT fighting, and dinner (HEALTHY!) is already on the table.

A fun evening with the kids (homework all finished), some snuggling with the husband, a glass of wine, some blogging, and bed when I want to...not before.

Shannon said...

My perfect day...
Sleep late, of course!
Served breakfast in bed!
Spend the rest of the day pampered and loved without having to lift one finger to clean up any more nasty bodily fluid. (been a tough week!)
When the day is eventually over...I walk around my home and notice that the entire house has been cleaned, the laundry is all done and someone has even done all the errands including grocery shopping. Which ends up giving me 2 perfect days...since I have no work to do the next day either!

Kate said...

*Wake up at 8, not 5:30
*Hot breakfast is waiting for me on the counter downstairs
*Dog has asked "Dad" to let her out
*No school today so I can go to the library and hang out in the sun for a while
*Cleaning ladies come and clean the house from top to bottom
*To the mall with someone else's money to buy some dresses and shoes
*Coffee and pastries at the mall
*Followed by a long lunch with girlfriends
*Afternoon spent reading in the sunshine in my living room or the deck
*Walk the dog. If -I- want.
*Go for sushi with hubby
*Read on the couch until the Daily Show comes on (in this fantasy can it come on early?)
*Cuddling in bed at 9.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

MARTINI--of course a guy can participate! But your day is already LAID out for you--steak and a bj right?

COME up with something a little more unique--let's hear it!

Robin said...

My idea of a perfect day is -- I open my email and I have FINALLY WON a contest of Manic Mommy's.

And in the prize package she mails me, the tiara from her very head accidentally drops in and also becomes MINE, MINE, MINE.

You can send your stalker separately, if that would be better.

Unknown said...

Hmmm, let me see. I have so much going through my mind right now. Do I get just ONE day? I really do deserve a few, back to back ya know.

I get up early (I'm a morning person). I turn up my favorite dance CD while I make my coffee. I can have the stereo as loud as I want without any one saying a word or turning it down. I get dressed, get my beautiful black horse ready and ride along the waves breaking on the shore. When I'm finished riding, I lay on the beach while the cabana boy answers and performs my every beck and call. I read a great book (one like Unpredictable or Sleeping With Ward Cleaver) while sun bathing with no chance of getting burned because dark-haired blue-eyed cabana boy keeps a keen eye on me ensuring I have just the right amount of lotion on my body. My portable stereo is playing and I drink at my leisure. Around 4:00, I go in for a shower and then go to the spa and get my nails done, then to the salon to get my hair and make-up done and meet my husband at the club for a night of dancing, drinking and laughing. We arrive home and proceed to make mad passionate love for the next few hours before we fall to sleep. I dream this day will become Ground Hog day and I relive it over and over and over again.

mamashine said...

May I just say, thanks to you and also MY big mouth, (wait, that wasn't what I meant, but maybe it was- how dirty should this comment sound?) Anyway, we're totally celebrating March 14 the hubby way around here tonight. I mentioned it, sent him the link, and I haven't seen him this happy in months. For real.

And although it really doesn't fit into my idea of the perfect day, it makes his, and I'm sappy enough that today that's alright with me.

Tomorrow though, I want a mani/pedi, I want to take a nap, I want lunch with the girls and bellinis before 5, and I want to be thin enough to wear some of those dresses I've been eyeing. :)

Amanda said...

OK, here it is. The sun is shining it a late spring/early summer sort of way and I am woken by it streaming through a break in the curtain. The house is peaceful, just the gentle murmur of happy children about their business. I wander through to the kitchen and get myself some breakfast (I'm fussy, I like it how I like it) pour coffee from the freshly brewed percolator and meander out to sit in the garden to eat. As I finish Hot-hubby appears, looking really hot, and tells me he's finally got round to doing that really annoying job I've wanted doing and while he was at it he washed my car for me. I have my shower without interruption and dress in something casual that actualy looks amazing. I walk the dog along the beach, take a drive in my morris minor convertible to meet girlfriends for a long lunch then mosey on home for dinner with hot-hubby and the kids. Kids melt in to the ether at bed time leaving me and hot-hubby to watch the sun set with a glass of wine on the swing seat. As the day cools he holds me close and then it's not only the kids melting in the ether - catch my drift?

With all that said and done, I'd settle for no shouting, no rain and no monstering kids! Oh and not tripping over the stupid dog. Again.

Melisa Wells said...

Don't you cluck your tongue at me!

I didn't have to say that I was putting my tiara on BECAUSE IT'S ALWAYS ON!!!!


Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I think I was lucky enough to HAVE the perfect day for my birthday this year.

Except, of course, I didn't get to wear a tiara.

B. said...

That's easy--my perfect day would be finding out that I won a Manic Mom contest! Oh, and my newborn sleeping for more than 2 1/2 hours at a time during the night. ;)

Amanda said...

Colleen in our house the mantra is "never try to out stubborn your mother" I will at some point swing by your blog for a lurk and a laugh

Kwana said...

Ok I'll play. Here's my perfect day.
*wake up when I'm ready.
*breakfast in bed
while DH send kids off to school (no questions for mom please, find your own socks)
*quick no wait hair appointment
*off shopping at Louis Vuitton (I won a Free Pass, hey, it's my dream)
*lunch with girlfriends then
*shoe shopping (they all fit)
*(while out house is cleaned top to bottom kids are fed, homework is done, dog is walked and washed!)
*Dinner of Lobster, and pasta and cake all calorie free with DH
*Movie with DH
*Home and Kids are in bed
*Happy Ending for me (wink) and only me (wink- wink) Like I said, Hey, it's my dream!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

I wake up in the most comfortable bed in an Italian villa with a hot man who doesn't speak any English. He rubs my feet with oil. I shower and he washes my back with a loofah.

I look perfect.

He guides me to the terrace where the perfect carafe of coffee waits, along with some serious pastries and fruit.

I read a book and ignore him.

The Hot Italian man gives me a full body massage and I lay there in the sun like a slug until lunch is served.

Lunch happens to be ahi-tuna and salad followed by creme brulee and raspberries.

I go for a naked swim. I ride a horse through a field. I take a nap in a hammock.

Hot Italian man and I drink wine and watch the sun go down. We have some serious chocolate for dinner and make mad passionate love for hours.

There are no children. There is no talking. And when I'm done with him, the Hot Italian man goes away, so I can sleep all night.

Shelley said...

First of all, in order for my day to be perfect, there are no people of the age of 13 living in my house.

Ok, scratch that...there are no children in my house.

I wake up when I feel like it, and immediately leave the house. While I'm gone, a huge crew comes in and replaces the carpet, and scrubs the rest of the house shiny and perfect.

Meanwhile, I have breakfast with friends at a local diner. We laugh and talk and drink mimosas. Then we go to the bookstore, and browse as long as we like, because there are no annoying children around us. In this fantasy, I also have enough money to buy whatever I want. I load up on great books.

Then I go over to Bath and Body Works, and buy all my favorite body washes and lotions.

Oh's lunchtime already. Nice restaurant, probably Mexican, with copious amounts of margaritas. The laughter and tequila are flowing. We stay there all afternoon through dinner. Then we go see a great movie, one that's well worth the $10 price tag. Which of course I don't mind, since I have unlimited funds.

I then say goodbye to my friends, and head home to my sparkling, quiet, EMPTY house. No annoying kids, no annoying husband. I watch whatever I want on television, in bed, with my laptop. Of course, I will have no hangover in the morning, because this was MY perfect day.

Anonymous said...

With a one year old and a three year old at home, me working a full time job, and my husband also working full time on the night shift- Here's my perfect day.


(While a cleaning crew comes in and cleans my house)

P.S. I can hang my tiara on my headboard.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Colorado, I am ASHAMED OF YOU!

Brad Pitt is not Italian! AND he speaks English. But I suppose if you met in Italy and you told him not to say a word all day long, then perhaps your fantasy perfect day MIGHT work! : )

Jenny Gardiner said...

The perfect about I wake up and am 30 lbs lighter just to start out. It can even be early when I wake in that case ;-) . No have-to's all day. Spa and pampering while someone else cleans (I mean REALLY cleans) my house from top to bottom, including the windows, the carpet, the furniture, you name it. Meals out all day long. Oh, man, I forgot something important--that first thing in the morning phone call that someone purchased the film rights for my book (am I getting greedy?) for enough money to pay off the credit card bills and fix the rotting front porch. Oh, meantime, someone is washing my dogs (and brushing their teeth because their breath stinks so much) and someone else is scrubbing the bird cage. My kids all get along with no fighting, my husband hands me the credit card and tells me to enjoy, oh, wow, I could go on...
BTW--thanks Bina for including Sleeping with Ward Cleaver in your perfect day! That made my day nearly perfect ;-)

Michelle said...

Wow, I think my expectations of a perfect day are so much lower (and really, everyone, I'm sorry that I introduced the holiday to you... it actually can be a fun celebration though).

Anyway, my perfect day actually started the night before because I went to bed on time. This means that I wake up well-rested about 30 seconds before my alarm goes off. A lovely stretch to get the kinks out, and the radio pops on, amazingly enough playing "Lullabye" by Shawn Mullins. I haven't heard that song in years, and it's one of my favorites!

I leave the radio on as I head into the bathroom for my shower. The water somehow, magically, is the perfect temperature within 10 seconds of turning it on, savings tens of gallons of water that I usually have to waste while waiting for the ice cold water to become palatable.

As I start to dry my hair, I realize I'm going to have a good hair day and start to really smile. Stepping on the scale, I note that I've lost another 1.4 pounds in the past week.

At that point, I hear my daughter asking to wake up. I slip into her room and she asks to go pee-pee. We run to the bathroom (she's 2 1/2 with no interest in potty training btw) and discover that she had a dry diaper overnight. A stream issues forth, and I clap for her. My son wanders in to find out why I'm clapping, and I noticed that he's already dressed -- and nothing is inside out or backwards (his current obsession).

We all troop downstairs, where they munch on the granola I'd made the night before. Dishes go into the dishwasher and hands are washed as I head out the door to yoga (with my own bowl of granola in tow) as Daddy takes over for awhile.

I actually get to yoga with time to spare instead of racing in at the last minute like normal. This gives me plenty of time to stretch and warm up, while we enjoy a challenging class on balancing. And for the most part, I balance.

I then head over to the Heartland Blood Center where I eat my granola before heading in to donate. And it's a new record -- less than 4 minutes from stick to wrapup.

As I walk into Joseph's to pick up the week's groceries (yeah, I know -- I actually like grocery shopping) and discover that all my favorite fruits and veggies and cheeses are on special this week -- avocados 3 for $1, etc.

I quickly drop them off at home, and the whole family troops over to the park, because the sun is shining and the ground has finally dried out from the winter melt. Mister Man rides his bike without complaining that it's too hard, and Little Miss steers her tricycle, so I don't have to stoop over to realign her every four or five feet. We run around at the park, exhausting ourselves and laughing until our sides hurt.

As we get hungry, we open the picnic basket the Daddy so kindly packed for us. No ants invade our picnic, and everyone shares the food without arguing, spilling or complaining that they may not like it before even trying it.

We head back home, and there were no tantrums or flops when we declare it's time to go. As we arrive back in the driveway, both kids put their bikes exactly where they go, troop inside and take off their shoes.

Mister Man goes potty, they both wash hands, Little Miss asks to go pee-pee again and has a dry diaper. They both then march up the stairs with nary a complaint and pop into bed. With warm hugs and sloppy kisses, they wish me good night.

I look at my watch and realize that it's time for me to head out for my massage. I arrive just as the therapist is ready to see me. With the first strokes, I realize that she knows what she's doing and the tension melts out of my muscles. Walking over to the next station, my concurrent mani/pedi session begins. I choose a color that actually looks good on me, and miraculously, I have no broken nails.

As my nails dry, I head home to make dinner. (Yep, I like to cook, too.) Walking in the door, I realize that I haven't smudged a single nail! Daddy works on making his Caesar salad, while Mister Man and Little Miss help me mix up a marinade for the salmon.

As the food rests in preparation of cooking, we have a rousing game of Green Eggs and Ham. I win, and Mister Man jumps up to give me five.

We eat dinner on our deck, and no mosquitos buzz. The wine we chose to chill is a new varietal, and surprisingly refreshing. As the sun sets, the wee ones play in the sandbox with no fighting over who plays with which sand toys.

We move inside, and the bedtime routine is a breeze. No peeps come from either room for the rest of the night, as Daddy makes popcorn for us to munch on. We flip on the tv, and Hope Floats is just starting.

We crack open another bottle of the virgin chardonnay as we share our bowl of popcorn. I cry in the same three places in the movie that I always do.

The movie ends, and we stroll upstairs, arm in arm. I draw a bath and slip into the mounds of bubbles with one last glass of wine. I open the book I've been reading and sigh contentedly as the warm water soothes away that last bit of stress.

As I turn the last page and close the book, I put it aside and step out of the tub. As I slip into bed, the Food Network is already on for me, and it's a new episode of Good Eats. The soothing sounds of Alton Brown's voice float through my head as I drift off to sleep, definitely ready to face the next day.

And interestingly enough, I think this actually may be doable. I'll have to wait until the Scholastic Bowl season is over (my husband coaches) and wait for a weekend that doesn't have Saturday baseball (he does PA for the high school team and plays from May to September at least one weekend day every week if not both). I'm pulling out the calendar!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Michelle! Holy F BOMB! You start out by saying your expectations are so much lower than others, and yes, they are because you actually want to do stuff WITH your kids AND grocery SHOP AND cook! BUT YOUR PERFECT DAY INVOLVES A LOT OF STUFF!!!!

BTW--what movie makes you cry in three places, and you never did tell me the type of wine!!!

Mary said...

Actually, March 14th is Pi Day! And it's my baby's birthday. I'm hoping she'll be an algebra genius!

We eat pie (with birthday candles) and help her open her presents. Today she only opened one. it was a good one and then she was done.

Just because it's my daughter's birthday makes it a perfect day for me. I love all my girls' birthdays!

Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

OK - I am thinking....thinking...

I would have to say that my PERFECT DAY would be taking my creative kidlets to a children's hospital to do arts and crafts with sick kids.

I know this sounds cliche...but it is the honest truth.

I could say I would want to go sit in a cafe ALONE and work on one of my children's books. That would be cool! But WHO is that benefitting? ME!

And what would I be modelling for my kids? "My perfect day is without you?"

I once did a mural in the outpatient chemo wing at CHOP in Phila and although they were some of the saddest days of my life (watching those babies get poked and hearing them cry) it made me feel good to bring a little sunshine to their lives.

Being a blessing to sick kids would be my PERFECT DAY!

What a great contest! Love the shirts!!

Michelle said...

Oops, sorry, Manic -- I actually came back to read your blog because I realized I never looked at comments from your prev post after I'd posted. I'm catching up... slowly.

The movie is Hope Floats. If you haven't seen it, stop reading :) I cry when the tea cup hits the ground, when Dad closes the window and drives away and right after the last set of black pictures comes out of the machine. Not that I've seen it a couple times or anything.

I know I'm a freak for liking to do the cooking and shopping and stuff like that. You notice there was no mention of cleaning or laundry, right? Ok, and I can't stand to not be busy. If I were sitting around, I'd go mad. You should see my to do lists when I put them together :)

And I only want to do stuff with my kids when they're well-behaved. Trust me (and read about my lovely day at McD's earlier today) there are times I tell them they need to play in their rooms for 10 minutes while Mommy has a break. Especially with the temper and stubbornness Little Miss exhibits (no idea where she gets it, I swear!).

Besides, if I'm coming up with my perfect day, I want it to be attainable. Kinda like I don't want to be model thin but I want to be able to wear that satin dress on May 3 and not groan when I see the pictures. Stupid satin.

Michelle said...

Definitely time for me to head to bed as my memory is shot -- the virgin chardonnay that totally rocks and is reasonable $ is Trevor Jones from South Eastern Australia. We discovered it last year at Uncorked Barrington.

Don't ask me about being gullible enough to believe we got a special discount if we sampled all 50 wines in the 2 hours of the event....

And I almost forgot AGAIN! Thanks for the shoutout on my blog, too. Always appreciated :)

Amanda said...

You know all our perfect days are so similar - for the most part - we all want a day off being mum and chief cook and bottle washer. But I think the most perfect part of my perfect day will be going back to normal chaos the next morning, with a little warm glow inside.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Dear Manic, My perfect day would be,
Waking in a hotel by the sea,
The waves lapping at the shore,
The sun shining, free time galore.
I will have no judgement of self,
I will have unlimited wealth,
I will meander through little shops,
I will buy trinkets, shoes and tops.
My girlfriends meet me at the beach,
The water perfect, no seaweed in reach,
Cabana boy brings us lunch and drinks,
Later massages to get out our kinks.
Dinner is delish, then we go dance,
After an hour we pass around "the glance".
Yup, we head over to Target, for unbridled fun,
No kids, no hurry, no limit from hon,
They send our purchases home to be put away,
While we meander back to the hotel to end the day.
Each in our own beds,
Down pillows under our heads,
The waves lap at the shore,
As we start to (silently) snore.

Mama Smurf said...

I get to celebrate "my perfect day" on my birthday every year in my friends go on a 4 day weekend trip to Sanibel. So, I'll be waking up on Sanibel Island with my girlfriends...we'll head out to the ocean with a good book in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Lounge on the beach for a few hours...perhaps take a nap. Then head over to the stores and do a little shopping...a little dining...then head over to the spa for our massage and facial, & manicure and pedicures...oh I can't wait. blissful I tell you!

Lynn Cahoon said...

It's MY day.
Lots of chocolate and coffee first thing. Maybe something yummy like a warm fresh crossant. I'm not home, I'm in a hotel in a vacation paradise, so the meal comes to me. I go for a morning swim and then come back up to the room for a hour of writing which just flows out of me and then back down to the beach or pool to read.

Lunch is with long lost friends that also came alone on the trip and then we go shopping and I find the best outfit that doesn't make me look fat which I still am, but now I look great.

Afternoon, back to my book or maybe a movie, romantic comedy of course. The new Kate Hudson?

Dinner is with my man who is his normal chatty fun self and we talk about our future plans. He finally gives me an engagement ring (that was paid for out of some found money) and we finally finalized the wedding plans after 8 years.

Back to my room with egyptian cotten sheet where a bottle of wine and some more chocolate is waiting, then....

Oops, the rest isn't PG rated so I'll sign off here.

(Manic- Thanks for the perfect day!)

Mom said...

OK my perfect day starts with silence, no kids crying or prying my eyes open just a peaceful bliss awaking, then I shower and prepare for my day at the spa, not treatment mind you, DAY the whole day manicure, facial, massage, hair the works, followed by a night out with the girls to show off my glammed up self. Sorry I got a bit carried away there I thought for a minute I was in Heaven!

Lisa said...

I would wake up around 10am to the sound of ocean waves crashing. I stand up, yawn, stretch, and look at my window at the beautiful beach below. Not only beautiful because it is the beach, but becasue there are a bunch of hot, chisled, young men laying on the sand. :) But I do not need any of them. I have a great hubby after all. But who wouldnt love a little hot guy eye candy to get the morning started?

As I get dressed I hear my daughters talking nicely to each other (not the screaming that usually erupts in the AM). I also smell bacon and french toast. Made by the hubby of course. I walk to the kitchen and notice a maid doing ALL the housework.

After breakfast, I get dressed in a new outfit that just happened to apppear in my closet, complete with a sparkly tiara of my very own. I head out to an afternoon at a spa, getting the works. As I leave my husband reminds me that I do not need any of that stuff because I am perfect as is. He also tells me to not worry about a thing, he will take care of it ALL. The spa tells me when I walk in the door that everything today is 75% off because I was the one millionth customer of the day! I also get a free lobster lunch complete with the best wine!

After a day of pampering I return home to find my family sitted around the table with the most amazing dinner of filet mignon, fettucine alfredo and fresh steamed broccoli, made all by the hubby. We have a lovely dinner chat (not the normal bickering of who was talking before the other interrupted). Dinner is followed by bananas foster that, again, the hubby made (I think he went to culinary school while I slept, cuz as far as I know he does not even know how to boil water).

After dinner we all watch a great movie as a family. We all share a banana split (yes, my perfect day consists of eating way too much and not caring about it) and they all tell me over and over how much they love me, how perfect I am, and how lucky they are to have me. Then, I get to go bed in a huge fluffy bed with fresh linens and too many pillows. The hubby puts the kids to bed all by himself and they stay there!

I fall asleep the same way I woke up, listening to the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

livelaughlovelife at hotmail dot com

JODI said...

My idea of a perfect day would be waking up in the camper with my three girls, as we peer out the windows at mountain scape. We would then stick in a Spice Girl CD and sing lots of those great cheesy tunes because we know all words. We'd dance. Then we would eat warm chocolate chips cookies and drink Coke (me, diet coke) for breakfast. Then we would hike and laugh, about absolutely nothing-- simply the thing that can warm the soul; laughter about nothing. When the sun went down we would make Jiffy Pop over a camp fire. Laugh more. We would snap photos to remember how silly and fun it is to be girls that love each other. The next day when we got home we would thank the only man of the house for staying home and taking care of the dog.

Val said...

A perfect day? Of course I would be able to sleep in, then wake up and look in the mirror, I would be thinner, prettier and look well rested. I would then spend a day at the spa being pampered.
A girl can dream can't she?

My Two Army Brats said...

My perfect day........

I sit here thinking, knowing that I only have one week from today before my hubby heads off to the sandbox some call Iraq. So my perfect day will be the day that he comes home to us after his several months of deployment safe and missing body parts cause that would totally ruin my perfect day!

He'll walk off that bus, see the boys and I standing there (me being at least 20 pounds lighter than I am now of course)! The boys will be bigger. He'll leave with a barely 5 year old son (his bday is next week) and a 6 1/2 yr old son. He'll come home to a 6 1/2 year old and a barely 8 year old. He'll smile at us from formation as some colonel or general talks way too long making us wait to hug our soldiers again....finally....they release the soldiers and we run to him and he wraps his arms around the three of us (that's why it's important he comes home intact) and we know at this moment that our family is whole for at least another 6 months before the Army can take him away again but hopefully since it's my perfect day we'll find out that the Army now has a minimum 2 years between deployments.

We'll go home and be a family again, no sadness, no worries about IED's and mortars, no sleeping alone and comforting kids too young to understand, no waiting days or weeks for a phone call.

That will be my perfect day.....


Kalynne Pudner said...

Being held hostage, ALONE, in a comfortable hotel room in a far away city, with a case of Spanish red, some 94% fat free popcorn, a whole bag of new books and my web-connected laptop. No cell phone.

The hostage condition means that it's not my fault if I don't come home for a very long time.

(I'm trying really hard to think of more details so as to postpone directing my attention toward the eight screaming, fighting children clamoring behind me, as I breathe, mantra-like, "Alone...alone...")

Oh, yeah, and Jeff Campbell's Clean Team to move into my house for the duration of my captivity.

Unknown said...

My perfect day:
Wake up, with my daughter already dressed, changed and fed. Then go to the zoo, the aquarium or some other fun place for us both, without any fits or grumpiness. Have lunch at a small deli or bistro where I get to eat something yummy and healthy no guilt! Oh and some dessert to go with it. Then take my daughter home to have someone else watch her and clean the house while I go shopping. It doesn't matter what I shop for but it needs to always fit and look flattering. Come home when my daughter is awake and play with her for a couple hours, possibly a park trip too. Then let someone else deal with dinner for her, while I get dressed up in a perfectly fitting and flattering dress to go out to a fancy dinner with my hubby. Dinner is steak and talk of our dreams and future not our problems and issues. Then maybe a movie that we both enjoy. After the movie we come home, and get to put my daughter to bed, her letting me read her books without any premature page turning. Then she falls soundly asleep, and My hubby and I get more time to just sit around and relax together, maybe play a game or watch tv (cuddling of course). Then off to bed.

Robin said...

After a short massage from my personal trainer and a bit of restorative yoga, I head to the kitchen when my chef, Rachel, has left some fresh cut fruit and a artfully arranged basket of baked muffins, scones and bagels.

The children enter the kitchen, smiling, ready for school. “Remember boys”, I tell them “This is the day that your father and I have Broadway tickets in New York, so Nanny Mary will be here after school." “Oh mama”, they say (I love when they call me Mama, because it reminds me that they are fluent in three languages), “Oh Mama, we love Mary and we love when she stay with us, but not in any way that diminishes our love for you. In fact knowing that you choose her especially for us, makes us realize how lucky we are to be your children.” I smile, they are such sweet, well mannered children so obviously raised right.

Well I won’t bore you with the detail of the rest of my day, you see I have my charity work and I will be busy with feeding starving children and establishing world peace. Oprah and I are discussing expanding her school to other countries. It is tiring yet such rewarding work.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Robin, I am most interested in how you chose the names Rachel for your personal chef and Mary for your Nanny---OH, I GET IT NOW--





Andie said...

I hope it's not too late for me to enter! but *my day* is coming- my birthday is next tuesday!

But MY PERFECT DAY ... would include:

Not working.

sleeping until I'm ready to get up
Brunch at Commander's Palace- delivered to me complete with the jazz trio...
taking a shower at the Aveda place with the big fancy steam shower- with the vichy thing at the end
a massage, followed by mani and pedi
light spa lunch of a salad or sushi from my favorite sushi place..

Flying to Paris on my own private concorde for dinner that night. (and bringing scott & scruffy along) and then coming back in time to spend time with my family and friends.

I think that's all for now. LOL

I'd gladly take any of those things next week for my birthday. LOL

Andie said...

oh and

Rachel said...

My perfect day:
Sleep until 7:30. Eat a breakfast of migas and hashbrowns with a bloody mary made with Peppar.
Go get a mani/pedi/eyebrow wax.
Read, uninterrupted for 3 or 4 hours.
Swing and nap in a hammock for an hour or two.
Have a perfectly cooked medium rare steak, with a spinach salad and a glass of australian merlot.
Top it all of with an uninterrupted bubble bath and freshly laundered sheets that I didn't wash and then, sleep. Blissful sleep.

Robin said...

Manic- It is like we have the same mind.

Do I get extra credit?

Lexie said...

I can't write my one perfect day because it depends on my mood! Some days my perfect day requires being alone and others I want to be surrounded by my family and/or friends. But somethings would be consistent on my infinite versions of my perfect day.

1. My husband becomes a partial mindreader. The kind who reads and understands what I want him to do, what I need and how I am feeling. Not the kinds that reads every other little thing I think, too. (You know a selective mindreading quality to match his selective hearing.)
2. I can unpack my wedding gown and wear it all day without resembling Miss Havisham. And it magically stays clean... even when I spill!
3. My legs and armpits are smooth without having to be shaved... bikini line too!
4. I have enough time to be alone as much as I want and surrounded by people as much as I want.
5. I have an unwavering sense of beauty and strength as I face difficult tasks (which would still exist on my perfect day- just sure to end in my favor.)
6. Chocolate arrives on demand, in whatever form I desire. (As does coffee, and whatever other food/beverage item I want.)
7. I do not turn on the TV to hear about the latest celebrity screw up (even though at times I find myself interested in this information.) In fact, I do not turn on the TV at all.
8. I definitely dance with my daughter until our sides hurt and we are rolling on the floor with laughter. It is one of my favorite parts of every day.
9. I wake up and fall asleep in the arms of my husband, with a sweet kiss. (He works a lot of nights.)
10. I make a significant difference in someone's life that directly makes one in anothers and so on and so on.
11. I definitely get a chance to be a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (without ever applying to be on the show and without having it aired for the world to see live and on syndication). And this doesn't cute into anytime that I would like to spend on other activities.
12. Basically the day is longer, without my needing more rest or anything, so that everything can get done that I want to get done without shortchanging anything.

I am sure I can think of more, but that is good for now. And I don't know how to leave my email address, but I am not going to stress because there are a lot of perfect day posts so my chances aren't really high. In the case I do win one of those awesome shirts, I will check back to see so don't disqualify me, please!

Tanya said...

I would awake with a kiss from my wonderfully sweet husband. Sunlight would be streaming in the bedroom window and a nice breeze would be bringing fresh air into the house.

He would hand me my tiara and wish me a Happy Birthday (I really like my birthday). We would go downstairs and have fresh eggs, bagels and coffee for breakfast. Our chickens (who provided the fresh eggs) would be happily playing in the back yard and would make us laugh with their funny antics. The puppy would be out there too, trying to mother the little birds.

After breakfast, I would turn on my laptop to check my e-mail and blogs, while my husband cleaned the kitchen. I would find that everyone has posted blogs talking about how cute I am and how much they like me. Then I would see that I have over 50 new comments on my most recent post. (Its is a book contest. The deadline is Tuesday night 3/18 if you want to enter. I would read all the comments and leave nice thoughtful comments on all my visitor's blogs.

Next I will go get ready for a hike in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It would not be too hot and I would never get tired, no matter how steep the trail. When we reached the summit of a mountain. My husband and I would spread out a blanket and ...

We would grab a quick lunch on the way home, and I would have a bubble bath waiting for me. The water would be just right and it would be one of those old fashion huge tubs. I'd soak and read and feel all relaxed. When I was finished my hair would be dry immediately, I would not have to blow dry or straighten it, and it would look perfect.

I would find a pretty dress that fit me just right. To wear to the evenings festivities. We would have a ball, in my honor, since its my birthday. I would have all my family and my good friends there. My great grandparents would be alive again and I would have them sit at a table of honor with me. The food would be delicious, the atmosphere would be fun. Wedding cake and ice cream would be our dessert and we could eat lots without getting overfull. Everyone would dance and would know how to dance (none of that bouncing and grinding). We would swing dance the night away to the tunes of Glen Miller. Everyone would say they have never had so much fun.

The night would end and I would be happy and contented. My husband would carry me off to bed and I would dream sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

Pefect day :) if only :

Wake up to find husband had got up and cleaned the house top to bottom, and then got kids up and dressed, had fun with them in the kitchen and helped them to make me breakfast in bed about 10 o'clock.

I get up to find everything clean, so dont need to do anything, Josh telling me that we were going out and his mum was going to watch the kids. We're going out to a spa to be pampered and have beauty treatment, go for a dip, having massages. Leaving there we'd be picked up and go for a meal, only something light, but nice enough to tide us over, we'd be waited on hand and foot and have a drink or two to accompnay it, nothing to make us drunk, just enough to make us relax.

We'd leave after paying the bill, which turned out to have been paid for us by the manager as they were a close friend who thought we deserved a treat. We'd be driving past a shop on our way towards the theatre and he'd notice, (yes him not me) that there was a sale on, and decide that he would treat me. We go in, he spends about an hour helping me choose a dress and doesnt moan once, i come out wearign something that fits perfectly, doesnt make me feel like i have lumps and bumps in the wrong places anymore, it matches the ring Josh slips on my finger as he kisses me and tells me he loves me.

We head back off and go to the theatre, he knows how much i want to watch Wicked, and even though he classes it as girly, hes more than happy to go and watch it. We sit, watch it in a little box together, just the two of us and then head out together, hand in hand. We have a quick drink in the bar, nothing heavy just enough to make us feel intoxicated and giggly again like when we met, we head home to a quiet house and go upstairs. As i'm getting changed i realise, i havent heard the kids scream all day, i havent had to argue with anyone, no changing nappies, no mopping up sick, no whinging, no crying, no ANYTHING, just pure perfectness and spending long overdue time with my husband.

Sammie []

(PS if any of this DID ever happen, it wouldnt be a perfect day as i would already have fainted at the fact of Josh getting up with the kids!)

Anonymous said...

I only get one day? I was blocking out the month of march. And June. And November. This is not good news....