Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It’s My Day Winner!

Well, it’s time to announce the winner, but before I do, I want to say that one can truly never really expect a whole day to be PERFECT now really? Can we be THAT lucky? Maybe bits and pieces of a day can be great, but a whole day?

I never shared what my perfect day would be. But today started out fairly close, with some Curious George snuggle time with my Tukey (one episode was when George made the Monkey Web; the other was how bears hibernate—right up my alley--sleep till spring, which is officially FRIDAY--YAY!)

Then, to continue on with a fairly accurately close-to-being perfect day, I started cleaning out my closet. I know, cleaning out a closet—how is that a part of a perfect day?

Well, for me it was on the verge of being perfect because I was trying on old jeans that were way too big for me. You see, since December 1, when I first stepped on that scale at Weight Watchers, I have lost 17 pounds. So, cleaning out the closet, getting rid of things that are too big, making room for new smaller items I will have to buy is a good thing.

And knowing that I will be donating the old clothes to our church clothing drive and that these clothes (some which I never even got to wear and are still really cute, but non-wearable!) will be worn and appreciated by people who need them makes me feel very good and fortunate and happy. So, to be feeling good and happy makes for a perfect day.

Oh, and I showered.

And later, after Tukey gets on the bus, I am going to Subway, where my franchiser guy will hopefully say, “Turkey, extra parmesan?” when he sees me, and, well, that’ll only add to my perfect day!

See, it does not take much to make me happy! The little things. And that’s what we should be grateful for!

However, in our fun fantasy world where we were allowed and encouraged to elaborate on our most perfect day, we have a winner for the IT’S MY DAY contest!

Actually ... surprise! We have THREE WINNERS!

Jen at Jen’s Ideas is so “JEN-EROUS,” she has chosen THREE entrants as winners to the contest, and in no particular order, I bring to you, the winners, and their ideas of their perfect day:

I wake up in the most comfortable bed in an Italian villa with a hot man who doesn't speak any English. He rubs my feet with oil. I shower and he washes my back with a loofah.

I look perfect.

He guides me to the terrace where the perfect carafe of coffee waits, along with some serious pastries and fruit.

I read a book and ignore him.

The Hot Italian man gives me a full body massage and I lay there in the sun like a slug until lunch is served.

Lunch happens to be ahi-tuna and salad followed by creme brulee and raspberries.

I go for a naked swim. I ride a horse through a field. I take a nap in a hammock.

Hot Italian man and I drink wine and watch the sun go down. We have some serious chocolate for dinner and make mad passionate love for hours.

There are no children. There is no talking. And when I'm done with him, the Hot Italian man goes away, so I can sleep all night.

~ ~ ~

I would wake up around 10am to the sound of ocean waves crashing. I stand up, yawn, stretch, and look at my window at the beautiful beach below. Not only beautiful because it is the beach, but because there are a bunch of hot, chisled, young men lying on the sand. :) But I do not need any of them. I have a great hubby after all. But who wouldn’t love a little hot guy eye candy to get the morning started?

As I get dressed I hear my daughters talking nicely to each other (not the screaming that usually erupts in the AM). I also smell bacon and French toast. Made by the hubby, of course. I walk to the kitchen and notice a maid doing ALL the housework.

After breakfast, I get dressed in a new outfit that just happened to appear in my closet, complete with a sparkly tiara of my very own. I head out to an afternoon at a spa, getting the works. As I leave my husband reminds me that I do not need any of that stuff because I am perfect as is. He also tells me to not worry about a thing, he will take care of it ALL. The spa tells me when I walk in the door that everything today is 75% off because I was the one millionth customer of the day! I also get a free lobster lunch complete with the best wine!

After a day of pampering I return home to find my family seated around the table with the most amazing dinner of filet mignon, fettucine alfredo and fresh steamed broccoli, made all by the hubby. We have a lovely dinner chat (not the normal bickering of who was talking before the other interrupted). Dinner is followed by bananas foster that, again, the hubby made (I think he went to culinary school while I slept, cuz as far as I know he does not even know how to boil water).

After dinner we all watch a great movie as a family. We all share a banana split (yes, my perfect day consists of eating way too much and not caring about it) and they all tell me over and over how much they love me, how perfect I am, and how lucky they are to have me. Then, I get to go bed in a huge fluffy bed with fresh linens and too many pillows. The hubby puts the kids to bed all by himself and they stay there!

I fall asleep the same way I woke up, listening to the ocean waves crashing onto the shore.

~ ~ ~


My idea of a perfect day would be waking up in the camper with my three girls, as we peer out the windows at mountain scape. We would then stick in a Spice Girl CD and sing lots of those great cheesy tunes because we know all words. We'd dance. Then we would eat warm chocolate chips cookies and drink Coke (me, diet coke) for breakfast. Then we would hike and laugh, about absolutely nothing-- simply the thing that can warm the soul; laughter about nothing. When the sun went down we would make Jiffy Pop over a camp fire. Laugh more. We would snap photos to remember how silly and fun it is to be girls that love each other. The next day when we got home we would thank the only man of the house for staying home and taking care of the dog.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Winners, please email me at and I'll let you know how to collect your t-shirt prize! And of course, I'll EXPECT you to send a picture of you wearing it later to Manic Mommy!

Thanks to all who shared their ideas of their perfect day, and don’t fret, because Jen has offered to come back to Manic Mom’s and host another contest for Mother’s Day where you’ll be able to share your funny mom tales!

Don’t forget to check out her site at Jen's Idea's. Her shirts make great gifts for all the beautiful people in your life – including most the important one – YOU!!!


Lisa said...

Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

That was said in a singing voice while I shook my booty in the chair. :) Just so you know.

Suburban Correspondent said...

17 pounds? You go, girl.

Tanya said...

I knew I should have included handsome model like men, maybe even an American Idol contestant ;)

Congrats to everyone who won!
and Congrats to you Manic for loosing so much weight, especially since you started in the holiday season.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

JuJuBoo, Don't thank me, I didn't choose you! Don't thank me, I didn't choose you!

(That was said in a singing voice while *I* shook my booty in my chair too, just so you know also! ; )

Suburbancorrespondent and Tanya--THANKS! There's really something to be said for Subway sandwiches! LOL!

JODI said...

I am so freaking excited! This was just what I needed for my stress filled week. Thank you Thank you!

Amanda said...

Well I too am pleased to say I have TWO PAIRS of jeans that are TOO BIG!! More importantly I am now back into things that were a real no-no so it's like getting a new wardrobe without having to buy a thing, which in my book kinda means I get to SHOP 'TIL I DROP when I finally get to my goal.


I have chosen my Jen's Idea shirt but I want to wait until I have got to my next milestone before I treat myself.

Michelle said...

Great contest, Manic -- I loved hearing about all those versions of perfect days. Some of them made me rather jealous, to be honest!

And congrats on losing the 17 pound, AND on having the courage to get rid of your larger clothes. I still can't handle getting rid of anything, just in case! Sad, I know. The good news is that this am, I weighed less than I have in a long while (yes, I'm trying!), but I have a feeling much of that has to do with me having the flu the last couple days!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

THANK YOU!!!!! How exciting!

17 pounds!

Burn those "too big" clothes!

Television debut?


You are the best Manic Mom!

Jules said...

Those were some really great stories. Congrats to the winners!

And HooRay to you Manic - 17 pounds is phenomenal! Way to go! You are such an inspiration!

JODI said...

since I drank to much wine tonight a political function...I wanted to say I was really mean to a co-worker before spring break...I sent my order email for a tshirt that says "don't be mean" and dam I still haven't gotten it. I can't stop being mean till I have my wardrobe billboard attire LOL