Monday, June 02, 2008

Book Winners and Good Morning America Now!!

First of all, Editor-in-Chief aka My BOSS, at was on Good Morning America Now today!

View the clip here! And she plugs me even! YAY!

Check out when you get a chance--there is some great stuff over there, fun articles for those dating, those mating, those masterbating, those debating, and those well, I can't think of another "ating" rhyming word, but it's a great women's site and you'll definitely find something to strike your fancy!

You can ask Lex questions on SEX, like ANYTHING! And ask REAL GUYS questions and they will answer them honestly, whether you want the honest answer or not. What Would Debbie Do gives you advice on dating, children, divorce, marriage, life. and And then, if you have a parenting or prego question, you can ask Just Another Manic Mommy (moi) over there... and soon I'll be bringing Betty's Lit Lounge to you, with even more great reads and authors!

So check it out. It's like hanging out with one of your close girlfriends, but not having to listen to her gripe about whether or not her pants make her ass look too fat.

Now for some announcement on book winners...

Congratulations to Christine who has won a signed copy of Half-Assed, a Weight-Loss Memoir.

This was Christine's winning entry:

Christine said...
Oh so many dieting stories I could share... hmmmm, once about 3 months after one of my kids was born, I thought ("thought" being the operative word)I was doing well losing weight so I jammed myself into a pair of my PRE pregnant side zip groovy pants for work and although they were a touch snug, I was feeling all sorts of good and proud of myself... UNTIL I went to the bathroom and realized I put my pants on BACKWARDS (tag in front AND zipper on the WRONG SIDE!)... Mortified, I quicky slipped my pants off, turn them around and... and... and... I COULDN'T GET THEM ON THE RIGHT WAY!!!!... so now TRULY mortified, I had to return my pants to their BACKWARD position and go back to work with the realization that my dieting was NOT working and my stomach was STILL bigger then my ass!... many diets and 4 kids later I'm still hoping to be half-assed some day!!!

Jennette said of Christine's story: After reading all the entries, I decided to award the book to Christine because her story of wearing her pants backwards to work made me giggle. Plus, her story involved her ass, which ties in nicely to my book title "Half-Assed." Congrats, Christine! I hope one day you can wear your pants the right way.

And the winners for Driving Sideways:

B. wins a copy for writing this:

In college, my boyfriend (now husband) and I were going to visit my parents for the weekend. We packed up his car, and then stopped at McDonald's to get a quick dinner and then headed out on the interstate. About a half hour into our trip we were stopped for over an hour because of an accident. We were about 3 miles from the next exit when I really had to pee. I had already drank my large iced tea , and new I couldn't hold it. We moved about a foot every few minutes. Lots of scenarios ran through my head: I could just jump out of the car and pee alongside the road, I could pee in the empty McDonald's cup, I could just pee my pants; it was THAT bad. My stomach hurt and I just couldn't hold it anymore. So, I did what any normal(yeah, right) person would do. I climbed into the backseat of his car, pulled out my raincoat that I had packed, opened it up on the seat, and you guessed it! I peed in the raincoat!!!! Finally, we made it off of the highway and to a gas station where I once again did what any normal (!) person would do; I emptied the raincoat in the parking lot. My husband still makes fun of me for this incident and nobody knows this story except for him, and now whoever reads this blog!!! But, maybe it will win me another book. ;)

My thoughts: I still think she shoulda peed in the McDonald's cup.

And Monda at There's Just No Telling because according to Jess, she "laughed out loud at her Jiminy Cricket incident at Magic Kingdom."

Here's what Monda wrote: Oh my, let's see. Should I tell about the family Disney World trip where Jiminy Cricket put his hands on my daughter and my 6'5" policeman husband caused a Magical Kingdom incident? Complete with mysteriously materializing Disney cops? ...

Can you imagine getting groped by Jiminy Cricket? Ewwwww.

And honorable mention goes to K in the Mirror for her entry of this:

I'm bummed! I can't think of a good road trip story just now. Oh wait... I went to Mardi Gras Galveston with a bunch of girls in college~ my roommate's boyfriend pissed off the balcony onto a cop's head and then tried to get him to believe that we were pouring out some flat Mountain Dew. And then we had a sweet boy with us who'd never been drunk before and we fed him Everclear for breakfast and got him so plastered he couldn't sit up and we all had to take turns sitting with him because we were afraid to leave him by himself. And on the way home they shoe polished our friend's cell number onto the back window with a big arrow that said "she's single! call us!" and then had to field calls from truck drivers and idiots for the six hour trip home.

But sadly, honorable mention gets you squat here at Manic Mommy! But Jess said, "Please tell K in the Mirror that she was seriously in the running with her entry, too."

So, all of you winners, please email me at with your full names and addresses so I can send you your books!

Up next, who the hell knows, it's anyone's guess on Manic Mommy, but I will tell you this: school is out already, and I'm about ready to ... (Fill in the blank).


B. said...

Wow!!! Who knew I had such interesting stories to tell? Albeit super embarrassing ones... Thank you, Jess and Manic!

Monda said...

I'm so excited! Thanks!

I'll see if I can't find the vacation photos of the Cricket face-down in the pavement with my husband kneeling on Jiminey's back. If I remember correctly, the snapshot of the four security men attempting to restrain my hulking husband were a little out of focus.

mamashine said...

Squat? Honorable mention gets me squat? Bummer. Oh well. Try try again. :) At least I've never peed on a raincoat.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ah, what the hell, K in the Mirror--I'm going to see Jess this weekend--I'll buy an extra book and have her sign it for you and I'll mail you a copy too, cuz THAT's just the kind of person I am!

So, send me your address too!

BTW, what happened to your blog!??!

Anonymous said...

Wow!... My ASS has won me a book! It's the ONLY nice thing it has ever done for me!... Seriously - Just thinking about that day I wore my pants backwards still makes me laugh, although the day it happened - I fought back tears!

Thanks Manic... my e-mail is on the way. Hope your Dad is feeling well!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Manic. If it wasn't for you pointing readers to our blog we wouldn't have readers. You deserve all the good things for your generosity.


Michelle said...

Way cool on getting plugged on GMA! That has to be a great ego boost!

And congrats to all the winners!

Anonymous said...

Hey again... I really want to see your plug on GMA, but I must be a total dork because I CAN'T FIND IT!!! I've seen the blackberry ad at least a dozen times, the Glyde ad half a dozen time and many other interesting tidbits, ie stealing nude maid, LOST coffin finale, "lesbian" scene on the View, Money from the sky, Teen Sex Ed Comedy... blah blah blah blah blah... what am I doing wrong??? can u help me? :(

Christine... and I still owe u that e-mail!

Amanda said...

So I still haven't won a manic mommy book comp but as nothing really exciting happens to me I don't s'pose I will - hey, how about a comp for the most sheltered existence??

We have 4 more weeks of school and then they're home for 7 so the battle plans are already being drawn up...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Try this link for the GMA thing:

mamashine said...

Thanks Jess and Manic! :)

I had to make my blog private because I was getting weird anonymous commenters talking about stuff they shouldn't know, saying they had googled me. Freaked me out. I'll invite you to read it though, I still like visitors. :)

Moll said...

How on earth is school out? They better start on July 1st then!

Ed & Jeanne said...

Roving the blogosphere and I touchdown in mommyland? Uh oh. But I will provide some more rhyming 'ating' words for you:


I know, don't thank me...

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Dang it, I've been missing the fun because of my revisions. But, now I'm done.

So. I'm back.

And she totally should have peed in the cup, but what if she got going and it wasn't big enough???

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Colorado--welcome back and way to go on revisions...

My answer--if she filled the cup, but had more to go--

Kegal it. Pour out what she had, and then keep on keeping on!

i have an answer to everything!

Martini said...

So close yet so far . . . . .sigh.

Cecily R said... are SUCH a betty!!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Kegals after 3 kids? BWAAHAAAA!

Unknown said...

OMGosh I'm cracking up at the peeing in the raincoat. I would have gone for the cup, too. LOL!

And the pants! I can totally see myself in that situation.

You have inspired me with all your book giveaways Manic. I've started giving a book a week away at my blog... they're ones I've read and are USED copies but I'm trying to spread the good book love!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...