Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pop Pop Win Some Pop Pop Pop CORN!

Okay, you all know I only do books and t-shirt giveaways on Manic Mom because I don’t want to become one of those bloggers who is pimping all kinds of products just to pimp all kinds of products.

That would just be so non-Manic of me.

But, I’m pimping this one because, well, I’ve got like 47 packs of it in my own pantry, and helloooo! It’s awesome for Weight Watchers, and when you’re starving you can shovel the 94 percent fat free Smart Pop kind into your gullet without any guilt at all.

And hey, that’s what I do.

Orrville Redenbacher popcorn is what I’m talking about. And yep, confession time ... I love the Smart Pop Butter and Smart Pop Kettle Korn 94 percent fat-free so much that sneak it into the movies with me. If you've been to the movies with me, you know this is true, and I may very well be a huge embarrassment to you. At least it's dark in there.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE me some movie theater popcorn like it’s nobody’s biz! But I don’t like wasting a gazillion WW points on it, so I bring in my Smart Pop Butter and Smart Pop Kettle Korn and then buy some movie theater popcorn WITH NO BUTTER PLEASE, cuz come on, that just makes you sick.

And I also bring a big Ziploc, cuz you all know I’m the Ziploc whore (and wow, I guess I’m pimping ANOTHER product even without meaning to!), but I take my Ziploc, and mix all three types of the popcorns together.

It’s freaking awesome.

Why am I telling you this?

I wanted to share my popcorn tip with you.

And also because my friend Amanda works for Orville (not like she works for the real guy, she works for the company) and she’s gonna give you some free popcorn and a cute popcorn bowl!

See--totally cute bowl:

Yummy popcorn!

Leave a clever poppy-corn comment along with an email address (so we can contact you if you win obviously, cuz sometimes you guys forget this important aspect!) and 15 RANDOM winners will be drawn by the Manic Kids on Sunday or Monday to receive the cute bowl and FOUR packs of popcorn (sorry, microwave not included) plus coupons.

Yes, 15 of you will win!

And seriously, writing this just made me majorly crave popcorn so I’m going to go pop me some. In the meantime, why don't you POP on over to the comments section if you want to win yourself this cute bowl filled with popcron packs and samples!


Kirsten said...

This has nothing to do with popcorn, or bowls, but one of the salesmen for the company i work for is named Orville ... he looks like he could be an undertaker. not a salsman for a company that makes veterinary products. How's that for a totally random comment?!

Anonymous said...

Squee! My husband, diehard popcorn lover and connoisseur would "pop" his top if we won! I honestly think he would jump up and down like a 5 year old.

mamashine said...

Hmm. I'm trying to work the phrase "kernel of truth" into a witty comment, but it's too early in the morning for my brain to pop.

Maybe eating some popcorn would help.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that bowl is CUUUUTE! Seriously, I wanna jetison my Fiestaware and get about 30 popcorn bowls.

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Got butter?

Anonymous said...

One afternoon my middle daughter, who was 2 at the time, came up to me and we had a conversation that went like this
A- Mommy, Daddy says we need new porn

Me- Excuse me? What do we need?

A- I want porn!

Me- Lets call Daddy at work


DH- breathe!


DH-She wants POP CORN

Me to A- You want some popcorn?

A- YES! I want PORN!

For months she couldn't say popcorn. It was always fun going to the store and buying new porn. She would get sooo excited. She would say loudly, Thank you Mommy for buying me new porn. My husband still wishes he could have been a fly on the wall and seen my reaction to A asking for porn. I'm sure that it would have been a Kodak moment :)

morninglight mama said...

A popcorny message? How about just a 'corny' comment- those I'm better at...

You are the coolest blogging-give-away-stuff-person I know. :)

Unknown said...

Oh Orville you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Orville!!!!!

I eat popcorn about five days a week. And I would LOVE TO HAVE THAT BOWL!!!!

Janelle... said...

You should have thrown in a bottle of soda. Then your title could have been...

"Pop, Pop, Fizz, Fizz...You're gonna get a prize. You is!"

Totally bad grammar but still cuter than heck!

B. said...

I butter win!

MaBunny said...

Yay! I love the idea for this contest as I could rival you Manic as the popcorn queen!
So glad I popped on over here today to read your post!

Robin said...

There is more than a kernel of truth in this--I want to win a Manic Mommy contest.


The Corradetti Clan said...

I am going back to ww Monday for the millioninth time. Thanks for the idea of mixing them together. Denise

CelticBuffy said...

How about a popcorn packing tip? My significant other pops a batch of popcorn and uses it for packing material when he sends items to family members. Since we're moving in a month we're also using popcorn for packing material for things like kitchen ware. We can pack and munch at the same time and after we unpack (after moving) we'll have lots of eco-friendly compostable material or birdfood!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am an OR popcorn fanatic, especially for the Kettle Corn. Here's my Ode to Orville:

There once was a dad named Orville
Whose search for the perfect kernel
Gave his kids tons of fun
‘Til he found the best one.
What a Smart Pop with a Kettle!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Fluffy, white popcorn,
Good at the movies or home,
Gotta pop me some!

Trish Ryan said...

Do I have a clever popcorn comment? How about, why don't you pop on over to my place, so we can split the winnings?

Or would that be too corny?


justme said...

my 2 baby kernels would pop for some popcorn !! feener44atgmaildotcom

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes!! we love popcorn up here!!

Kate said...

As American as Pop Corn!

I remember being a teenager in a large Eurasian communist country, dreaming of popcorn. Dreaming. Someone sent us a tiny packet of golden kernels and we popped them in a saucepan in slightly rancid sesame oil and it was HEAVEN.

Shelley said...

I have no clever popcorn comments, but I love the 94% fat free stuff. I pretend it has zero calories, and I eat a bag of it at work every day. Would love to have the cute bowl to eat it in!

Just A Girl In GA said...

Iay Avehay onay utecay ommentcay xceptcay Iay ovelay opopay orncay (yes I can say this, years of speaking Pig Latin to my childhood friend)

94% Fat Free, I could drop the "Pig" and just speak Latin. Oh and I could maybe fit into my good butt jeans for my High School Reunion this ummersay

Anonymous said...

I too am doing Weight Watchers so I would love to win your popcorn. I will have to try your popcorn mix - sounds great.

Kirsten said...

I am way too tired to come up with a witty popcorn pun. I love the Kettle Corn so much though, but don't eat it every night for 33 nights in a row because then you won't be able to have it again for like 6-9 months. It's been 2 years since my pocorn-OD though, so I'm all set.

Anonymous said...

Popcorn is always good. Tonight my daughter made some and added M&M's for the little chocolate oomph! Yummy.

Michelle said...

Bring your own popcorn in? Why that's poppycock! (Ok, that's the best I could do at midnight.) Actually, the mixing of popcorns together totally threw me. I can't even eat the Garrett's famous mix. One kind of popcorn at a time for me, please. I know I'm a wimp!

ahnya a excite d com

Anonymous said...

All around the microwave,
the kernal chased the bag,
the bag thought this is great fun,
POP! goes the kernal.

I love popcorn. I have it for dinner a couple times a week and I'm really liking that bowl. Thanks for a fun contest.

kennytina at charter dot net

2boystwingirls said...

I read your blog every day but have never left a comment. But here I am, hoping to win a bowl and some corn for my 865 kids. Ok, so I really only have 4 of my own but I do daycare and watch another 4 and popcorn is BY FAR the choice for snack time! We have a couple of popcorn queens at my table - you wouldn't believe how fast these 1 and 2 year olds can suck that stuff down! LOL!
So please, have a little sympathy for a slightly insane mommy/daycare provider and send us some popcorn and a great bowl to serve it in!

Michelle said...

If you pick a winner on Sunday it's my 37th b-day..popcorn would be a great gift;0)

Stephanie J. Blake said...

We have a running joke at our house...It's kind of gross...but it has to do with poo and corn kernels.

Even my 3 year old will say it.

"Corn? When did I have corn?"

sandyn said...

POPCORN? who doesn't love POPCORN??

I know I Do!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had popcorn for a few months and I think I am going through withdrawal! I need popcorn to feed my growing baby in the belly! Also my son loves it and it keeps him quiet while we watch TV.

mrsmogul (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Once you pop, you can't stop! And by the way, does anybody eat popcorn one piece at a time? If I saw somebody doing that I would have to throw the whole bowl at them. I mean come on, get real.

This is a great giveaway and I love eating popcorn from a giant bowl. I grew up that way and I can't eat it from the bag directly. It just doesn't have the same feel to the experience.


Kara said...

I love popcorn! Funny thing- one of my cats loves popcorn too. The other two don't, but this one will sit and watch me eating my popcorn just waiting for me to drop or throw her a piece, it's hilarious.

i am the diva said...

mmmm now i'm craving popcorn!!!

Would love to win.

Laura at Little Rockstar

Coralyn said...

I love the bowl! :)

Anonymous said...

The first time I went to my hubby's house for a date he made me a wonderful home cooked meal. Then he made a huge bowl of kettle corn and drizzled melted butter all throughout for us to snack on as we watched a movie. He also made homemade, from scratch, chocolate chip cookies for me. Needless to say, I married the man. Also notable: I've gained 50 pounds since meeting him. He's lost nearly as much. How is this fair?

Melisa Wells said...

I am so totally not as creative as all these other people today...I'm exhausted. Maybe if I go to bed early tonight I'll POP right up tomorrow!

(LOL: best I could do.)

Also FYI, I have a contest going on at my place too! If you like magnets and candy (not in the same mouthful), come and see me before Wednesday! xoxo

Michele P. said...

Put it in the microwave
and there it pops
2 minutes, 30 seconds
then it stops
shake up the bag a bit
watch out- its pretty hot
pour it in the bowl
Orville always makes a lot
Its tasty, crunchy
delicious as can be-
who'd ever have known
that Orville is the one for me!
mmmm... I can taste it now, please enter me!

My Two Army Brats said...

Everytime I make popcorn my dogs will sit by my feet and wait. They love to catch the occassional kernel tossed in their direction when I'm feeling generous and how can you say no to those puppy dog faces. They hear the microwave popping and they come running.

My boys love popcorn too but they don't look as cute begging for it.

Pick me, I need to win something this week.

Anonymous said...

Ode to Popcorn
by Alex, 11 years old:

Popcorn is like a yellow flower that has just bloomed. It is salty, crunchy, and satisfies the munchies. Popcorn makes our whole house smell like a buttery spring day.

Cheryl said...

I have decided that I should not read blogs advertising food while "popping" (pregnant!) I hope you're having a fabulous day, Manic... And as always, I'd LOVE to win!! ;)

Amanda said...

I don't have any clever comments this early in the morning but I would love to win! Btw, this is my first time here and I love your blog!

Sara Hantz said...

I LOVE popcorn.... especially the toffee variety... yum (which isn't good on ww points)

Belinda said...

Just popping over to throw my name in the hat and I'm hoping my number pops up when you draw the winners! Corn-y I know! (hee hee).

Billie Wages said...

Manic, here I lie, tethered to this pole, hungry as can be, Diet Coke on the table beside me, and YOU tempt me with ever-lovin' popcorn that is a great partner to go with it.

Single little packages of graham crackers is all they have to offer me from the nurses' station. I need this popcorn.

The IVIG coming down the line to the port doesn't do a thing to satisfy this hunger for popcorn.

I've got days left here! What's a girl to do? Win a bag of your popcorn!!

Ragdoll Billie bh-wages @

Mary said...

I love me some popcorn!!! It's my favorite vegtable! And none of that soggy butter for me. blech.

My fav is tabasco popcorn that I make on my stove. Orville would love it!

Anonymous said...

Living with the post baby belly. Poporn (a la WW) is a mommy's lunch 4/7 times a week!
~Hally (mom to 2 boys)

Aimee said...

oh la la! Love the popcorn! aimeecirucci at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Got Butter !!!!!


BallerinaToes said...

I hope it's not too late to win popcorn! Me and the cat and dog eat corn for breakfast lunch and dinner.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


winners will be announced later this week! Thanks for entering!