Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Build-A-Bear WINNER!

We have a winner for the $25 gift card to Build-A-Bear.

Drum roll please ...

First of all, thanks to all who participated, and for those GREAT poems that were submitted! They were so much fun to read, and they were so creative and clever! And as promised, it is a random drawing, and well, actually, there is no winner ... YET!

Until ...

The first person who already entered in the contest can accurately, identically recompose their poem in the comment section here. Yes, that's it. Copy your poem into the comment section HERE NOW. First person who does so wins. It has to match EXACTLY as you posted it in the entry blog post comments.


And then YOU will be the winner.

I'm waiting.


Kirsten said...

We have penguins, giraffes, and oh yes, some bears
some of the stuffed friends were won at the fair
George is a monkey, the octopus is Inky
A trip through the washer makes all of them less stinky.

Monnik said...

I'd write a poem that's not lame
To win a sweet build-a-BEAR
If it weren't for my coffee deprived brain
That is mostly full of just AIR

Monnik said...

dude. Kirsten. You beat me by seconds.

That is SO NOT COOL. But congratulations!! :)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ah, man, Monnik! If I had TWO to give away, I'd give away another to you!

I will send you something--maybe a CD or something--I'll figure it out!

Congrats to Kirsten though, YOU WIN the $25!!!!!

And yes, Monnik, I will definitely send you a little something for your efforts, and then for your good naturedness for congratulating Kirsten!

: )

Kirsten said...

aww, thanks monnik - my computer was having issues too, so it's amazing I beat you.

And thanks manic ... my son will be thrilled. we just visited build-a-bear on Saturday. Yes, on our trip to the mall, I came away with no clothes, but Cody the penguin got a new outfit. Tell me what's wrong with that!

Hally said...

And therein lies the downfall of living in CA. The rest of the country wakes before I do.

MaBunny said...


Monnik said...

Oh Manic, you don't need to send me anything. Seriously! I won your Mamma Mia contest, so it's really best that Kirsten gets this one.

But thanks!! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Monnik, that reminds me - mamma mia has not plopped on my mat - now I have something to look forward to again!

Michelle said...

Bummer. This will teach me to have a job, won't it? ;) Very fun poems, I must say!

Unknown said...

Oh man! That's what I get for being gone. I would have LOVED this prize!!!!!

Michelle said...

Hey, what happened to your post that I was supposed to go read next? No fair deleting them!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Please send me your mailing address! Email me at manicmommy@comcast.net.