Monday, November 10, 2008

Closet Cleaning & A Treasure FIND!

So the weekend before last, I cleaned out the boys' closet and this weekend, it was Diva's turn, which ended up being a lot more fun than doing the boys' room.

For one, we went to Starbucks first to get some caffeine. I haven't had a latte in F.O.R.E.V.E.R but a grandenonfatthreepumpwhitechocolatelattewithEZwhip seemed to be calling my name ...

... oh Manic?

See, did you hear that?

Well I did, so we ventured to Starbucks, then back to her pit to get started on the closet.

And for two, I haven't played Barbies in FOREVER either!

Messy Room / Before Photos:

I'd hold up two items and tell her to pick one to give up to the hobos. That's what we call Good Will. I have no idea why.

Fun with Snuffy, a highlighter, Ken, a baby, a flamingo in a Barbie car


We got rid of most of her slutty Bratz dolls, and we were planning on saying goodbye to all the Polly Pockets but when it came right down to it, we both couldn't let go.

Next time 'round.

What I want to know is why does she have a supply of bungee cords in her closet?

Then I found MY little Barbie baby from seriously 1974. The crib says Mattel 1974 on the bottom. Look at the eyes on this cutie baby doll. They are like real glass. I took it from Diva, deciding that it no longer belongs in her closet. I mean, this sucker is 35 years old! It's a classic. Do I hear any eBay bids?

This cute baby that is 35 years old!

Going once?

Here are some after pics of the pigsty mess.



All Done!

The best, ABSOLUTE POSITIVELY best find from spending the day in Diva's closet?

I had NO IDEA of some of the treasures she was keeping from me in her closet. I mean, when I discovered this, I about freaked!

Who knew she was hiding the complete collection of the Jolie-Pitt family from me? Tell me this is not a highly coveted collector's item! eBay, here we come!


AutoSysGene said...

Well, now that we know where they're staying you can expect me for dinner! Bwhahaha!

Love the hobos...that is hysterical!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! My mom brought up some of my stuff from when I was little. Her delivery included a Barbie from the early 70's and a bunch of clothes. One of the dresses was a long red, white, and blue bicentennial (sp?)dress from '76. Nice! The rest were retro mini dresses, neon orange mesh bikini cover-ups, and groovy tops. I gave them to my four year old daughter, who digs them. It totally turned her on to Barbies. Yes, now we own the entire Barbie and the Diamond Castle collection.
I cleaned out my son's closet this weekend and gave away three bags of clothes. What a good feeling! Next - the playroom. Complete nightmare!

Bunny B said...

LOL! Hope you get good moolah on that doll family! :)

Eileen said...

When are you coming to do my place?

Sarah said...

OMG, that is hysterical!! It TOTALLY looks like Angelina Jolie!! And you really should put the whole she-bang up on ebay! You'd probably make a killng and get like a gazillion hits on that thing!!!!

And - so noble of you to donate to the hobos, too. Such good people. ;)

Michelle said...

Wow. Now that sounds like ummmm fun. Really. With about six more of those Starbucks thingies you mentioned.

That Barbie is FREAKY looking! Did we really used to play with toys like that? No wonder we turned out the way we did ;)

OH! And I love that door in her dresser. So way cool.

mamashine said...

You know, you really could write a hysterical ebay bid and make a ton of money. That is awesome.

love the pictures of her vamping in front of the clean closet. My girl is the same way- SO HAPPY when it's clean, yet she will not keep it that way. WHY?

Hally said...

Wahoo for clean rooms! And I'm sure if you were feeling generous the hobos would love the Pitt-Jolie family toys.

Mommy In Pink said...

LOL! The Jolie-Pitt thing was hilarious...thanks for making me laugh...and I can't go a day without my latte...I'm a venti chai tea latte, soy, no water, no foam, x-tra hot, 6 pumps kind of girl!

B. said...

Such a cute room! I never had a girly room like Diva. :(

Jenster said...

You give me hope! I told Katie (14) that I would clean her closet/room for her as a birthday present. What was I thinking?? Diva's before pictures have nothing on Katie's. I considered posting pictures on my blog but worried human services would see it and then life as I know it would be completely over. But still, I can do it. I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.

We still have Polly Pockets, too. Maybe this will be the weekend we say buh-bye.

You're so lucky to have the entire Bangelina clan. You should call Christie's. I'm sure some obscure European with way too much money would bid a fortune.

Okay. That's all. Note to self - hit Starbucks before tackling daughter's room. Thanks for the tip!

Monnik said...

ha. ha. HA. The Jolie-Pitts. Love it.

I need to go through my youngest daughter's room like that. But I don't have the energy.

Amanda said...

And I bet by the time I'm writing this comment it looks like you were never there! Isn't motherhood just SOOO rewarding?? LOL!!

You should do a You Tube of the Jolie-Pitts - THAT would be funny!! The likeness is disturbing...

noexcuses said...

I love the Jolie-Pitt family! You are hilarious! I think you would make a really funny video with them. Let your kids do all the voices (except you get to be Angelina)!

I stopped cleaning my kids' rooms about 5 years ago. I just close their doors and walk away...and cry.

You're a great mom, and yes your "mini me" is the greatest prize at the end of the day!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

OMG that girl has a future career in show business.

Lisa said...

LMAO @ Jolie-Pitt Family.

Diva is such a ham.

Anonymous said...

you have no idea how much this post makes me wish I HAD a house again right now!!! Did I mention I am homeless, temporarily? AWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwww.... I miss messy kids rooms!

Amy said...

hahahaha you seriously had me laughing out loud, by myself, in my apartment. My neighbors are going to think I'm nuts. That doll collection is spot-on the Pitt-Jolie fam. (oh, and I love the American Girl doll! I should dig up mine from storage!)

TTQ said...

Down with the slutty Bratz Dolls! I have a bazillion neices and family friends and have always passed those dolls over for the tried and true Barbies.

Then again I still collect them myself. Shhh..But I keep them in their original boxes and in a chest.

Kate said...

I love the Jolie-Pitt family! I showed them to Ryan and he loved them!

And um, I am from 1974 and I am NOT 35. Not yet at least. 8 months. ;)

Anonymous said...

Manic - that Brad and Angie are hilarious.
And Diva is sooooooo your daughter in the posing.

And, I am j.e.a.l.o.u.s! I've been trying to get to my boys' closet for weeks now. I think I may try agin this Saturday - but I'll keep your high-octane methodology in mind before I get started.

Her room looks great.