Thursday, January 29, 2009


Real quick notes (OK, not real quick) on Ajers sex talk for the fifth grade cuz I promised. And yeah, we sat in the back, the last row, and yeah, I actually brought a pad of paper and took notes. It was one of those times I really wish I could have live-blogged it.

On the way there, I asked him if there was anything he wanted to discuss before we got there, and he said he pretty much thought he knew everything. I kind of threw it out there that "you know, when a man and a woman have sex, it kind of has to get hard first."

"You mean like a boner."


Then he told me he knew when Dad and I had sex because he figured it out from when Tukey was born. His birthday is in September so he counted backward nine months. OK, and I am so slow right now in my mind, I can't even figure that out here. Hold on... OK, December. So yeah. Ha, that's funny. So I'm guessing now that Ajers thinks the LAST TIME Mr. Manic and I had sex was DECEMBER! And I JUST THIS SECOND realized this. I should have asked him that in the car. I'm so dumb.

Then he thought about his little cousin Gavvy Gavvy (not his real name, of course), whose birthday is November, and he just turned one. He thought back nine months and said, "Hmmmm, that was in February."

"Yep." I said. And I waited for it. And it didn't take long.

"Hey, we were in Cabo with them in February."



So then I had to call my brother and tell him how funny it is that my son figured out that he and his wife were trying to procreate while we were all on vacation, and when my brother answered his phone, and keep in mind, he is the father of a one-year-old and a three-year-old who was used to partying and drinking Red Bull and vodkas and living it up and now he's like a dad and all, so he answers the phone like this:

"Hell on earth."

Hahahahha. I love it that I can finally laugh at my poor brother's life for he laughed at me for so long for having three babies like I was a crazy fool.

Back to Life Begins ...

Ajers and I are in the car joking about how we'll nudge each other every time they say words like, you know, peni$ and that thing they call a woman's part, and then he said, "heh, what if they say 'insert,'" and that made me laugh.

We get there and we take seats in the last row. I'm expecting a cheesy movie with a talking sperm searching for the egg and a bunch of cartoon sperm bumping into each other flying through the fallopian tubes. But instead there's a woman there with a power point program.

Hmmm. Was not expecting that.

Then she asks how everyone is.

Ajers yells out, "I'M PUMPED!"

He is like obnoxious the first five minutes of this program and I want to smack him in the head. Maybe it was reverse psychology or something, like he was purposely trying to act cool because HE was really embarrassed about it, I don't know, but he kind of acted like he was showing off, yelling out loud and being obnoxious. (I don't know where on earth he gets it--probably his father).


Next she asks about the 10 body systems and kids start shouting them out, and I'm like, hmmm, did not know that! Like circulatory, respiratory, musculatory, urinary, digestive. I mean, if I were given a quiz, I would fail miserably.

She started zooming through to the female parts and here's something I DID NOT KNOW--

The uterus is the strongest muscle in the human body.

Isn't there some urban legend that says the tongue is? Who knew?

Here's something else I did not know --

The largest cell in the human body: the egg cell. Which is the size of a grain of sand.

Smallest cell - the sperm cell, which is 85,000 times smaller than the egg.


So then they talk about puberty really quick, I mean she ZIPPED through this stuff, and when she got to the whole pubic hair part, what she said kinda made sense -- it's there to protect the reproductive parts. To keep out germs and stuff. I guess I always knew that, but still. A nice refresher course.

Skip ahead to when she moves to the power-point slide of--

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS or WET DREAM and Ajers looks at me and goes, "Oh, this."

I nodded at him. "Did I tell you about this already?"

He said yeah.

So she mentions how at puberty semen is made and it gets crowded like if you were to go into a room and it fills up you need to leave the room, which really makes a lot of sense. She explained that at night when the boys are in a deep sleep it will come out and it will not be too much and it will be white and sticky and if it's yellow and smelly it's something else.

This made all the kids laugh. One kid asked what if it happens at a sleepover. Which was a good question. She asked, "What's one thing you DON'T do at a sleepover?" Everyone said, "SLEEP!" So no one is too worried about it happening during a sleepover now.

Ajers raised his hand and I was like, OMG what is he going to ask?

She called on him.

"Does it hurt?"

Oh, my cute baby wants to know if it'll hurt!

She said that when it happens you're in such a deep sleep you won't even feel it. But don't they WANT to feel it?!?!? Don't they feel good? Those are my questions, not my fifth graders, but I didn't ASK them!

THEN, she got to what I was waiting for her to get to, and this is how it went:

"When a man and a woman are ready for a baby, an act of love called sexual intercourse takes place." And yes, I actually wrote that one down so I could get it word for word!

That was it!!!! NOTHING ELSE! That was like the climax without the CLIMAX! Then she spent the next hour showing everyone pictures of a sperm reaching the egg, a one-month old fetus, all the way through to a birth.

B O R I N G ! ! !

Not once did she use the phrase, "The man puts his peni$ into her v@gina."

So after all that, there was a Q&A session, and some kids asked cute things like, "How come we don't remember being in our mom's stomachs?" and "What if the baby doesn't want to come out?"

Then FINALLY some brilliant little boy, who if I knew who he was, I would go up to him and give him a great big hug, asked this pearl of a question:

"How does the man's sperm get to the woman's egg?"

Know what she said?

"Through sexual intercourse."



Feisty Irish Wench said...

Seven years ago, we told our boys that they were going to have a sibling. We got blank stares. I asked "Do you understand what that means?"
::silence from the back seat::
"You guys had s-e-x?"

AutoSysGene said...

Yikes, next they are going to be teaching that the stork still brings babies...

Christy Dawn Yoga said...

Ooo I'm so glad you took notes!! Wish it had been more *ahem* "involved" LOL

Unknown said...

It sounds very different from when I attended a similar class with my son close to 10 years ago. On the other hand, this is a farm community and all the attendees had the mechanics down pat - no questions involving how the sperm got in there. The questions were about the need for deodorant since they "smelled" now. (A class of boys)

It was amusing that one of the questions in our session was did girls go into heat like cats and cows and sheep. I still don't know the answer to that one. {*grin*}

xxxx said...

They spend all that time on wet dreams and they can't explain what intercourse is?!?!

How funny because I was driving home tonight and they were talking about how your parents told you about sex. Most of the callers were like, I had NO IDEA what sex was, but one caller's mom actually used HAND MOTIONS! You know the ones ... the circle, the finger ... yeah. I was laughing so hard.

WeaselMomma said...

That's the part they always leave out! She actually said more than most.

Melisa Wells said...

I agree with Weaselmomma. I'm surprised they told you that much; I think they leave out alot because they are hoping that they are just the INTRO to the sex talk(s) at home.

It's FABULOUS, though, that Ajers feels comfortable enough to talk about it with you. Nice going, Momma!

March2theSea said...

good stuff..i took notes myself. peni$ into a it.

Michelle said...

Lovely. It sounds like there was at least some stuff that was worthwhile and not overly cheesy, but if you're gonna do it that way, go all the way (no pun intended). I'm so not looking forward to this stuff when the wee ones are old enough for it!

Amanda said...

So this wasn't actually sex ed then?! HOLY COW!! I got told more at MY sex ed class age 10 - and that was a while ago (Manic we're the same age, don't get smart) in Lay-back-and-think-of England!

The Tutugirl said...

Are you sure there won't be a similar discussion again next year with more detail? I remember in fourth and fifth grade we had fairly vague sex-ed classes- mostly it focused on things like periods, deodorant, etc, but in sixth grade we had a week of science classes where we really got in to the nitty gritty (minus the feeling good part- they weren't stupid). I even remember one of those awful birth videos, which showed all of the mechanics up to that part from INSIDE the woman. I think it may have scarred me.

MaBunny said...

OMG, how funny! Nicole is in 4th grade - do I have to go thru this next year? ugh...

Jessi said...

Wow. It's amazing how thorough a talk like that can be...without really being thorough at all, lol.

And I never had one of those classes with my parents...gah! That would've been weird back then. I like the idea of it, though.

I'm still giggling at the counting back to when people were having sex, too, hehe.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I'll have to find out if they give the sex talk here in 5th grade...since my daughter is in 5th grade. That would be a good thing to know!