Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"TWoS" DaY

New Feature.
Two Words.
Every Tuesday.
Starting Today
Go Now.

Woke Up
Brushed teeth
Woke Kids
Made lunches
Made breakfast
Kissed Kids
Waved bus
Drank Water
Betty Confidential
FaceBook Check
Called Stacy
Miss Her
Love Her
Cried … cried.
Felt Better
Applied Contacts
Got Period.

To School
First Graders!
They Read!
So Cute
Hi Diva!
Hi Ajers!
Sneaked Hellos!
Left School.
Drove Around
Double Burger
Diet Coke
Upping Iron
Donating Blood
Again Tomorrow!
Need IRON!

Tanning Spa!
Twenty Minutes
Treated Myself.
So Nice.
Quiet Thoughts …
Tanning Bed ...

49 Days
Big 40!
Me Ready?
Hope So.
No Alternative!
Leave Tanning.
McDonald’s Again?
Vanilla Cone?
Why NOT?
Two Points.
Come Home
Write This.
Here Now.

Nap Time?
Really Considering.

Laundry Instead?
Did yesterday.
Thinking … thinking …
Edit Article
“Retiring Ovaries”
… Getting Fixed.

Now Nap?
Twenty Minutes
Bus Soon
This OK?

Sure IS!
Nap Over.
Kids Home.
Plus Two.
They’re Loud.
Homework Time.
Loud Boys!
Sweet Girl
Need Snacks?

More homework.
Tukey Crying.
Bloody Lip?
“Stupid Brother!”
“Hate Him!”
Typical Day.
Every Day.
Nothing new.
Stop Fight.
Make Snacks
Toast Bagels
Cream Cheese
Soft Pretzels
Me: Water

Kids Happy
Me Office.
Some Twitter
Wanna Join?
Go Here:
Know It?
It’s Fun
It’s Addicting.
Like Facebook.
But Faster.
Keep Up?
Get News.

More Fighting …
Out There.
In Kitchen.
I Yell.
A Lot.
Do You?
It’s 4:00
What Now?
Some Work?
Waiting … Waiting …
For Screams.
OK … Quiet.

Tukey's Keyboard.
Puke Noises?
From Instrument.
Age Seven
That’s Expected.
I Guess.

Am Tired.
And Bored.
Want Chocolate.
Will Pilfer…
Found Chocolate
Supreme Dark
More Water.
Half Gallon!

Chocolate Relief!

Should Work.
I Procrastinate.
You know?

Check Email
Nothing New

Another Kid
Is Here.
Tally: Six.

Melty Chocolate
In Mouth.
Happy Me.

Bliss Bliss.

Did BabyZone!

Feel Productive.
Chocolate High.

Oh Yeah!
Forgot This!
I Won
THIS “toy”
From Her
She’s Cool!
Mommy Melee
Gave Blood!

Kids Screaming.
Still More.

More Work

Dinner Time.
Making What?

Hamburger Helper!
So Classy!
Boys Like
Roasted Broccoli
For Me.
And Pasta.

Dinner Over.
Everybody Happy.
Me Included
Drank Water.
¾ Gallon!
Am Full.

Blog Time.
Potty Time
Shower Time.
Work Time.
Eat Frosting.
Diva Too.

More Work.

Done Working.
Tired Now.
Final Email.

Until Tomorrow.

Give Blood?

Last Chance.

I Am!

Pretty Please?

TWOSDay Over.

Peace UP!


Anonymous said...

Love this!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Loved this!

Favorite ones
besides chocolate
were these:
"They're loud.'
"Eat frosting.
Diva too."

Don't forget,
of course
"Got period."

You're excellent.
Happy Twosday!
Good night.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

oh gads
my eyes
hurt now
reading that
was challenging
cool idea

Melisa Wells said...

Just one word: Wow.

Andi said...

two words
You awesome
love you
miss you
chicago summer
Dawn Steph
hope for
more money
trip plan
work out
please pray~

See ya!

Unknown said...

I don't even know how you were able to do that, but it was really cook and funny!

Kirsten said...

Day off
did laundry
cleaned home
sick kid
did puzzles
did puzzles
did puzzles
happy wed
love Lost

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Lotsa Puzzles
Too Hard
For Me

Word Verification

Trish Ryan said...

Nice Job.
You Rock.
Twitter check
I'm in.

Sarah said...

I'm late
So funny
Good job
3/4 gallon?
Lottsa pee?!?

MaBunny said...

Love it!

woke up
made breakfasts
made lunches
drove kids
crocheted blanket
watched TV
blog post
facebook fun
played everquest
did dishes
made dinner
kissed hubby

wow, can't think of anymore, lol.
That isn't easy!

Janelle... said...

interesting idea
you had
with this.
all smiles
from me.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Martha jean and I made it to donate today I just sent you an email with our info and pics!!!!!

Michelle said...

Love it
Tired now
Diet ruins
iron level?
So heard....
Good luck.
Trying tomorrow.