Sunday, February 08, 2009

SuNDaY BLooDY SuNDaY, FeB. 8

Wow, busy week at Manic's Blood Central, and let's just say some of it has not been so grandious, starting with a little bit of "this truly isn't hate mail" --

You guys decide, OK?

I do admire your blood drive. I do understand the need. But, isn't this slightly unfair to those of us who had transfusions that "may be" contaminated? Then we went to Europe for school? We can't donate, unless it is to a family member.

This truly isn't hate mail. I just find this contest extremely discriminating. Good luck though

My response:

I'm really sorry you feel that way. Not meant to be discriminating. Just meant to be a motivation for people who might not think to donate blood to consider donating. Consider this -- am I also discriminating against people who do not read blogs? It's a tough call. I can be discriminating against so many people if we sit and think about it. I'm not trying to be selective here. Just trying to get people to donate. You say you've had transfusions -- aren't you thankful for those people who have donated? What if there was someone who wasn't willing to donate but I've convinced them they should try, and that person had your blood type and he or she was the right type that saved your life? That's all I'm trying to do, not discriminate. I'm so sorry you are not looking at this blood drive in the positive light, in the glass half-full way.

God bless, and thank you for pointing out that you're not sending hate mail, and for wishing me good luck. I just want to save some lives that might not have a chance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I forgot last week to mention my two really great friends donated blood, but didn't have their pictures taken. Thanks to Gina and Cathy, who both suffered GOOSE EGGS (bruises and popped-up bumps on their forearms) from donating, and Gina also had a little incident where blood started spurting everywhere. THAT would have made for a nice photo op! Cathy's O-negative, and her blood went directly to a young boy at her church who was having surgery.

Thank you to my beautiful friends!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then we also have Monique, who didn't know about Manic Mommy's Virtual Blog for Blood until after the fact, so she didn't have a photo, but she still would have donated because she was doing it for a very special reason. For her father! Here's what she wrote:

I got the message too late to take a picture but I donated ... I gave via direct donation for my dad who is having surgery in 5 hours (Feb. 2, 2009). He gave me life now; it's my turn to give that gift back to him. It was the first time I have donated and he was there by my side, it was incredible to know that what I was doing was not only saving a life but it's my dad life I get to save. I gave at the Blood Donar Room at UMASS hospital in Worcester, Ma. on Jan. 26. I can't wait to go back on March 23 and do it again, I love the way it made me feel, I can make a difference.

Thanks for making people aware of the need, my eyes are so much more open now...
Hubby donates next week.


My dad is doing fantastic, he is out of ICU and thriving. He was awake for the entire surgery and spoke with the doctor during surgery; they spoke about the game (super bowl) and of good food, however when the doctor explained to my dad they were starting the transfusion his remark was "Oh, great, I used to be mild mannered now thanks to her and her blood I am going to be BITCHY!" I love my dad and I'm thankful he was still joking even while under the knife. He didn't mind being awake, however he said he did not recommend it if you hate hearing the drill at the dentist because this was much worse.

I don't care about being in the drawing as I already got the best dad.

So glad Monique that your dad is doing well, and thanks so much for sharing your story! It's great to see the success of what donating can do for others out there! Way to go Dad! Glad you're doing well! You've got an amazing daughter there! : )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My story:
Lynn, Chesapeake, Virginia

A virtual blood drive, that's really a cool idea, honestly.

I had, actually, decided to donate blood before I was directed to your web site (and honestly, I'm not sure how I got there. I read a ton of diet and fitness blogs, so it was probably from one of them...)

Last year, my husband and I started weight watchers, and have totally changed our lives. I have lost over 65 pounds (with ~25 pounds left to lose) and my husband has lost +80 pounds. We both now work out regularly, are doing the 100 push up challenge, and I am in training for a 5K, with the eventual intention to walk in the 3-Days for the cure Susan G. Komen breast cancer awareness drive in October.

However, despite all these staggering changes, I really haven't been able to change my "worthless fat girl" view of myself. In an effort to boost my self esteem, I've chosen 2009 as my jump-off point for my self-esteem and happiness project. While doing research on line about happiness and self-esteem, I came across Gretchen Ruben's Happiness Project blog site. (If you have time, I highly recommend flipping through some of her stuff, it's very interesting...)

Anyway, one of the things she is continually saying is "Do good, feel good." All the "you're the greatest" kind of wordy self-esteem stuff really doesn't help. We all hear the mental eyerolls, or the sarcasm, or think people are just being kind (even when they are being completely sincere; if I don't feel good about myself, someone else's praise isn't going to make me feel much better.) So, thinking about do good, feel good, I immediately decided to give blood.

I've never done it before. For a long time, complications with my weight and other illness gave me a great excuse (why would anyone want my blood, it's all icky...) but really, the truth was, I just didn't feel good enough about myself or about life in general to make the effort.

So, yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, I did.

Talking about it with a dear friend of mine and she decided to join me, so I feel good about my own donation, and that I talked my best friend into going with me! Two pints for the price of one battered ego! Good deal, no?

After I made my appointment, I came across your web site and your virtual blood drive. So, thank you! Also, Felicity, the Red Cross girl who did my draw, thanks you as well. She said that was the best idea she'd heard in a long time, and hopes you get a ton of donors!



Check out Lynn's blog here The Hungry Little Caterpillar. She's really an inspiration! And thanks to Lynn's friend for donating too!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~

Manic Mommy,
I don't have a picture of me in the chair. I had a friend take it for me on my cell phone and then I FORGOT TO SAVE THE PICTURE. Please call it New-Mommy brain.

I am not a new donor, but I've only managed to give blood twice ever because of low iron, sickness, or travel outside the U.S. The Red Cross comes to my work every few months and I was so glad to finally be able to give today! And then I found out about your contest (through Because I Said So) about ten minutes before I was due for my appointment!

After having a baby three months ago, and months of OB appointments and being pricked, I didn't figure this pricking was that big of a deal. :) Perhaps I should have done my homework on nursing and giving blood before the donation instead of after--but it IS permissible for the Red Cross as long as you are more than 6 weeks postpartum. And, hey, it gives me a good excuse to eat a huge dinner--nursing plus blood loss! Bring on the beef!

Nashville, TN

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kirsten at Notes from a Human Napkin donated but didn't take her picture and doesn't need another warm vacation because she just got back from St. Thomas! Yes, I am jealous, but I'm also thankful that she donated just for the goodness of her heart, her suntanned warmed heart, no doubt! Thank you Kirsten!!!

Here's what Kirsten wrote:

Congrats with the donors, you are inspiring. I did go and donate last Friday but I forgot my camera. It's OK though, I just went to St. Thomas ~ I don't deserve another sunny trip! I am vowing to give every 3 months at least from now on. Thanks for the push! :-)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for the pint from my very good blogger pal Kim Stagliano, managing editor at and a Huffpo Blogger, who is also an alum donor - two years in a row baby!! I knew she'd have a fun photo to send, and disappoint SHE DID NOT!

Love and thanks KiM!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here's Andi!

After FOUR TRIES, SHE FINALLY GETS TO GET PRICKED!!! Here's what she had to go through to give up her pint!

After the fourth try at four different locations, it finally happened! I was able to donate! I was nearly in tears with joy when the guy, Bill, told me I was set to go with a number of 39! I was so happy to be able to give you these pictures and give the best gift that I ever could. If I win a prize, I am going to email Bill and Rachel who helped make these pictures possible!

Thanks, Stephanie for doing this. It proved that patience and perseverance pays off, plus downing iron pills, red meat, and a few cans of spinach. :)

Glad to help! Glad to finally help!

I am so glad that you and I are friends now. I look forward to meeting you in person one day!

Andi B.
St. Louis, MO

Me too, Andi, me too! Thanks so much for your efforts and for also helping to spread the word! And for befriending me on the 'net! So much appreciate you getting out there and staying persistent to offer your donation!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here's a great post that Care Aware put up about the Blood Drive -- thanks so much! And isn't that a great poster too? Love it!

Care Aware

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And yeah! WeaselMomma accepted the challenge and donated the pint!

I'm now officially one pint low.

Read her story here.

And now, this week, I am going to call out TWO of you, and these are the two I am challenging to donate blood this week.

March to the Sea -- you're it baby! I know you're out there, reading this blog, thinking about the Cheetah Girls and day dreaming about the day High School Musical 3 hits the stores via DVD, but stop for a minute and think about what if like Zac Efron needed a transfusion in order to get his head back in the game? Huh? You'd take a needle for him, wouldn't ya? So yep, buddy, I'm triple-dog daring you to gimme a pint. And I want a photo to prove it.

And my other victim ... Travis, I know you've had a terrible month. Really horrible month. Your house burned down. You're getting your life back on track. You're choosing new green shag carpeting. You probably could use a break, a little distraction in your day. So, I'm giving you permission to take an hour for yourself, go find the nearest blood bank (is there one near you? Maybe you might get a "get out of jail card on this one) and donate a pint. Let me know if you think you can handle this.

If not, one more to the challenge ... Ink and Beans ... and only because you my friend ... you got me hooked on crackFacebook so you owe me dude. You owe me a pint of the red stuff babe. You stole my soul and gave it to Facebook. I want your blood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And finally for the week -- whew! Has it been an INCREDIBLE blood-giving, life-saving week here at Manic Mommy's Virtual BLood Drive or WHAT!?!? We have Mommy Melee!
St. Petersburg, Florida

Before I had kids, I was too scared to give blood. After 9/11 I even waited in line for nearly an hour only to chicken out when I smelled the "hospital" smell of the blood mobile. When I was 10, my grandmother died of ovarian cancer and I spent a great deal of time in hospitals visiting her. That, combined with my insane fear of dentistry (and the smell of surgical gloves) made for one serious wuss.

Then I got pregnant and discovered that you have to give blood approximately 600 times. I got used to it. And I started giving blood in 2007.

A few weeks ago I walked past a bloodmobile and asked how soon after pregnancy I could give blood. They told me six weeks. Since it had only been three, I headed home. But today your blog post reminded me to get with the program. I searched for the nearest location, waited for both my kids to sleep so it'd be easier for their dad to watch them, and then I headed out and gave blood.

Thank you, Manic Mommy. Your virtual blood drive is awesome, and inspiring.

And thank YOU Mommy Melee -- Stop by Mommy Melee's blog because she is currently giving away a very special toy for the ladies, if you know what I mean!

Everyone have a great week, and I hope to see March to the Sea, Travis Erwin, and Ink and Beans here next week a pint short! So everyone who's reading this, please stop by their blogs and tell them Manic Mommy has officially called them out for Blood!


And thanks to all you fabulous donors! This has been the BEST WEEK EVER!


Michelle said...

Yay to all the donors! There are some great stories in here.

Fingers crossed try four works for me. Denied AGAIN this weekend. I will be trying again this week, promise.

And don't let the people unable to donate get you down. Not everyone qualifies, and bummer though it may be, it's YOUR contest. Keep at it, as you are. At this rate, Feb 28 will come and go and I still won't have been able to donate ;)

Andi said...

Thanks, Stephanie. It was cool reading about me when someone else wrote it. LOL! Discriminate? Not on your life! My hubby also can't donate. He is glad I can. Some people you just have to let go. *hugs*

Scott Mooney said...

February is seemingly the longest month of the year this year! :) I know it isn't about the prizes, really, I DO!!! But, this is the first blog-type contest I've ever been involved with (I know, my wife is appalled that I don't get more involved "out there") and I'm so happy to be in on this contest so all I want is for everyone to have donated and for it to be over so I can stop thinking (wishing) that I'll be able to take Wifey down for some funinthesun. I know, I'll never win, but it is killing me thinking about it. :)

I'm sure you didn't intend to cause unbridled anxiety with this little idea of yours but I'm sure you'll be hearing from my lawyer pretty soon-

too much fun....

Care to post a full list of contestants so we can all see what we're up against? I'm horrible, I know. I apologize.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I sense a frustrated donor denied. Perhaps instead of whining about what they can't do, they can post a blog entry of their own, encouraging people to enter your contest. As an extra motivator, they can share their heartwarming/wrenching story of their ability to be here today due to some kind soul who donated blood.
It's a shame they feel like it's discriminatory. Leave the box, the air is fresher on the other side of it. I don't recommend they read my blog. I discriminate against stupidity in general.

Kate said...

I think it's unfair that the Red Cross discriminates against me for possibly harboring Mad Cow Disease after taking my blood for years without worrying about it. Ah well. I think your contest is good and I've tried to promote it to people who can donate. Zolafan says he's on it. I harass him about once a week. ;)

Amanda said...

well if your "not hate mail" buddy feels that strongly I guess they should just hop on over and donate here. We're not so sniffy.

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Fantastic!!! Love the photos. I'd like to find that cool bus next time.

And "discriminatory?" Of course not. I can't enter in a largest penis contest.... If I were Euro I couldn't donate in America. This is a great contest, Manic. Keep it up!


Maria Melee said...

Wow what a lame and hurtful email.

Thanks for the props on my giveaway! So happy you're getting lots of donors.

Unknown said...

Holy Cow! You are doing another blood drive and giving away a vacation? I've stayed there before and that place is GREAT! I'm glad we have the whole month. Now I have to find a place to donate, because I have no idea where to go. Leave me a message on my blog, or email me, and let me know, ok? they used to come to my work every six months but they don't anymore, and I have no idea why.

WeaselMomma said...

Wow! What a successful week. I would like to take personal credit. Unfortunately, I can't.

March2theSea said...

I have been called out!! Oh man. the only excuse I can make up to this point is last week I had strep throat late last week (well I got the dignosis for it). I was out of the office sick Tues and Wed, then got my diag. on Friday. I am on antibiotics. I will do what I can..your hard work is inspiring.

Also, next time tell me Vanessa or Ashley need my can have Zac as I know there are some MM moments w/him! hahahaha

I have been called out..i will see what I can do.

Kate said...

I don't know if he's sent you his pic yet, but Zolafan donated yesterday (or Monday). Yay!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

March, yes, you have been called out! I don't think you can donate on antibiotics so don't go until you are done with them. You have until the end of February to donate. DO.NOT.FORGET!!!!

And Kate, I did get Zolofan's photo today! YAY!

JODI said...

Frist, I want to say the "this isn't hate mail" is just silly nonsense. You made some wonderful points and I hope the postee sees them as educational fact.

Second, I am so bummed I can't give since I had surgery last week...but I am so excited to be sending your way photos of three adorable first time donors.

Then soon to follow my hubby--who donates regularly to help control his cholesterol. See there a donor you never thought about that health benefit to a vein drain?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jodi--you're sending me FOUR donors??? I hope if one of them wins, they take you on the Florida vaca!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me in your challenge Manic. Unfortunately I'm on a medicine that's currently making me very drowsy, and I don't want aggravate the situation by blood-letting. I'll have to take a rain check. But rest assured I'll be back to squeezing out every drop I can spare in no time --- you know how proud I am of my generosity and rare blood type!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ink, well, I tried, but you DENIED! LOL!

mamaerica said...

I tried, really I did! I took my iron faithfully (mostly) over the last two weeks. I was honest about my trip to Mexico (Cancun is perfectly okay), but hang it all, my iron was 36%! That's not anemic, and it's typical for me (thus the constipation-pill popping), but they want 38%, so there you have it. And I can't even try for 2 more weeks, which means I'm out of the running again this year. I'll still donate cuz it's what I do....or try to do anyway, but no Florida getaway this year :-( And hubby's been on heavy antibiotics for the last many moons so no blood draining for him either! *sigh*

Erin said...

Discrimination? Oh my, I've been discriminated! HA! If it wasn't for the fact I can't donate I wouldn't have pushed Hubby so hard to donate. He is O+.

Maybe the person should have sent an email to a friend or family member instead, asking them to donate and if they win split the prize.

Congratulations to everyone who donated! And don't wait till next year's blood drive, mark your calendars now when you can donate next.