Sunday, November 01, 2009

HeRe'S WHaT i JuST DiD

My heart is racing out of my chest but I figured it would. Last night I met a woman in our neighborhood who gave up sugar because she kept getting these uncomfortable sores in her mouth because of sugar. (I'm not getting sores) but because she stopped eating sugar, she lost 10 pounds. I'm like, "Hey I could probably give up sugar, I don't even like it all that much, I just eat it cuz it's there. And everyone knows I could stand to lose ten twenty pounds so why not. So, in preparation for giving up sugar, kind of like how runners prep for a marathon and carb up you know? Well, in prep for that and to honor Halloween, I just had my last taste of sugar.

And no, it wasn't a mini Snickers. In fact, I didn't have a Snickers all day yesterday or today. Does that make you proud?


In fact, I had every single Pay Day my kids brought home. But NOT every single Baby Ruth, almost though. I did have every single Take Five, cuz there weren't that many. I did have every single Heath bar, cuz there were not that many of those either. And I did snag every single Twix bar too. Man, the givers of treats were really stingy with the treats this year (says the lady who distributes Tootsie Roll pops and Air Heads).

But anyway, I am getting ready for bed and said THIS IS IT (ooh, don't forget to check out my last post about the movie, THIS IS IT, which was FAB!), and so I went into the kitchen and binged on a Baby Ruth, the last Heath and one two frosted vanilla cupcakes.

Yes TWO! Like you know how bingers just sit there and eat at the kitchen sink and think of NOTHING else but how the food tastes and how the sugar feels going down your throat and how nothing else in the world matters, and how you should so be on Oprah cuz you clearly have an eating disorder because you show all of the symptomatic psychomatic cyclical crazy obsessive signs? Right? RIGHT! You do that too? Oh.


You want to know the VERY VERY VERY BEST NEWS?

I threw out FOUR CUPCAKES! Just like that I tossed them into the garbage can. And NOOOOO, there was nothing wrong with them! In fact, if you must know, they were CHOCOLATE ONES! WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING! Yes, I committed a cardinal chocolate food sin.

But, this was the first step to my own personal sugar busters plan. Will you join me?

And anyway, for some Halloween entertainment, here are a few photos from last night. While we don't live near my brother and sister in law, I have to share their costumes with you with a little back-story. Last year, they went to a bar in costume, and had no idea there was a big contest, they just love to dress up. My brother went as Michael Phelps. HE WON A TRIP TO GRAND CAYMAN! This year, he went again as Michael Phelps, but had the bong as an accessory.

Alas, he did not win this year and people were coming up to him and saying, "Dude, you SOOOO shoulda won!"

My brother pointed to the winner this year and said, "Man, no worries cuz you see that winner there? That GEICO MONEY winner? THAT'S MY WIFE!!!"

So, last year my brother won a trip to Grand Cayman for HIS COSTUME! This year, his wife won it for her costume! THey are like sooo cool!

And this year we went to our neighbor's for a party. These are our good friend's who we went to Yellowstone with. Now, if you've been reading Manic Mommy for a while, or at least since July, you may have read about our eventful trip and how I was terrified of running into a bear during the hikes and how I am not that much of a sporty person, and how my idea of a vacation is to be horizontal on a beach with a drink in hand. So, as a surprise to our friends, we showed up at their party dressed like Yellowstone campers! And I have to tell you, this is pretty much how I looked after our daily hikes in Yellowstone except for one thing ...

I wasn't smiling!

Happy Belated Halloween, and here's to safe healthy Novembers to you all!


Shelley said...

I am jealous, because my one child that is still young enough to trick-or-treat did not get ONE SINGLE Payday! I love Paydays. I had to eat her Snickers and Milky Ways instead. And the Almond Joys.

Amanda said...

Happy Halloween Manic, and Happy birthday to AJ.

Good luck with the sugar thing - it pops up everywhere!

noexcuses said...

Only you and your therapist can diagnose a compulsive overeating disease....but from one c/o to another, I feel your pain! Good luck! I guarantee that physically, you're going to feel great. Mentally....well, just keep telling yourself that sugar is a toxin and it will kill you dead...or make you feel like you want to be...!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Gut yeast, Manic. Yeast eats sugar and demands it. Thus the cravings that seem so out of control. This is a big problem in autism. Yeast makes you bloated, moody, angry, tired - don't feed the yeast beast. Get a yeast cleanse at a natural food store and Google the no-yeast diet.

Monnik said...

I love your sis-in-law's costume. So cool.

You and Mr. Manic had great costumes too. so great!

Good luck on the sugar withdrawal. I tried to do that. Made it for 2 days, then I ate everything with sugar or HFCS in it sight.

JODI said...

You know you loved every minute of every hike that you took in Yellowstone...and you didn't look like that at all, plus you were smiling. I scanned through all those pictures.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hahah, Jodi -- ya got me! LOL!

CisforConnie said...

OMG! I just gave up all desserts last week! I did SO good at the Halloween party I was at and didn't even touch the giant cookie, but then had a piece of cake last night for my friends bday =/. You're post is getting me back on track though, I'm in!

Anonymous said...

Never, ever, ever throw out chocolate cupcakes again -- please. It was too painful to read. If you like, I will mail you a box with my address and enough postage to send any future cupcakes (or any kind of sweets) my way so that it doesn't have to go into the garbage. Tragedy!!

Michelle said...

I got NO Heath and NO Twix. *sigh* But I did get plenty of Snickers. That are mine all mine because they have corn syrup, and no one eats that in our house anymore. Except apparently me with the Snickers. I'll join you on the sugar nixing -- as soon as I finish up my seven pints of Jeni's ice cream, which might take a few months. I could go for that ten plus gone, too!

Rebecca said...

Good on you with the sugar. For me less sugar makes me obsess about food less AND makes controlling the calories and stuff easier.

Karla with a K said...

Can I still put sugar in my coffee??

I LOVE your costumes. Your brother and sil are great, too. You made me lol with the hair and forehead gash.

Karla with a K said...

btw, what's in the backpacks? "Hydration"?

sarah Pekkanen said...

You are a braver woman than me!!

Unknown said...

Great costumes! How you peopel think up this stuff, and how come I'M not that creative? Geez, I'm so jealous.

So, no sugar. I mean, NONE at all? Like, will you specifically shop for non-sugar stuff? And honestly, I don't know that I could completely give up my sweat iced-tea. Just don't think I could.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Bina--well, PB has sugar in it and I'll eat that -- just not desserty stuff. or juice with sugar, just trying to cut down on a lot of the crap I eat. It's day two--I woke up from having a dream that I had a mouth full of white vanilla cake and awesome white frosting - seriously my mouth felt STUFFED with cake! YUM!