Wednesday, November 04, 2009

PRooF THaT i STiLL KiNDa RoCK aS a MoM

So last night at 2 a.m. Tukey came running into our room and I just figured it was cuz of more aftershock of Halloween (he was in there that night too, saying he 'couldn't sleep, but I know some stuff still scares him).

But actually last night he said, "My tooth came out!"

I was like, "Cool, mfpahsshfsdlfjlsj, get in bed." And I tossed the tooth on the nightstand. Then I got smooshed in the middle of him and Mr. Manic. Then I felt like I had to pee. Then I felt like I had to play tooth fairy. Then I felt like a shitty mom cuz the night before, AJERs ripped out his own tooth which was like his 21st baby tooth and he woke up the next morning and bitched out dad cuz there was no money under his pillow. And yes, he's 12, and proof that I've been sucking lately is that he turned 12 eight days ago and I don't even think in the almost five years I've been blogging on here I have ever missed mentioning my babies' birthdays yet I did this year. So I've been sucking as a mom!

So even though AJERs doesn't believe in the tooth fairy, by golly (yes, I did just say BY GOLLY!) he still BELIEVES IN MONEY and he wanted some! And it was NOT delivered!

So, back to last night ...

I was squished in between two of the top six men I love most in the world, and I had to pee like really really bad. You know how even if you don't have to pee like really really bad but once it's in your head even a speck, and you're thinking about it, you might as well have to pee a gallon cuz you're not gonna fall back to sleep, then you might as well get back up.

OH, and I just remembered something ELSE!

I had ALREADY smuggled two bucks under AJERS pillow BEFORE Tukey's tooth fell out so if Tukey were to get up and discover his brother had a visit from the tooth fairy but HE DIDN'T well then, THAT WOULD JUST SUCK ROYAL DONKEY BALLS, DON'T YOU THINK SO?

So, I got up to pee, stole money from Mr. Manic, cuz I'm really, really, really good at that, and threw the tooth into my nightstand (which you can tell I'm getting tired of this too, because up until now, I have every single tooth in ziplocs with the date, year, child's name, and tooth number listed on it - now they are just discarded into a draw not even knowing which kid's mouth it came from!)

I went back to bed and when I woke up this morning, I'm like, "Tukey, why are you in bed with me? Did you have another bad dream?"

Yes, I am THAT good!



"NO! There is no money!"

"Are you sure? Did you look?"

So we looked, and WOWZERS! There is two bucks there!


Yes, I am THAT good!

And in case you missed Tukey's First Tooth Loss, I was THAT good back then too.

Here's a little video for you to enjoy:


Christine in NJ said...

You more then "kinda rock"... You TOTALLY ROCK!

Hally said...

Totally rockin' mama, but how cute is that Tukey?!

MaBunny said...

hehe, thats a better way to wake up than him coming in there and barfing on your bed!

Michelle said...

Wait wait wait... you have each tooth labeled with the number and hte date and everything? Crap am I falling down on the job. *sigh* And I only paid $0.25, too. NICELY done on your part :)

Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't that just suck royal donkey balls"? God I love you, you sound just like me!! haha


feefifoto said...

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the eight year old doesn't read this blog. If he does, your cover has been blown.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

He doesn't read this blog, and I kinda think he knows the tooth fairy doesn't really exist but he kinda wants to believe that she does. The tooth fairy IS a girl, right? : )