Thursday, November 05, 2009


So, Ajers and I had a date last night. Any time I can get him alone I like to offer a chance for us to talk, and I always ask, "Is there anything you need to know, anything at all you want to ask me?"

"Not really."

"OK," I said, and kept driving. We were going shoe shopping.

About five minutes later he decided he DID have a question.

"I do have a question!"

"OK, ask."

"Was Dad the only person you ever did it with."


I don't even think I thought about lying. I came right out and told the truth and said, "Nope."

He said, "So you did it with someone else?"


"When was it?"

"It wasn't until I was in college." I said. WHICH WAS TRUE BY THE WAY! Technically, it was after high school, the summer BEFORE COLLEGE, like actually TWO WEEKS BEFORE I WENT AWAY TO COLLEGE, so to me, that was COLLEGE, right!? RIGHT!

THANK GOD he didn't want to know more, like who was it, were there more than one, etc. He did however ask this:

"Was he better than Dad!?!?


Here's how I answered THAT ONE:

"NO HONEY! OF COURSE NOT! Daddy is your daddy! I married Daddy! He's the father to my children and I love him very much!"

Then he asked if Daddy ever did it with anyone else and then he answered his own question by saying, "Probably with Barbie!" (which is what everyone in our whole family calls Daddy's little blonde ex-girlfriend.)

I said, "Yeah, probably with Barbie and there's NO WAY SHE WAS BETTER THAN ME SON!"

Hahah. I didn't say that last part to Ajers, but you can damn well better believe I was thinking it!

See, it's important to be open with your children. It really is.

And, when we got home, I high-tailed it to where Mr. Manic was to fill him in on the conversation so if Ajers got to him, we would be on the same page with our info! And cool thing was, he said he would have answered Ajers exactly the same way I answered his questions.

Cool parenting 101!

[P.S. I've been on a blogging rampage lately, so if you missed the post from yesterday, please stop by and read it below - it's more tame - about the tooth fairy!]


JRE Writes said...

manic or not, you are a GREAT mom!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Lolita Breckenridge said...

It really is awesome that you were honest, and that you are raising a kid with such confidence to ask these questions. Kudos, manic.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

It is hard to answer those questions, but important to do so honestly (even if you are cringing inside).
Way to go!

Jen said...

That's awesome... my parents were always really open about sex (at least my mom was with me, my dad and I basically have a don't ask don't tell since I'm his only daughter thereby making me a daddy's girl)... I've really appreciated that in life. My friends parents were either not open or were in denial that there children would grow up and have sex one day. Sure it may have been kind of embarrassing or gross back then, but as an adult, I'm happy my mom never made sex this taboo. Great job.

Kristin said...

My mom was the same way with me. She would ask me if there was anything I wanted to know and it gave me the ability to find out her thoughts on so many things.

You're a rockin mom!

morninglight mama said...

You've set a good example here, Manic, and one that I need to hear, as we're getting into this older age that just TERRIFIES me. :)

Hally said...

Yikes! I just hope that my evil exes are no where in sight when we end up having these conversations. You're such a kick arse mama, Manic!

Kate said...

Good answers! I wonder how I'll deal with questions about hubby's first marriage. Sort of a variation of the who-you've-done-it-with question.

Michelle said...

Go you (again). I can only hope that the wee ones feel that comfortable with me. I unfortunately was 15 and definitely still in high school. And yes, I regret it (NOT a healthy relationship), but hopefully I can use it as a life lesson for them. Love the Barbie reference ;)

sarah Pekkanen said...

Too funny! You handled this so well...