Sunday, January 31, 2010

SuNDay BLooDy SuNDay, PaRT IV, JaN. 31


In an unexpected and very disappointing turn of events, I have no entrants for this week for the MaNiC MoMMy Virtual Blog for Blood Drive. I know a few of you tried to donate this week, but because of low blood pressure or your local blood center being closed at your arrival, you were unable to donate, and I thank you so much for you attempts.

It makes me sad that my efforts are not working this year. IF you do find that you have time to donate to the cause, the blood drive will run through the end of February and I am still giving away a Southwest ticket to one grand prize winner, gift cards to Target and Starbucks, and also a Suave beauty basket with their latest line of products.

For all the details on how you can donate blood which will help save three people in need, and also be a gift to their whole family, please go here: Got Blood? And if you can't donate, please share the link on your own blog or tweet about it - the more people who know about it, the more people who might donate. Thanks so much!

PeaCe uP!


Michelle said...

Sorry, Manic! I actually tried again yesterday but the iron was only 11.8. HOWEVER I think we've figured out the issue. I've been taking a lot of Vitamin D to ensure I stay healthy this winter. Apparently D interferes with the ability to absorb iron. Ergo, I forgo the D for the next few days and try again on (hopefully) Tuesday. Or before you post again anyway!

I've also been told by my local place that Jan was a REALLY slow month for them because so many people had to cancel appointments because of flu and colds. It may not be your efforts but rather people being sick when they want to donate?

Fingers crossed you'll at least have me next week!

Feisty Irish Wench said...

Eligible um...this week actually. I don't know if they can take me or not because I've been with bronchitis off and on since December's menopausal weather, and for so long due to my quack's ability to be a quack. Fired him and looking for a real doctor.
Gonna try though!

naiadkitty said...

I entered! I guess I entered too late! I hope you got my email, though! I'll be going back this Friday, too, so bulking up on the Cream of Wheat and raisins :)

Anonymous said...

I entered and sent you a long email about it on Jan. 26. I'm worried that you did not get it. I will send it again and hope that I get entered into the blood drive drawing.

-Donna W.

Alicia C. Wynn said...

I donated last week, Manic! I e-mailed you last week and resent it again this morning. Don't know what happened!


Moll said...

Well I am glad to read in the comments that some folks have been trying -so I hope you get those e-mails soon. But damn! I am feeling super guilty now. Must. Take. Responsibility. And. Donate. Blood. Now.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ugh! I am so frustrated that I'm not getting these emails from you all who donated!!! Please try to resend your info to me at both of these email addresses: and

And THANK YOU SO much for donating!!! I will respond to you as SOON as I get your email so you'll know I got them!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Alicia, Donna and Naiadkitty, please leave me your email addresses in the comment section and I will email you all and maybe if I email you first, then that will allow you to then email me your information. Something if obviously wrong with my email account over here. If you're concerned about it, I will delete them from the comment section as soon as I get them!

Suz said...

Hmmm, my coworker, Crystal, said she sent you an email with pic on 01/14 but got no reply.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Suz--I did get Crystal's and sent her a reply note! Thanks for this!! I actually had ELEVEN donors I had missed from my other email account that hadn't been redirected to my main email!!