Monday, February 08, 2010

MoNey MoNey

So, in another crazy attempt to get my kids on board in helping out around the house, I concocted another hairbrained plan. Once I tried to give them a dollar a day if they stuck to a list of chores. Once I decided to give them a set amount of money per week that they could use as they wished for all our activities we would do (movies, books, ice cream treats, outtings, etc.). This time, it's something new. It's Day One on this new financial incentive plan.

It's called MONEY RULES, and here's how it works. We googled "Dollar Bill Images" and photocopied (apparently illegally, but not full-sized, double-sided) dollar bill images. Then we cut out a bunch of them to use as our weekly money ... (Well, I'll just copy and paste the instruction sheet Diva and I made up for everyone):

Each Monday each kid starts with 10 singles. Weekends are exempt to money but not to helping being a team member of this family! You can lose a dollar but cannot gain dollars back. Once it’s gone for the week, it’s gone. In the beginning, as we learn the program, I will give you one warning. If there’s something that needs to be put away, I’ll tell you once to put it away. If it’s still there, a dollar is gone. End of the week, you get to turn in the "fake" money that you have left and get real money.
Chores/Expected Behavior:

Lunchboxes brought to me, icepacks put away.

Cups in sink, rinsed out.

Breakfast plates cleared, lunch, dinner cleared.

Towels hung, soap placed on soap holder in shower. Washcloth rung out and hung on shower door or over faucet.

Clothes put in dirty basket when dirty or folded and put back in drawers when not.

Any fights/arguments/tears/ automatic dollar taken, no giving back.

Help with laundry when asked.

Help with garbage/recycling when told.

Brushing teeth/peeing in a.m. and at bedtime without being told.

Backpacks in laundry room.

Coats/shoes in laundry room or garage.

No talk back or freshness to me.

Trying to what you are supposed to eat without drama (specific to Diva).

Clean up room when told.

Going to bed when told.

No attitude.

Keep personal belongings in your room and out of the family room (itouch, phones, toys, etc).

No nudity around the house.

Thank you! Management

~~ ~ ~ ~~

I don't know. I give it three days. Four tops before they say, "Screw it mom, keep your effing money."


Moll said...

Good luck. But I thin you're right. Three days 'til they tell you to suck it. ;)

Unknown said...

oh i like this plan!!! really like it...let them smell and feel the money -- the more tangible the better!

xxxx said...

I love that "no nudity in the house" is one of the rules. HA HA HA HA.

March2theSea said...

No Nudity got a chuckle out of me.

Shelley said...

That list made me chuckle, because I have a teenager that would OWE ME money before Monday was over. She's never hung up a towel in her life, and doesn't do anything without attitude. Hmmm...I see this as a possible money-maker for me... ;) If you can get your kids to get into those habits before they're say, 15, it might be better for everyone. I'm working on it with the little one!

Anonymous said...

So clever! I hope it works!

No nudity...LOL!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Funny thing on the No Nudity rule is that I've caught both boys twice showing off their butts, even though that rule was kind of put there as a JOKE!

Sarah Pekkanen said...

Oh thank GOD you don't expect them to follow this because I was feeling like a slacker parent. My kids could maybe handle one thing on this list, and it isn't "no nudity."

Texasholly said...

This is such a hard thing to keep up with. I have given up...kinda. Good luck to you. And btw what do you have against nudity? hahaha. My kids would be broke over just that rule.

Anja Rosenthal in CA said...

Hmmm... I think you are running the risk of instilling questionable values - i.e. a fixation on $$S´s - in your children with this strategy. No offense, but I kinda hope they´ll tell you to shove it =)

Why not instead suggest a special family outing (like a trip to a "color me mine" place where everyone can paint a mug for another family member; or a museum visit?) or a creative session as an incentive for a week of great "family teamwork"??
For example we LOVE dressing up goofy/crazy/(insert theme here) and then take pictures of ourselves with the self timer...

With a little bit of creativity, I find it is SO EASY to find something else than money as a reward for kids´ cooperation.
And as a bonus for myself, I avoid much of the tiring pleading/arguing and I actually have crazy fun with my chicks...

I´ve found with my kids, it works like a charm to turn chores into a fun family-team-time. We put on music to jump around to, have healthy yummy snacks, and cleaning/tidying up rooms becomes a party! How does dancing and singing while doing chores together sound?

Glad to hear that the "no nudity" rule was a joke - I was wondering if you were trying to grow an unhealthy/uptight body image in your kids. Nudity should feel safe and comfortable at least in the realm of your own little family - a protected space from the weirdness of the outside world.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Anja, thx for your comment, clearly you are not familiar with my family or my tactics on getting them to do things around the house! The money thing has got them very motivated (so far anyway!)

And yeah, the nudity, it's all over the place! Appreciate the suggestions! : )

shopgirl said...

Manic Mommy - can I come live at your house? I have to do all of this myself and I don't get anything - no fake or real money!! Hmmm...I wonder if the dogs could follow this: All doggie toys, must stay in one room and never, ever on the stairs!!

Good luck with your Money plan!!

Unknown said...

Love the rules, but I find it hard to believe any kid will still have money left over. I know MINE wouldn't! LOL LOL

Dawn from CA said...

Manic I LOVE your plan and am going to try it with my kids if you don't mind! Let's face it...our kids need/want money for little things all the time, and many times I don't want to give it to them (even if it's only a buck) because of their attitude, fighting with siblings, and/or their laziness about helping around the house. I don't give a set allowance right now, and this would be a way to give each kid their own cash but with THEM in control of how much and whether or not they get to keep it. It seems that it will put the responsibility back on them to be aware of their behavior and do the chores they are supposed to... without me constantly nagging and breaking up arguments. Let us know how it goes!

By the way, some of the responses to your last couple of posts made me realize one of the reasons I don't blog...I don't want to hear from all the "high and mighty" moms who think you need their opinion on everything and who are so quick to judge. Lighten up people!!! Manic is a real mom and this is real life...if you don't like the way she deals with situations or how she parents her children--go somewhere else! I'm sure there are plenty of blogs out there where all the "perfect" parents congregate.

Love ya Steph!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thanks Dawn! Hahah, feel free to take the idea. Each kid got their 10 bucks the first week but I was kinda lenient. Next week I am cracking down. But they all DID clean up so well and step up to the plate big time to help around the house to earn their money this week. So we'll see how the next week goes. And hey, if you want a good laugh, check out the recent comment on the McD fight -- some lady took me SERIOUSLY on some of the jokey parts of that post! OMG!

Dawn from CA said...

Hey Steph,
I did see the McD comments (part of what I was referring to.) Geez Louise. I can only imagine what people would say to me if I confessed some of the language and antics that go on around here.
I think you were RIGHT ON in standing up to that little thug. We live right on a park and see a lot of fights, and I'm always the crazy lady yelling over my fence that I'm calling the cops! :)