Sunday, February 21, 2010

SuNDaY BLooDy SuNDaY, PaRT VII, FeB. 21

Another Sunday, another bunch of great Manic Mommy blood donors to showcase to you! First up, we have the aweome Travis and his lovely wife, who are from Amarillo, TX! I can't remember when I first met Travis on the 'net but it was probably through the elusive and famed Miss Snark, God rest her Snarky soul, even though she is not dead, she is still a wondrous mystery to many of us writers who is greatly missed for her wit and writing wisdom! Travis is a cool dude and he has a great following on his blog, OneWordOneRungOneDay which I almost called One Word One Ladder! Check out what he wrote about his blood donation and penises HERE. He's very funny. Thanks Travis, and Mrs. Travis, for taking one for the Blood Team, and for helping to spread the word! One Rung, One Day, One Vein at a time!

And as a man of many words, here's what Travis said when he sent in his blood photos:
"Here you go. Both me and my wife, Jennifer donated and of course you were what inspired us."

Next up, we have Melanie's beautiful arm, and how awesome is Melanie because SHE does this for a living! No, she doesn't DONATE blood for a living, but she works for the Red Cross in Montclair! She saw my Tweet on Twitter and posted her pic there and Retweeted to me (see, it DOES WORK!) and there ya have it! Another donor for the Manic Mommy Blood Drive, and now we are FB friends and all that!

Thanks so much Melanie! And give that cute little Blood Drop guy a hug for me! You know what I mean! I wanted to post his picture too but couldn't find him on your FB page!

And I'll let Ashley tell her amazing story right here for you all:

Hey Manic Mommy,
My name is Ashley W. and I'm from Kirksville, MO. I've been donating blood since I was first eligible at age 17. I always saw my mom and older siblings doing it, so it just seemed like the natural thing to do! I missed a few valuable years of donating because I thought you couldn't donate when you are nursing. I talked to a few friends and they said they thought the same thing! So I just want to get the word out there that you CAN donate when you are nursing! It just has to have been at least six weeks since you gave birth. And you need to drink lots and lots of water! I'm currently nursing a 9 month old and I've donated 3 times in his life with no problems at all. It is so, so easy and so many people aren't eligible - so those of us who are need to do our part! Thanks for doing this!

Ashley, thank you so much for sharing this information because I had no idea about this either! And what a gift you have been giving for so long! I want to teach my children what you have been taught - that donating blood is good and natural and can be done at an early age and can help so many people! Thank you for sending in your beautiful photo and for donating while nursing and letting other nursing mothers know this information! I hope you are enjoying your new baby boy!

And everyone out there who's been reading these posts for the past SEVEN WEEKS thinking about donating blood, you still have a full week where you can get out there and get to your local blood center and GIVE A PINT of your BLOOD to save three lives! It's IN YOU! Please, do it for the LIVES of someone who really needs it. You never know, you may need it from someone someday.


All the details can be found here:

Please, donate a pint of your lifesaving blood or share this post with those you know! All who donate are entered to win prizes including a Southwest Airline ticket, Suave products, and various gift cards!

Thank you! From the bottom of my heart!

The Blood. It's in you.
Give it to someone who needs it to live.


Unknown said...

you're doing good work here. !

Suz said...

Just FYI, the blood center where I live would NOT let me donate while I was breastfeeding my twins. Something about needing all the energy I could get...

I hope to donate again this week - keep your fingers crossed!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

SB--thank you!

Suz--good to know! I wonder if it's different cuz you were BFing twins?

I hope you can donate this week! I'm going Thursday!

Michelle said...

Hey Steph, I finally got it in. Whoo :) btw, I haven't seen an end date listed. Is it still Feb 28?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

YAY MIchelle! And yep, last day of the month is last day to donate! Thanks so much! Just saw your pic, you look GREAT!