Tuesday, August 03, 2010

GeoRGia'S KiTCHeN BooK GiVeaWay & aWeSoMe CoNTeST

Update: Georgia's Kitchen

 Winner Announced:

Congratulations to Kristin of Let's Take A Road Trip! You have won a copy of Georgia's Kitchen! Send me your address and I'll send you a copy!

Hey you guys! So, part of my new job is that I get info on awesome debut books and today Jenny Nelson's new book came out! ... BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Georgia's Kitchen!

Here's a quick blurb:

Talented chef Georgia Gray, 33, has everything a woman could want—the top job at one of Manhattan’s best restaurants, a posse of smart and savvy gal pals who never let her down, and a platinum-set, cushion-cut diamond engagement ring courtesy of Glenn, the handsome entertainment lawyer who Georgia’s overbearing mother can’t wait for her to marry. The table is set for the ambitious bride-to-be until a scathing restaurant review destroys her reputation. To add salt to her wounds, Glenn suddenly calls off the wedding.

Brokenhearted, Georgia escapes to the Italian countryside, where she sharpens her skills at a trattoria run by a world-class chef who seems to have it all—a devoted lover, a magnificent villa, and most importantly, a kitchen of her own. Georgia quells her longings with Italy’s delectable offerings: fine wine, luscious cheeses, cerulean blue skies, and irresistible Gianni, an expert in the vineyard and the bedroom. So when Gianni tempts Georgia to stay in Italy with an offer no sane top chef could refuse, why can’t she say yes?

An appetite for something more looms large in Georgia’s heart – the desire to run her own restaurant in the city she loves. But having left New York with her career in flames, she’ll need to stir up more than just courage if she’s to realize her dreams and find her way home.

And to celebrate, Jenny's hosting an awesome kick-butt giveaway. Here are the details:

Georgia’s Kitchen Giant Giveaway!

When you order Georgia’s Kitchen the week of the book’s release (THIS WEEK - THROUGH AUGUST 6 ONLY!) and email your receipt to jennynelsonauthor@gmail.com, you’ll be entered to win this fantastic giveaway. (Any bookstore, online store, will do!) Send in your receipt (TO JENNY at the above email address) and you could win a basket full of books, magazines and foodie goodies, including:

Everyday Italian by Giada DeLaurentiis
After You by Julie Buxbaum
Super in the City by Daphne Uviller
She’s Gone Country and Flirting with Forty by Jane Porter
Girls in Trucks and Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch
I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti by Giulia Melucci
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

A one-year subscription to either: Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking or Everyday with Rachael Ray

A $50 gift certificate to Crate & Barrel

Details can be found at: Jenny Nelson's Website

You can find her on Twitter to Re-Tweet the contest at: www.twitter.com/jennygnelson

Or on Facebook to Fan & Share at: Jenny Nelson's Facebook Page

Links to BUY the book:
Amazon: Georgia's Kitchen on Amazon

B&N: Georgia's Kitchen on B&N

And yep, because I love you all, I am going to give away a copy here on MaNiC MoMMy, since you've all been hanging around for so long listening to me blather on about snakes and such (You heard we had our THIRD snake, didn't you? See previous post for details AND a picture -- YUCK!).

So, just leave me a comment and I will choose a winner soon. And I do also have the three previously mentioned books to share with you and give away soon too - Jenny's book was just released today and this contest is only being offered THIS WEEK so we had to put a RUSH on it. So go out and buy it now for yourself, send the receipt to Jenny to enter to win that great basket full of books and prizes mentioned above, and then enter here to win another copy as well!

I love sharing great books with you and hope you enjoy it too!

PeaCe uP!

~MaNiC MoMMy


Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading Jenny's debut book.

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I always love reading your blog first thing in the morning!! So glad you're back!
Can't wait to get my hands on Jenny's book...wouldn't we all love to escape to Italy??

Have a great SNAKE-FREE day!!

searchergrl said...

I met Jenny Nelson at facebook and she is so nice and accomodating. I Love her and looking forward for so long for her debut book. You may be slytherin coz snakes are somewhat attracted to u

Anonymous said...

Okay...my 1st time entering in one of your contests :) I wish my self luck!!!! I love books, we have so many my husband keeps telling me I have to downsize (he doesnt read).I keep telling him that he has to be kidding, does he know how many memories are w/ these books?? I remember the 1st time I read them..during pregnancies, having those babies in the hospital, middle of the night feedings where either the baby didn't want to go back to sleep or I didn't, when they were sick and I couldn't sleep, times my husband and I fought and I couldn't sleep. You get the picture...they are a part of me, of my family. I will NEVER let them go, I will just keep accumulating!! I love love love a good book that I NEVER want the ending to come. Thanks for the blog and the oppurtunity to win some good reads!!! GoOd DaY to you!!

Erin T. said...

I love your blog. I love adding your book recomendations to my list of books to borrow from the library. I have to borrow from the library or I'll go broke from buying books! I'm disappointed though. The Carol Stream library doesn't have A Maze of Grace. I'll have to see if surrounding area libraries have some sort of sharing policy...

Sorry to hear about all your snakes. While I like snakes (I have a pet ball python) I would not want to find wild ones in my yard... That's a little weird to say, isn't it?!

Kristin said...

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Just saw this book on Therese Walsh's giveaway and I definitely want to read it.

Autumn said...

Sounds like a great read!! Would love to read it!

Alyse said...

Sounds like exactly what I have been looking for in my next read! Would love a copy!!!

Sarah said...

I have read so many good things aboit this book! I would love to read it:)

Bridget said...

Oh boy! This book sounds good. I love to eat and want to go to Italy as soon as the kids are all employed! Scary snakes. At least you caught the one in your garage. Love your blog.

Denise in MA said...

Yup, still here...still reading (your blog and tons of books this summer). So would definitely love a new author to add to my list. Crossing fingers I win this time!

bdgibson at hotmail dot com

Making It Work Mom said...

love your blog, love a book
'nuf said

Patti said...

Fingers crossed, I want the book. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Erin said...

You have time for book giveaways with all the snake drama?? you are super mommy! :-} Book looks awesome!

keltban said...

Book sounds fantastic...I would love to win!!

Hope there aren't any more snakes in your future!

Amanda said...

I would love to win this book!!

Kristin said...

I won! I won! I won! :) Yeah! This makes my day so much better.