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PRICELESS by Nicole Richie

Winner: Melissa tmd36
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When I heard that Nicole Richie had a book out, I had to admit, I thought it was a tell-all memoir. Imagine my surprise when I learned that Nicole is not only a philanthropist, a designer, a fashionista, an actress and a mother of two, she’s also a talented fiction writer and a New York Times bestselling author of the previously pubbed The Truth About Diamonds, 2005!

Priceless is a book that digs deep into the exciting life of 22-year-old Charlotte Williams who has it all – money, fame as a talented singer, celebrity, great friends, and the New York city lifestyle any young woman would wish for. But when her father is arrested for fraud and the family’s bank accounts are frozen, Charlotte escapes to New Orleans to rebuild her life. From Manhattan to the French Quarter and LA, this tale will give you a sneak peek into a rich life that Nicole Richie has created – the fun of this book is wondering which parts are fiction from Nicole's glamorous celebrity life though!

To enter to win PRICELESS, tell me three things in your life that are PRICELESS to you, NOT INCLUDING the obvious, like spouse, children, family members, pets! For me, my three priceless items are:

~My signed copies of books from the authors I love.
~All of my photographs.
~All of the pictures and letters my children have written and drawn for me.
~My diamond ring my mother gave to me and my engagement ring my husband gave to me.

OK, I wrote down FOUR!

Your turn!

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Literary Chanteuse said...

Three things that are priceless to me are:

1. A shawl that used to belong to my grandmother

2. The very first picture my daughter drew of our family.

3. My photos that I took while backpacking around the world.

When you have to narrow them down to just three it's surprising what one chooses.


Ronit said...

1. The mirror on my dresser that used to belong to my grandmother

2. Collection of ticket stubs from special events over the years

3. The sweatshirt I borrowed from hubby on our 2nd date and never returned

Anonymous said...

1. Photos of me with my Dad. There are very few.
2. My Teddy bear that I'm sure was a hand me down.
3. The memories from the two vacations I took with my Mom to Tokyo and San Francisco.

TaraUB in IN

Brantly's mom said...

~A quarter minted in the year I was born. I found this in my grandmother's jewelry box after she died.

~A pearl ring my mom and dad gave me when I was 17 because my dad gave it to my mom when she was 17 and I will pass it to my daughter when she is 17.

~The fact that I am 30 years old and don't know anyone else my age that can say their parents have been married for 43 years.

~When I got married, two other women I know got married within 4 months of months and I am the only one that can say I am still married.

Megan said...

The things that are priceless to me are:

1. My great-grandmother's engagement ring that I wear every day

2. All of the art that my brother has given me that he has made

3. The memories of my mom's best friend

Margie said...

Some things precious to me....
-photographs from our family vacations
-cookie jar that belonged to my husband's grandmother
-my growing collection of indoor plants
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

Emma S. said...

I lost three of my grandparents at a young age. My paternal grandmother when I was 11, my paternal grandfather when I was 13 and my maternal grandfather when I was 14. I wish I had more time with them, so really value belongs from them or that remind me of them.

1. An aquamarine ring (which is my birthstone) that my grandmother gave me.

2. A cuckoo clock that that belonged to my grandfather.

3. The nightstand and marble track that my papa built for me.

Ally said...

1) all my old journals 2) the e-mails I printed out of when my husband and I were dating 3) my blog books

BRN2SHOP9 said...

My family
2 necklaces that belonged to my great great grandmother
Old photos

Brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

Laura Kay said...

1. all pictures.
2. a necklace of a mother holding a baby pendent my husband gave me after we had our first miscarriage.
3. my mother's wedding rings

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I had no idea she was so accomplished! But usually creative people are creative in more than one area, so maybe not so surprising.

Okay, 3 priceless things:
1. my grandmother's antique sideboard and the letter she wrote me when she gave it to me, detailing the piece's history in her life with my grandad.
2. Original artwork by my great-grandmother, my kids, and a family friend.
3. Family photographs.

I could go on, but I'm something of a rule follower. :)
Thanks, MM. You rock!

rachel e. said...

1. The tennis bracelet my husband gave me on our wedding day.
2. My kitchen aid mixer (I LOVE to bake).
3. Our (my parents') two dogs. Love them to death

Anonymous said...

Things that are priceless to me:

1. Books - I love to read and working at the library is nice.

2. My love of dancing. I'm not any good but it makes me feel good.

3. The internet. I don't know what I would do without it.

-Donna W.

IandSsmom said...

3 things priceless to me:
1. my mom's glasses- still feels like I'm with her when I hold them.
2. photos- memory stick- that is where my pics are :)
3. my books! I just love them!
Of course these are just material things but still I'd hate to loose them!!
I thought the same thing when I saw she wrote a book and really forgot about it! I really want to read this!

Ready To Be A Momma said...

My three priceless things are:
1. all of my photos
2. all of my momentos and memories from high school
3. my Willow Tree figurines that my husband has bought me

Crystal said...

1. My engagement ring (actually anything my fiance ever gave me)

2. My pictures from Europe (I've been to 8 so far)

3. George. whom I took to school as a child. and claimed to be my brother. (of course he was very "curious") :)


MonaLisa said...

1. The hand crocheted lace like scarves that my mother makes. She is 76 and she doesn't make many anymore due to her eyesight. I have about 10 of them and will always have this small piece of her to keep.

2. Memories of the stories and funny things my children said as small children. The stories were so frequent and creative that we call our daughter's "rachelisms". She made up a whole other imaginary land called lemon world where all her stories were based.

3. Time for myself. I have a 13, 9, and 4 year old so someone always wants something from me. When I don't hear someone yell "MOM!!!" that is priceless.

val said...

1. the letters and cards my grandmother sends me, i keep them all!!

2. the recipes my mom has started to write down for me

3. photos

CAnative said...

1. The hand prints and foot prints of my children

2. The weekly lunches with my mom and sister (when my mom lived in the area)

3. The cross-country trip with my husband


faithspage said...

1. any item my daughter have given me.
2. any picture she has drawn for me
3. a picture of my grandfather and i. and the time i had with him.

kyfaithw at aol dot com

Juliet Farmer said...

my college diploma, the photos from my wedding day, and my race for the cure survivor medals

jdstec said...

my angel necklace that belonged to my MIL
quiet moments alone
my garden

Denise said...

1) my grandmother's diamond and pearl earrings, and the little wooden bunny she kept in her car, that my grandfather kept in his car after she died.

2) Buddy, the sock doll my great grandmother made me when I was born.

3) I've been to 11 countries and all over the US, and instead of buying souvenirs, I buy jewelry everywhere I go. All that jewelry is priceless to me.

The Jagow Family said...

The three things that are priceless to me are:

1. All of my pictures and scrapbooks!
2. My engagement ring that my husband gave me...he thought I would change the setting, but I love it more because he picked it out.
3. My camera(s) to continue to capture priceless memories.

Leah B said...

1. My photos
2. The rocking chair my dad brought back from overseas that has now been handed on to me
3. My wedding ring

Krystal said...

1. The aquamarine (my birthstone) ring my grandparents gave me when I turned 12.

2. The earrings my grandmother gave to me for my wedding that were her grandmother's.

3. All of my pictures. Having lost all of the dating and honeymoon pictures I had with my husband when our home was broken into, I REALLY learned how priceless they are!


Anonymous said...

1. the memories of the summers I spent with my Grandma on her farm

2. non-posed pictures of my kids, especially from when they were little

3. my Blackberry (at least until I get an iPhone)

Jonessa said...

1. My photos!!!!!
2. The shawl my mom made me. I call it a hug.
3. My wedding ring
4. My kitchen (it is my escape)

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Priceless things (I've actually run around my house grabbing things when my roof caught fire once):

1. The quilts I've made
2. My Singer Featherweight Sewing machine
3. My engagement ring

Lynn said...

I had no idea Nicole Ritchie was an author! I love the person she's become!

1. photos and their backups on my external hard drive
2. jewelry my mom and grandma have given to me
3. my iphone (corny, yes, but I'd be lost without it. Literally...I use the gps all the time. lol)

Liz said...

Priceless to me:
1. All photographs, especially of my babies and my wedding day.
2. My Masters Degree!
3. My story.

Anonymous said...

1. Love of your family.

2. The opportunities that you are given in life.

3. My computer.

Jencey Gortney

Writer's Corner

Unknown said...

Photos of family members I've lost over the years. :(
The first love note from my boyfriend.
The pet rock my nephew decorated for me. :)

Jenn3128 said...

Three things...

1. my ipod. I couldn't survive w/out music

2. the little boy porcelin doll my grandma made

3. my mothers ring, hubby designed it and had my 2 girls birthstones placed just so.

absolutahnie said...

1) my mother's engagement & wedding rings

2) a bed spread that my great grandmother crocheted

3) two mermaid dolls that my nephews gave me when they were 5 & 3!

Carly said...

1) The untanglible love (familial, romantic, and platonic)

2) The baby blanket that my grandma made for me (now tattered and torn)

3) My wedding & engagement rings

Carly Haynes

Melissa said...

I'm with you on most of these:

My engagement ring
My photos
My religious traditions (I can't be without our Shabbat rituals!)

Lindsay Elizabeth said...

I am also surprised to learn that she is an author!

1. The ring my parents got me for my 16th birthday that I wear every day.
2. The scrapbook my mom made me for my college graduation.
3. My boyfriend box with all the stubs, programs etc. from the early days of dating!

Erin T. said...

My priceless possessions are all passed down from Grandparents:

1) Antique porcelain doll from my Great Aunt Nora who never had children of her own. She wanted me to play with it and love it as much as she did as a child. Needless to say my mother nixed that idea and thank goodness because it's still in tact.

2) Antique China vanity set from my Grandmother who passed away when I was 4. I don't have many memories of her other than visiting her in the hospital and telling her that her long red fingernails were witches nails.

3) Silver "spoon ring" from my Grandpa - he made it from his mother's silver serving set. My Mother & Aunt have one (siblings)as well. I'm the only grandchild to have one because he passed away before my other female cousins were old enough to receive one.

And I'll give you a 4th:
Gold watch from my Great Grandmother.

Melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

Curious about this book since I tried to read Lauren Conrad's books and couldn't get past the 1st chapter...hopefully this one is better?

Things that are priceless to me:
1. Spending time with my husband and daughter (did it have to be a material possession?)
2. Photo books I've made with all of our photos so far
3. Riding my bike with my husband

I guess I'm not very into my possessions.


Mom'sLove said...

three priceless things:
1-necklace from a friend after I delivered her boys.
2-my journals
3- a letter from my dad saying I'm his hero.

Amy Nichole G said...

1. All of my photos, especially of my wedding.

2. A bracelet of my favorite aunt's that I received when she passed away.

3. A piece of custom wrapping paper. Each year my husband wraps one of my Christmas presents in brown paper and then draws pictures depicting things that occurred throughout the year.

Amy Nichole G

Susan @ The Book Bag said...

Priceless to me:

1. My photographs
2. Antique pendant watch that was my grandmothers
3. Books - I can't imagine living with them

kathygold9778 said...

Hmmm....let's see


My took

Family momentos that have been passed down to me

LizzybethDJ said...

1. my teddy bear that my Bompa (mom's dad) gave me 38 years ago when I was 4

2. the pearl ring my mother gave me when I turned 16. It's been in our family since the late 1800's.

3. the stuffed doll my grandmother had made for me when I was little - it's supposed to be a mini-me.

And, now I need to go home and find that mini-me doll - it's been packed away since I moved in with my husband when we were dating and do massive house renovations.

Lizett34 said...

1. My pictures
2. A rabbit that my older sister gave me. She passed away when I was 18.
3. My purse collection. I know that sounds superficial but I worked hard to purchase those on my own.

BrendaL71 said...

1. A dress that my grandmother crocheted for me as a baby.
2. My diamond earrings
3. My job...I'm just so lucky to have a good job.

your invisible pixie said...

1. My pictures
2. the ring i wear everyday that says "love" on it
3. all of my boxes that have ticket stubs and notes from over the years

Bethy said...

Some of the things that are priceless to me are:

An old victrola that has been in the family for 80+ years.

All of my photo's and scrapbooks.

All of the cards, pictures and momento's my kids have made me over the years.

There are more...but those are about the top 3.

equinn726 said...

Three things that are priceless to me:
1) My wedding photographs and an album of pictures of my husband and I on a vacation we took 4 years ago to Hawaii.

2) A tiny pearl necklace my grandmother on my father's side gave me for my first communion

3) A prayer shawl my aunt knitted for me when I moved to Colorado.

The Poty's said...

1. The few things I have of my Grandma's: her cedar chest that was a gift to her from my grandpa when they got engaged, her china even though it's cheap stuff, and a stetson hat she have me that was my great grandpa's.

2. The box of little momentos I've kept over the years of different things my husband and I have done.

3. All of our pictures

Joelle said...

Three things that are priceless to me....wow...this is hard.

1. My carnelian garnet ring that was my Granny's that my Papa (her husband) made for her.

2. My very first bible from when I became a Christian at the age of 13.

3. My collection of poetry that I have written.

and a bonus...my wedding and 5th anniversary ring from my husband.

Books & Reviews said...

1. My collection of yearly ornaments. Each year my husband and I buy an ornament that signifies something big or memorable that happened to us that year. 2. A table my dad made in high school that I kept after his death. 3. Photos.

Emily said...

1. A painting of wild strawberries by my paternal grandmother - it is the lasts painting she did before she died in 1984.

2. The fact that I have a close relationship with my mom and speak to her at least once a day.

3. Passing the bar exam...on my 5th try...but it still feels good to have accomplished that, finally, even though it was several years ago now...

s said...

My list -

1) My apartment - it's cozy and provides much respite from the outside world.

2) Books -for pretty much the same reason as above.

3) My grandmother's wedding ring.

Carie Casey said...

Things that are priceless:
1. Letters from my now hubby when we were teenagers and when he was on a submarine.

2. Pictures

3. my rings, my wedding ring, the engagement ring my dad gave my mom, and the anniversary ring my mom gave me


Jessica said...

OMG I love this book! I already read it but I got it from the library so I would love to own it. =] It was so good. She's an excellent author.

Okay, three things that are priceless to me:

1. Picture of my puppy when we just got her

2. My laptop

3. My tv

Sorry, I really don't have anything sentimental.

ludy2288 said...

1. my baby book, especially a card my dad gave me when I was born

2. a picture my boyfriend drew me soon after we first met

3. my grandma's recipe card box

Logan Collins said...

My "Safety" box created by a good friend with words of encouragement and quotes.
Love letters from my boyfriend

CChristyW said...

I know you said no pets, but the things I grabbed when the apartment above me caught on fire were my purse and my 3 cats and my dog. Okay, so priceless outside of that: 1) a photo of me when I was 5; 2) my great-great aunt's diamond ring which was stolen several years ago and I still find myself looking for it; 3) my collection of miniature horses, many of them remind me of where I was when I got them.

Philadelphia said...

-the journals I've kept since I was 5
-my race medals.

Lauri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauri said...

1)My photos of my mom.

2)My mother's old jewelry.

3)My engagement ring.


michelle m said...

-my grandmothers engagement ring
-the health of my children
-having a job I truly love

Dolly said...

Priceless to me (as you said, beyond my family):
1. My grandmother's engagement ring (her wedding ring was stolen from me, making this remaining ring even more precious to me)
2. My photographs, particularly the few I have of my late husband
3. A ceramic Siamese cat that my other grandmother gave me.

(my REAL cat would be on the list, but I count him as family)

Melissa said...

Three priceless things to me:

1. All my family photos.

2. A green paper bag that my grandma gave me a week before she died. It had cookies in it and I found it in my car after her death. I saved it.

3. All my birthday, anniversary, wedding cards, etc. from family.

Melissa Rem

Unknown said...

1.My books (espeically signed copies)
2.Cards from my husband for our anniversary - homemade cards from my children
3.Photos of my chilren/family


Kristi said...

1. My pets
2. My family pictures
3. Mine and my childrens baby things.

Kristi Marie

LeslieB83 said...

1. My scrapbooks are the only thing that are priceless to me.

Everything else is just stuff that I do love, but can be easily replaced.

I'll say 2. my Kindle and 3. my mp3s, but these are things that I can always buy if my house catches on fire.

EBrowning said...

1. My grandmother's wedding band

2. A teddy bear and gold cross necklace that my cousin gave me before she died

3. My box of mementos

Dawn said...

This is a tearjerker for me.

1) My late father's gold thrift store wool sweater, he wore it all the time.

2) My mother's high school graduation ring. She grew up dirt poor, I never figured out how she could afford one.

3) My parents' wedding album.

If I get one more, my wedding rings.

lucy872 said...

Three things for me:

1) Letters my Dad sent me when I went away to college and was homesick. They don't say anything special - but they are in his handwriting and they helped me stick it out and not quit when all I wanted to do was come home.

2) My daughter's footprints from the day she was born. That way I'll always remember how little she once was.

3) My wedding/engagement ring. Even though my husband wanted to get me a "bigger, better" one for our 10 year anniversary, this one is always going to be the one on my finger.

Anonymous said...

all of my photo's, a scrapbook my friend made and letters from family and friends that I have kept.


My Two Army Brats said...

Let's see here....

My dogtags with my husbands ring on them during deployments.

My cell phone because it's my link to my husband right now.

Tayton's weighted puppy because if it goes missing the world WILL end immediately.

karenk said...

...my mother's wedding ring
...signed copies of my favourite books
...my family

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

A.C. Morris said...

My priceless things...

1. My copy of To Kill a Mockingbird signed by Harper Lee
2. All the notes and cards I've saved from my husband
3. My baby pillow that I still have to this day!

Terri said...

My three most priceless things are:

1. All my memories of thee little moments in life with my loved ones. Those silly little things that happen between two people that aren't caught on camera but I won't ever forget.

2. My pictures...I love pictures!!

3. My Grandmother's cross necklace.

Terri M.

Katy F said...

My three priceless things are:

1. An apron my grandmother gave me that belonged to my great grandmother.
2.Old family photos from when I was a kid.
3. Diamond studs that my brother gave me for my 16th birthday.

Anonymous said...

Experiencing pregnancy (the first time and now)
Photos of family and friends… oh the memories
My baby blanket that is tucked away in my closet

I think the list could go on and on.

xx(fingers crossed)

denny144 said...

1. Jewelry inherited from my grandmother and mother.
2. Christmas ornaments, especially ones made by kids when they were little
3. New born baby clothes of mine that my mother made by hand.

Dani In Chicago said...

1. The two rings that were my grandmothers'
2. my manuscript
3. Michael's blanket

Colleen Turner said...

It's hard to pick just three! I will go with:

1. All of my pictures, especially my wedding album and albums of my son when he was a baby.
2. The love letters my husband has written to me over the years.
3. The emerald cross that belonged to my grandmother.


Colleen Turner

Nanette said...

OK...these are going to sound really trivial but I am keeping it light and I am keeping it REAL, Girlfriend!! :)

1) My purse!
2) My coffee in the morning!
3) Control-Top Pantyhose!

'Nuff said!! Nan :)

Beverly Victoria said...

1. My cedar chest that was my grandmothers

2. Wedding and baby photos.

3. Christmas ornaments that I've collected over the years.

Erica said...

A locket that belonged to my great-grandmother;

A photo of my father and uncle as children;

My grandmother's wedding band.

They mean a ton to me even though they are only things, they just cannot be replaced!

Anonymous said...

My priceless list:

1) All family photos
2) My engagement and wedding bands
3) My birthstone ring my son gave me, his birthstone necklace my hubby bought me when I was expecting him, the gaudy pink heart-shaped created sapphire necklace, earrings and ring my three year old daughter picked out for me for my birthday.

Colbey J

Coleen said...

The three priceless things that I have are:

1) Watching keira (my niece) being born, it was the most amazing thing that i havce ever seen in my life!!!

2) My doggy stuffed animal that my grandparents got me when I had my heart surgery when I was little. They have both passed away and everytime I look at that doggie it reminds me of them.

3)My claddagh ring that my husband bought me when we were dating. It was the first piece of jewelry that he bought me.

Kimmi said...

A letter my grandfather wrote me when I was a child.

My Christmas ornaments

The photos I've been too lazy to scan (better get on that).

Ronda in b'ham said...

1. My pictures too
2. My pearls from my father in law that were my husband's grandmother
3.my occasionall me time to regenerate myself.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother's rocking chair, my kids pictures and books and my mini safe from when I was a kid. Patticole

Lilianarenee said...

My Nana passed away the day before my birthday six years ago. The card she had written for my birthday is number one. Each Christmas my Tata gives each granddaughter a piece of her jewelry and my pieces are second. There was one card writted to me from my boss at the time giving condolences that was absolutely beautiful that is third.

Holly Wohl said...

Oh boy, this is tough.

1. All of my pictures
2. My music collection
3. All of my knitting supplies, many of which my grandmothers passed down to me.

holly wohl

Christine in NJ said...

priceless things...

This is hard - I could live without everything EXCEPT my kids!

1) pictures (of my kids!) and the memories they capture.

2) our new dog (and I hate dogs!) because of the joy she brings to my children everyday.

3) the random notes my kids leave for each other and my husband and I. Never know when or where you will find one... they are priceless.

I had NO IDEA Nicole Richie has done or is doing so many incredible things! I will be reading this book for sure!

Thanks MaNiC!

Katie said...

3 things I cannot live without:

1. My dog

2. My camera which goes with me everywhere

3. My blanket chest at the end of my bed that my great grandma painted.
Katie M in N-ville

Homestead Jen said...


1. My grandmother's piano. No monetary value, but I love it

2. A delicious, home-grown tomato

3. The scrapbook I made after our honeymoon.

AisforRandom said...

1) Cable

2)Chocolate milk

3) Every book I own

Nicole Marie said...

My 3 things:

1. A poem my students wrote me on my last day of student teaching.

2. My locket my grandparents gave me for my high school graduation. Now my grandpa is gone and having his picture close to my heart means that much more!

3. A music box my great aunt gave me when I was 5 years old. I still have it and it still works like new :)

NicoleMG from CT

kwertz12 said...

1. My college diploma
2. My book collection
3. Lots of photos, but one in particular taken in 1957 of my mom, her siblings and my grandparents.

Rachel @ ChaosIsAFriendOfMine said...

1. My scrapbooks and photos
2. The cards my husband has given me that he's written heartfelt notes in
3. Listening to my six year old son read a book to me

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